Causes of convex tower balls and treatment options.


convex drum is an inflamed beverage membrane. The Typanova membrane, also called a drum score, is a thin-leather valve on the ear on the ear canal.When the sound is included in the ear, the tushing vibrates. This vibration moves tiny bones in the middle ear, sending sounds to the internal ear.

The release of the tower can be caused by many different things, such as infection of the ear.This can affect the audience, as it worsens the ability of the drum to vibrate and transmit the sound. When the waterproof is inflamed, it can lead to the fact that a person is complete in the ear, pain and pressure of the ears.

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Síntomas,that can arise with a dispersed eardrum that involves:

  • orushi ear pain affected
  • Fullness In the orejacausated by a liquid trapped behind the drum membrane
  • temporary hearing loss
  • fever

In children who have dispersed drumpling and pulling their ears, they can not be unable to sleep and annoy.


A liberated tightening is usually a symptom of a state that affects the ear. Several health conditions can cause inflammation and bulging drum drum.

Infections of the middle ear

MEDIA ear infection , also known as otitis Wednesday, the most common type of infection ears.Although children look more affected by middle ear infections, they can occur at any age.

Infection of the middle ear is designed, because bacteria, microbes or viruses in the mouth, passages or nasal eyes stood in the eyes on the ear and trapped by the dromp.The extension of the fluids behind the masonry of the drum and in the middle ear causes inflammation and irritation. / P>

When it happens, you can also have ear pain and obstructed ears. Hearing loss can also arise. The acute otitis carrier is the first stage of the infection and are the typical symptoms of ear infection. otitis media with a seal , on the other hand, arises after the infection is gone, but still there is an increase in the mucus or liquid that no longer contains bacteria.

Ear injury

DUMBOT: This is a sensitive part of the body. It is thin and militant, so it can be easily damaged.Any foreign object in the ear can lead to a disturbable injury, such as cotton swab, fingers or even headphones.

Other types of injuries that can lead to a dispersed score include: / P>

  • Acoustic lesion : This happens when someone is exposed to an extremely strong noise.The noise can be a strong explosion or a continuous sound for a long period of time. The acoustic injury can damage the eardrum, but it is unusual that it causes a scorched drum.
  • Head injury : Head injuries can lead to a scattered tower if bleeding is produced in the ear.If the blood enters a trap for the drum score or on the auditory channel, which connects the outer and medium ear, it can lead to a praised bastard and a bruise.
  • Barotrauma : barotrauma caused by the change in The air or water pressure in the ear. It can occur during the flight, diving or in a change in heights.TA A> Tube Eustachio , a channel in the ear that regulates the pressure in the ear can be blocked during a barotrauma. When this happens, the tustach tube can not maintain the pressure, and causes a dispersed drum.

Mirigita (

Ruidy Mirisit It is a type of ear infection that causes the formation of small blisters in the eardrum.This can be caused by viruses and bacteria and may be present with symptoms, such as intense pain, the dismissal of the ear and loss of hearing.

It is often found at the same time as middle ear infection.When a person has this type of infection, the liquid can reach the location of the drum and make it convex.

Swimmers ear

SWIMMERS EARS , famous How the appearance of otitis is the type of ears infection that affects the outdoor ear and the auditory channel.This happens when the water falls into the ear, allowing bacteria to grow and cause infections. Although the case of the swimmer’s ear can occur at any age, it is often visible in children.

Symptoms associated with the swimmer ear,Include: / P>

  • Pain in the ear
  • itchy inside the ear
  • >
  • pus with an unpleasant odor of the ear
  • Located ear
  • redness and swelling
  • Temporary hearing loss
  • Migratory
  • >

Ear Ear

As a general rule, the convex drum is caused by another state of health. Most of the conditions that can make them arise from an easy or moderate nature and it is easily treated.

When you see a doctor

The symptoms associated with a scattered tower are usually present because there is some type of infection or injury.Being on the safe side, if you have an update, you must designate a meeting with your doctor. They can determine what it does and develop a typical treatment course of their condition.


The diagnosis of the liberated tightening is based on the conditions that cause it. It is likely that doctors determine what condition uses symptoms as a baseline.

Infections of the middle ear

To diagnose middle ear infection, Your doctor will take the history of the disease and ask about the symptoms you are experiencing.Then, they will inspect their drum channel with a small illuminated tool known as the otoscope.

If there is an accumulation of liquid or mucus, the doctor can also take a sample of it to determine what type of bacteria or viruses causes your infection.

Medical Discussion Guide


If you have an injury to the head or there is a strange object in your ear, your doctor can probably determine the cause studying you.Most likely, they use the otoscope to verify the degree of damage to the eardrum.


Mirisitis of the disease BLL is diagnosed in analogue to the infection of the half ears.Your doctor will ask you about your health history and your symptoms. Then they will perform a physical examination.

The results As infections of the middle ear and noisy minecites are similar, but they can order further tests if it is suspected that the doctor will have to study its drum blade for ampoules.

Ear swimmers

The initial diagnostic process for swimmers EAR It will be similar to a serious infection. The doctor will ask you about your symptoms and the history of health.They also ask you if you regularly fleet.

They will use an otoscope to study their ear channel. It is very likely that it is a swimmer’s ear, if the channel has signs of swimmers, such as redness, flash or scale, and drum drum.

If additional tests are required, your doctor can take a drain sample with your ear to send it to the laboratory for testing.

Can a convex drum cable to a break?

If a condition that causes the drum ball, the transmission of your battery can break. That’s why it’s important to seek medical help at this time if you have a striped Drumpint.

Treatment The treatment depends on what causes your convex drum transmission.In case your convex drum is caused by an injury, the treatment options vary depending on the type and gravity. In most cases, the ear injury will cure.It is also carried out with some ear infections, but others may require the use of medications.

Middle ear infections often remain to cure independently, because up to 80% of cases ends without antibiotics. Other 20% of cases require treatment with antibiotics. Many doctors will treat almost all medium eating infections with oral antibiotics.

Mirish waves are generally treated with antibiotics, but may also require blisters from moving from the eardrum. Ear is usually treated with a combination of medications that may include antifens, antibiotics and steroids.

Excessive preparations, such as ibuprofen, can help alleviate inflammation and pain.

There are things you can do to help with other symptoms, such as pain during recovery.You can place a warm compress on the affected ear or perform several exercises on the neck. These exercises can help relieve any pressure in the ear.

Although it can be difficult to avoid certain infections that can cause dispersed drum transmission, there are things you can do to help reduce risk.

Infections of the middle ear

Sometimes the infection of the middle ear can Be difficult to prevent.However, there are ways to reduce the risk of contamination of the ears, including:

  • Stop smoking.
  • Check allergies with medications or reduce allergens in the house.
  • Avoid colds, avoiding the exchange of cups, toys, food or dishes and deletes hands regularly.
  • breastfeeding your child during the first 12 months of your life.
  • When feeding a baby with a bottle, do it at an angle vertical to avoid liquid in the ear.
  • Get all your vaccines.

Ear injury

Some ear injuries are inevitable, especially an injury in the head. They can be prevented forward.Things you can do include:

  • never puts anything on the ears, including the swabs of Cotton or fingers.
  • Avoid the places with noise too strong, which can damage the eardrum.
  • Keep volume low in headphones or speakers in the car.
  • Using ear protection in concerts or other events with strong noise.
  • Using tap while cycling, skateboarding or skating.
  • Use the protective equipment to protect your head when playing sports.


Avoiding the milgitis of broth is similar to avoid infections of the middle ear , because they are due to bacteria or viruses that fall from other people.To avoid the development of Mirigita in bulk, you can:

  • Avoid smoking.
  • do not touch your mouth, nose or eyes, if you were not washing your hands.
  • Wash your hands regularly to keep them clean.

Swellmers ear

Ear swimmers can be difficult to prevent avid swimmers, but it is not impossible to refuse to control the centers to control and prevent diseases,Prevention of the swimmers can be made by introducing some hygienic practices after swimming, such as:

    Keep your ears dry , Using a swimming cap, ears behind the ears, or swimming.Forms while swimming

  • carefully hidden ears after swimming with a dry towel
  • , turning my head forward and backward,Stretching for efforts to enter the possibility of entering the ear channel to flow
  • using a low-air-outdoor channel hair dryer (never use a hair dryer at medium or high thermal temperature,Since it can burn an external ear)
  • chatting with a doctor about using drying droplets (can be especially useful,If you suffer from recyclable episodes of the swimmer ear)
  • careful ear wax on your ear to prevent infection
  • , avoiding putting such objects,How cotton swabs in your ears

Resume )

Liberation Transmission of the drum has many reasons, from damage to ear infections. The tangible protrusion of the eardrum can potentially lead to the rupture of the drum or loss of hearing.If you have a convex drum, talk to your doctor so that you can determine the cause and help you manage your symptoms.

Word of the Meds information received

Removing the eardrum can be a painful and difficult experience to face.The good news is that most of the conditions that cause the balletness of the drum, soft and easily treated. There may be no treatment at all.

If you are experiencing a symptom with a dispersed tower, call your doctor.They can help you solve your symptoms and effectively treat reason.

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