Causes of esotropy, types and complications.


The intersection of the intersection of babies in the eye is approximately 4-5 months normally. However, constant eye crossing can be careful. When the eye is baptized inside, it is called esotropy.Esotropia is a kind of suffering. That means turning inside the nose. Esotropia can only arise with one eye or alternate between both eyes. Rarely, so that both eyes are baptized at the same time.

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The the cause of the esotropy depends on when he comes first happens.In adults, the sudden start of ezotropia can be a sign of a very serious state. In babies and babies, ezotropia is usually an abnormal development sign of a binocular system that takes place in the brain. However, there are other reasons.Below 4 to 5 months, the intermittent intersection is usually normal and it is only a sign of learning how to use your eyes together as a system. Some babies and ethnic groups may have pseudo-storage.This condition in which the bridge of the nose is not fully developed or fins of the usual. These children have epicantal folds that do it seems that the eye becomes slightly. How the baby develops, this aspect usually leaves, and his eyes seem normal.


Congenital ezotropia: Congenital ezotropia is the kind of esotropia, with whom babies were born. It is generally caused by an abnormal wiring of nerves or abnormal development in the motor areas of the brain.Congenital ezotropia generally appears very early from 2 to 4 months, and the size of the deviation or the eye turn tends to be very large.

Often, babies with congenital esotropy do not have a great Far number, or myopia .Instead, ITIS caused by the abnormal development of the binocular system. The best way to fix congenital esotropy is an operation.Surgery is not aimed at providing a way to work together in an ordinary way, but correct the deviation to have the best cosmetic appearance.The eyes still can not work perfectly together, but the child will have a large amount of improved cosmetic appearance.

ESOTROPIA ANIMALS : The esotropia housing occurs around 2.Typically, it is called a problem with two systems that control the muscles of the eyes, and the sum of our eyes.The time system (focus system) allows our eyes to change power and focus so that objects remain clear, regardless of distance. The binocular / alignment system controls how our eyes work.When we see each other away, our correct eyes. When we look at something very close, our eyes converge or light, and our eyes increase their focus power. When we look at the distance, we relax our focus strength, and the eyes return to turn right.

Some children may not compensate, and their eyes will not be activated, but they will have a very bad vision, because they do not concentrate. Your brain chooses that the muscles are straight, but see a very blurry image.


Ambloopia : Amblyopia is a common development problem associated with esotropia.Ambyopia is a condition that happens when one or both eyes never see a clear image. If the image is never visible for a long time, enough time can develop the constant loss of vision. In esotropy, you can light an eye. When the eye is turned on, the brain generally suppresses or ignores the image of the eye.Otherwise, a person with esotropy will see a double constant. If the brain often suppresses this eye, the normal process of developing a neurological system of a person is destroyed and incorrectly becomes incorrectly.The human system based on humans is very plastic for up to 7 years, and some researchers say that up to 14 years. After 14, the brain and nervous system become difficult and difficult to improve the vision again to normal life.Therefore, early treatment is crucial. If there is an aggressive treatment at an early age, an improvement in vision is possible.

Lack of true perception of depth : People and animals have a deep perception Because they have two eyes. In addition, animal eyes are better than deep perception.When an eye turns or deleted, the person with esotropia sees only one eye. Although environmental signs arise by the depth judge, the perception of true depth perception decreases.People with esotropia are difficult to see three-dimensional photos and puzzles. This can potentially affect sports performance or future performance.

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