Causes of jump joints.


Showingsows can occur according to any amount of reasons, including the liquid and normal gas in the joints, rubbing or cartilage in their joints with each other and move their tendons and movements and ligaments.

While rarely causes pain , it can be alarming, especially if it often happens often or significantly.

In general, the articulation does not cause arthritis is not a sign of serious medical illness and is not dangerous. In rare cases, in rare cases, you may need to observe your health care provider.

, opening and closing your hand or moving your neck.

In some cases, the appearance is what You may feel instead of listening, especially on your knee.


Look at some of the most common reasons, behind the Pimpic joints, approximately less or more relative to more relative.

Nitrogen bubbles

Fabric of your joints usually make synovial liquid For lubrication, the surrounding area, protecting them from abrasion when driving.

Nitrogen bubbles, the component of this fluid can be formed in its joints. When these bubbles go out, in a process known as cavitation, make an emerging noise.

When you do your knuckles, forces the nitrogen bubbles within the liquid of the Synovial Board.

can also occur Inadvertently when you go, train or get up from a fixed position.It takes time for the nitrogen bubbles again to form, so you can not hack the same joint before pass from 10 to 30 minutes.

Ligament movement

packets consists of severe fibrous connective tissue, which is connected the bones.

Therapeutic and massage procedures can also cause discharge with joints of narrow emissions and movement of structures.These procedures should be done only experienced and reliable professionals.

Thick gasket surfaces

The connection From the surface we can become more rude due to the loss of cartilage or the development of osteophytes (skewers) associated with <> osteoarthritis .This can lead to the fact that your joints that make strong noises when moving.

In osteoarthritis, tops can occur more frequently when the disease progresses.

Fashion chips

The tendons consist of fibrous connective tissue, which connects the muscles with bones. They can make noisy noises when they embrace the articulation.

It is generally considered in a state known as SIP A> inkppaping syndrome, also known as a dancer.

Surgery or injury

Correction can be More frequent after co-surgery or articulation.It is often indicated when flexibility and the range of movement through exercises and movement are cured and restored, but they can continue if the ligaments form a cicatricial tissue known as adherence.

Link of an interruption

, the skinny sound can be associated with the Real package, which will lead to pain and swelling.

When searching for help Medical

Even if the coverage board can be surprised, nothing (for adults or children) should not be done.In some cases, the population can occur as part of a degenerative disorder that causes a compound susceptible to these and other sounds.

If it is not accompanied by more symptoms relatively relatively, such as pain and swelling, you should not worry.However, noise fractures, which often sound like a population, can be a sign of problems that need treatment, such as the meter, inflammation and joint dislocation.

When you see your health care provider

you should see a health care provider if your SOPPING is accompanied by:

Word Get information from Meds

Solosuprifying LasJoints do not predict future problems. You do not have to worry about the fact that the hacker of your knuckles can lead to problems later in life.

You can save the joint meetings, regularly involved and avoid repetitive excessive movements and lesions.

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