Causes of nervous pain in hands and treatment.


Nerves in the hands perform many important roles. In addition to regulating muscle movement, they are part of the network that resolves pain, pressure, temperature and tactile sensations to the brain.

When they become wounds, they can occur due to excessive use, pressure, injuries or as a result of autoimmune disorders, diabetes or other state of health. This significantly limits the movement and function of the hand, which can seriously interrupt the daily life.

The anatomy of the hands is very complicated.This part of the body is a bone conglomerate, muscles and ligaments, with three main nerves radial , ulnar and medium nerves together with many regulated branches as a feeling and movement.

is due to this complexity, which is of great importance of variation when it comes to nervous pain, as well as several conditions that can lead For him, the denial of the treatment of nervous pain in his hands depends on the cause.However, everything from the farms to the house to the operation, you may need to take it.

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Possible causes

In general terms,The nervous pain in the hands leads to three types of conditions: injuries holds excessive use, those that are due to muscle or skeletal problems or damage as a result of other diseases.

Along with injuries due to Peanants patients or automobile accidents, several conditions may be in malfunction. Can cause pain due to too much compression In nerves, reject or damage them.

Subject nerve

The prevented of the nerves in the hand can lead to pain, numbness and tingling.A variety of conditions can cause the nerve , including injuries or arthritis, although it is associated most frequently with the cEbrian tunnel syndrome. It is more common in more than 50, but it can affect people of any age. CEPNAN Tunnel Syndrome

The most common associated with a nervous compression disorder, Tunnel Syndrome CEPANY is a progressive state that affects 5% of the population. Older people and women will probably develop this condition caused by constant inflammation of the nerves and which led to pain, tingling and numbness in hand.

This syndrome may arise due to excessive use of the hand during pregnancy or the result of chronic states, such as diabetes.

Peripheral neuropathy

peripheral Neuropathy refers to the damaged nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.In his hands, this condition can lead to muscle weakness, numbness and loss of coordination, in addition to pain.The variables of peripheral neuropathy vary, including lesions, autoimmune states, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, and infection.

Diseases deverviernes

It is also known as of VeverVense Tenosynovitis or Stenosinitis, it is nerve damage due to the inflammation of the tendons in hand and thumb.In particular, this happens when the tendon pod connecting the thumb and wrist becomes inflamed, which leads to pain, weaknesses, swelling and sensation of the wrist network.

This can occur due to a repeated manual injury or movements, which the pressure of the thumb, as in weaving, raising heavy objects or actions associated with the voltage extrusion.

trigger finger

The trigger finger and the thrust thumbs are trend forms that affect the index finger and thumb, respectively.The primary symptom of this condition captures or blocked by an affected finger when it is straightened or tilted. This can occur due to endemic conditions, such as arthritis or diabetes, or excessive use of the hand.


Sometimes they call the contracture dupuytren , it is a thickening and abnormal hardening of the tissue in hand, which can cause nervous pain and seriously limit the functions.When the tendons in the hand and the palm suffered (a condition called palmar fasiititis), cause bent fingers and unable to be straightened.

Delicious tunnel syndrome

Cubital Tunneler Syndrome is the compression of the elbow nerve on the elbow, which leads to tingling, numbness and pain in the forearm and fingers ,as well as the inability of the hands. It is often confused with other conditions caused by bone spurs, arthritis or previous fractures.


Development of these liquids He filled the bag in his hands and the wrists can also cause pain in the non-nerves.The most common type of growth apparently in this part of the body, illegal cysts hublons. They are often left, although treatment may be necessary.

They appear in the joint space that affects the wrist, the specificity, it can become problematic when they affect the nerves that affect the function and cause pain.


The most common type of Arthritis, osteoarthritis is the progressive destruction of the surrounding crop joints due to aging and natural wear.This causes inflammation to act on the nerves of the hands and disturbing its function. This leads to rigidity and discomfort, which seriously breaks the movement of hands and function.

Rheumatoid arthritis

an autoimmune disease that occurs when the body’s immune systems are erroneously torn the joints, rheumatoid arthritis is another cause of nervous pain in the hands. This leads to pain, rigidity and edema, sometimes from fingers strongly dishonoring. When it is crude, it can cause peripheral neuropathy and the cannamic tunnel syndrome.


Between many effects Type 2 diabetes – nervous pain in the hands. The damage to the nerves occurs as a result of improving blood sugar for long periods of time.Symptoms include pain, tingling and numbness in hand. / P> When to see the health care provider

It’s good to be active if you think nervous pain, tingling or other symptoms in your hands.Look for medical attention If you find daily life and performance is affected by how you feel, especially if you do not know what causes the discomfort. In most cases, as soon as possible you administer or treat the condition, the better you will.

Signs that time has come to call your health care provider includes:

  • Your symptoms destroy daily accommodation.
  • Pain persistently, especially if it lasts a few days.
  • can not perform conventional tasks with your hands.
  • The symptoms of household management are ineffective.
  • You have a loss of feeling and / or numbness.


Given the wide range of conditions related to nervous pain in your hand, diagnoses can be complex and multifaceous.This includes an exhaustive study of medical history and physical inspection. It may also require, for example, visualization approaches, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or X-ray radiography to completely evaluate the results.

Laboratories and Tests

Score for the Nerve The pain in the hand always begins with the physical and functional tests, together with the evaluation of general health.The specific approach depends on the case, but generally includes:

  • Evaluation of symptoms: Your healthcare provider will get a feeling and scale of your pain, tingling, numbness or other symptoms.
  • physical exam: health care provider will be palpable (compress) different parts of the hand and wrist, to try to locate the source of pain and look for signs of creation of cysts or deformations by arthritis.
  • Function tests: Your ability to perform tasks with your hands, such as exciting, exciting and supportive weight, you can also try it.
  • Motion test: In addition to functional performance, the ability of the hands and wrist to also move to be appreciated.Specialized approaches can isolate certain conditions, such as Finkelsteins tests, which help health providers, diagnose deverveane disease, as well as Durkan’s testing, which isolate the cases of cardana tunnel syndrome.

In addition to the physical review,You can call several other tests for nerve health:

  • Nerve conductivity studies: If physical tests and other means are not enough to diagnose,These tests evaluated good and how fast the electrical signals can travel around the nerves in your hand and hand.
  • Electromyography (EMG) : This test evaluates electric nerve activity when your hand, dolls and muscles with hands at work are alone.
  • Blood evaluations: The blood assessments may be necessary if certain forms of arthritis, diabetes or Authentic diseases.


there It is sufficient physical examination and tests to diagnose certain cases, other patients require visualization to confirm or for help in treatment.These methods include:

  • Ultrasound: This form of the image depends on the sound waves to ensure the feeling of the internal structures of the hands and fingers.Some offices or hospitals of health care providers offer this specialized service. . To ensure the image of the structures in hand. It is useful to evaluate the damage to the nerve due to the compression of bones or fractures.
  • Magnetic resonance display (MRI) : This type of visualization is based on magnetic waves to create real-time video and images of the affected areas .The MRI allows health providers to see if inflammation of tissues affects nerve function.

Differential diagnostics

In addition to the conditions that cause direct damage to the nerves in their hands, the pair of others can also cause these symptoms,Including:

  • heart attack
  • lupus
  • gout
  • chemotherapy
  • tiles
  • infection / Li>

The additional test may be necessary, are suspicious, and, by assumption,A heart attack is a medical attention.


Treatment Approaches for nervous pain in your hand vary greatly depending on a specific case and a basic state.In many cases, the first online approach includes the administration of the home. However, medications, additional procedures or even surgical intervention can be needed to correct the problem.

Depending on the case, the State Administration may include a combination of approaches. / P>

Lifestyle processing

There are many approaching what you can try at home to help with nervous pain.These include:

  • splint: with a special tire for a thumb or affected finger can help in certain cases. Your health care provider may advise you to use a couple of weeks to see if the symptoms improve.
  • Recreation: Many conditions of liquidation of nervous pain independently. Permit that the affected area relax for a sufficient time, can help.
  • Heat and cold: Alternative heating and icing of the affected area contribute to blood flow and can help manage inflammation and other symptoms.Heat tends to help with problems related to the rigidity of the hands, while cooling helps the discomfort associated with movement.
  • Exercises and stretch marks: If you work with a physical or professional therapist, you can recommend certain exercises and stretch to help with the pain or pain of the wrist.


AS With many states associated with pain, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen , naproxen and aspirin, can be useful as excessive,So the prescribed alternatives. Pharmaceutical medications prescribed may include:

  • Opioid analgesics , such as oxycontin , Percocet and others can be specified, although they are not intended for chronic pain.
  • Lidocaine patches , current focus, can also help with peripheral neuropathy.
  • Anticonvulstic drug such as carbamazepine, trileilla (oxcarbazepine) and lamcaltal (LACYIN originally It was assumed that the attacks need to assume, showed the effectiveness of nervous pain.
  • The tricyclic antidepressants such as Elaville (Amitriptyline), Sainsecan (DoXepin) and Pamelor (NortriptyLine) are effective when prescribing at lower doses.
  • The inhibitors of the reverse catch of serotonin-cinefrin (SNRIS), , such as Cymbalt (Dullacetin) and Effexor (venlafaxine), can be effective; They may have fewer side effects than tricycles.
  • Selectable serotonin return inhibitors (SSRIS ), as Prozac (Fluxetine), although the evidence of effectiveness is not as simple as durable as other antidepressants. .Denial

Procedures and therapy

If the medication and the home do not manage to solve the nervous pain in your hand, there are other options,You can try before surgery:

  • Stimulation of electric reading nerves (tens): This non-invasive medical approach includes transmission of electrical signals through The skin of the skin of the area.Although the evidence of this approach still lacks when applied to the problems of peripheral nerves, stimulating the affected nerves in this way can help eliminate problems with pain. .They provide longer relief, fully resolve some capacked, as a general rule, the effect makes wear, causing additional treatment.
  • Physiotherapy: For chronic nerves pain in hand, work with physiotherapist It can be useful since I find out the exercises and stretch marks that can help alleviate discomfort. .This procedure, called desire, is carried out using a specialized syringe, while the surrounding area stands out. Although it facilitates the pressure on the nerves, if the roots of the cyst remain, it can grow again.

Additional Alternative procedures

Some studies have shown acupuncture to help with pain in the hand of the rejection method of oriental medicine,Health care providers stimulate nerves, applying needles to certain areas in hand, wrist, weapons and other parts of the body. Although research continues, this approach is considered an addition, an alternative approach that can help.


, while they are usually reserved For more complex and advanced cases, several surgical approaches can also take the pains of the nerves in hand, as well as important conditions.These are predominantly ambulatory procedures, which means that it generally does not have to spend the night in the hospital,Include:

  • Carpal tunnel release operation : Surgery seeks to weaken the pressure on the affected nerve in your hand.Regardless of whether an open procedure is performed or the use of minimally invasive approaches, this is performed by cutting a package around the tunnel of the road, a narrow step in hand, which allows the mediocre nerve to pass.
  • Decompression. , We can assume the weakening and change in the structures that surround the affected area. The appropriate approaches include the gap of the problematic nerves, although this type of approach falls favor.
  • Surgery for the Ganglio cyst: Taking the nervous pain caused by the Ganglio cysts, may require a Operation aimed at eliminating them is called elimination.Through the ambulatory procedure of the cyst and some of the ligaments and surrounding structures are eliminated.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: Operation in damage to the nerves associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, this approach includes replacing The bone arthritic with the changed tendons.It can be especially useful to restore thumb functions and to eliminate problems with it. It is very successful to relieve pain as well.
  • Board melting: Another pain focus related to arthritis, includes the stabilization of the affected joints By merging healthy.This can be useful for cases such as trigger or fingered arthritis, in particular, joint fusion successfully resolves pain and inflammation, leaves the joints affected.
  • Replacement of the joint: In some cases, pain-handed pain, associated with arthritis or the degeneration of the joint, can be replaced by a prosthesis. It helps alleviate discomfort and alleviate.Restore the function of the hand. However, the artificial replacement can eventually break.


As in many conditions related to the damage to the joints, there are some approaches that you can take to help prevent nervous pain .These lifestyle modifications can take place of large size and include:

  • Check Ergonomics: especially if you work on a computer, setting the keyboard position and the relative position.Your wrists can relieve tension in your hands. Driving remains can help ensure that your forearms and hands are in a supported neutral position, which reduces tension there.It is also a good idea to take regular printing breaks from printing.
  • Keep healthy weight: Life with additional pounds is associated with nervous pain and can increase the risk of others Conditions that take him, as type 2 diabetes.As such, making sure you eat a healthy diet, get regular exercises and take other measures to control overweight, it can help prevent nervous pain.
  • Skip alcohol: Remove the consumption of alcoholic beverages It is another way to prevent the damage to the nerves and can also be a means of weight loss. It is worth considering the benefits of leaving the habit.
  • Heat: Before starting sports or repetitive movements, it is useful to make stretch marks in your hands and dolls.By increasing the bloodstream to these parts of the body, it helps optimize the function and can help reduce discomfort.

Word of the information received from Meds

The nervous pain in your hand can be difficult. It is important to remember that it can be administered effectively.Although it can take sustainable efforts and several methods, tingling, numbness, loss of functions and pain associated with the damage to the nerves here.

In most cases, more extensive medical procedures, such as the necessary operations.If you are experiencing problems, be active in the condition management. Do not delay in the search for medical care. The sooner you are acting, the better your hands will be.

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