CCP antibody test: use, side effects, procedure, results


PDA (cyclic citric peptide) Test of an antibody measures the PCCH antibodies in the blood. CCP antibodies are proteins that are part of the attack of the immune system in healthy tissues and cells, such as joints.The health provider can order this test to help diagnose rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Another common name for this is an anticycle citrus peptide test (anti-ccp).Other names include citrulline antibodies, cyclic citrus peptide antibodies and antacid peptide antibody (ACPA).

What is the cyclic cyclic peptide?

Under certain natural conditions, such as inflammation, the body converts an amino acid arginine to the amino acid citrulline .Cyclic citrus peptides are round proteins containing Cytrullín.

If a man has rheumatoid arthritis, the joints represent an excess of citrulline, which can change the structure of the proteins.The immune system recognizes changes in proteins and reacts by the manufacture of cyclic citrus peptides of the autoantyl. Autostags are antibodies that attack healthy human cells and cells.

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The purpose of the test in the PCC antibody is to verify, in the blood there are cyclic citrus peptide antibodies.The health provider orders the test to help determine if a person has RA, since cyclic citrus peptide antibodies can be measured in human blood tests.

The health provider may suspect that it has RA according to your symptoms, such as fatigue, low quality fever, joint pain , rigidity and swelling.According to estimates, 75% of adults with RA have cyclic citule peptide antibodies in their blood. It is rarely for someone without rheumatoid arthritis to have CCP antibodies.

In addition to helping your diagnostic diagnostic care provider , CCP Test Antibodies also predict the severity of the disease and possible damage.The positive test of the antibodies of the CCP increases the possibilities that a person has a RA form strongly, with a large number of joints.A blood test can help identify people who will most often have these problems with the AR.

Another blood test.The health participant often orders together with an analysis of CCP antibodies is a rheumatoid analysis of factor factor .If your CCP antibody tests and rheumatoid factors are positive, there is a strong probability that it has or develop.

The health care provider may order other blood tests during the RA diagnostic process, including the red blood cell deposition rate (ESR), protein c-Jet (CRP), antinuclear antibody (ANA) and a full fat (CBC). You can also verify the images to verify your joints by damage, such as x-rays, magnetic resonance o Scan of ultrasound.

What is rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune state, which basically affects the joints in your body.The state of autoimmune means that your immune system attacks fabrics and healthy cells. Ra can affect its joints, lungs, heart and eyes. It causes inflammation or swelling in the joints, such as hands, wrists, knees and ankles.

Even if the symptoms may vary, early signs of tenderness and joint pain. You can also experience rigidity, redness and swelling in the joints. Other symptoms are fatigue and low quality fever.

The study did not find what causes or triggers RA. However, there are risk factors that increase the likelihood that someone has this condition, such as specific genes, smoking and obesity.Other risk factors include older people and women.

Risks and contraindications

CCP antibody test is a low risk procedure.In general, blood tests have several risks and contraindications, so they are safe for most people. It can be pain, edema or bruises, where the needle falls into your vein during the blood drawing.

Occasionally, the hematoma (edema of the combined blood) can be formed under your skin. Some people feel lungs, vertiginous or weak during blood tests. Currently these symptoms go and do not last long. / P>

Blood analysis of the CCP antibody, as a general rule, considered precise and specific. One study found that it has a total precision of 84.6%, with a false negative level of 18.4% and a positive false rate of 12.5%.

Rheumatoid reference book on health care provider Rheumatoid arthritis

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Before the test

If your health care provider recommends an analysis of CCP antibodies, you can expect to discuss the possibility that it may have in the same purpose.Your healthcare provider can also offer planning other tests for visualization and blood tests to determine the diagnosis of AR.

You must inform your doctor about any medication, vitamins, dietary additives and the medication you accept. Wash the practitioner will determine if he needs to stop carrying them to the test. How to prepare for the test

It is not necessary to do anything special to prepare for the blood test of the CCP antibodies. You can eat and drink as usual in front of the test.Your health care provider warns you if you have to stop taking certain medications in the test. Time

Real drawing occupations of blood less than five minutes. You may have to wait for your queue, depending on when and where you plan an appointment.


Where you have a test, you may vary.You can have a CCP blood test of antibodies in the office, a laboratory or at your health care hospital. Your professional will help you find a convenient location to verify the test.

Cost and Safe

Your health insurance can cover the cost of the test in the CCP antibody. Contact your insurance company and talk with your health care provider to determine if the test is covered.Ask, if there is any expense, as the franchises you have to pay. The price of blood analysis of the CCP antibody may vary from $ 100 to 200.

What to do and what to use

You do not need to bring something special to have a blood test.Provide information about your health insurance or other payment method with you. If you think there will be a lot of time waiting before your destination, bring something to stay like a book, a phone or a tablet.

You can use what you want, as you like the test, since there are no specific requirements. You can feel more comfortable in the clothes with short sleeves, so you do not need to roll the sleeve to draw blood.However, you can use long sleeves if you prefer and link them.

During the test

Trained medicine specialist, such as nurse, laboratory or phlebotomist, will do blood tests.

Previous test

You may have to complete some documents and answer the questions before the antibody test CCP.

along the test

Professional health will ask you to sit on a chair or in the Examination table If you do not use short sleeves, you will have to roll on the sleeve in one of your hands.You can tie a strip around your hands or ask you to make a fist, so it is easier to find Vienna. Usually, you can find a vein inside your hand near the shells of the fold.

Medical care professional Clean the inside of your alcohol hand to determine it. Next, they will insert a small needle into the hand. You can feel some pain, burn, push or embrace. Some people prefer to look around when it happens.It will collect blood from Vienna in your hand in a test tube or vial.

The strip was deleted around your hand and remove the needle.You can have a piece of gauze, a cotton ball or a cloth, place it on top of the needle entrance site. You may have to keep this game to create pressure to stop bleeding, and the bandage can be placed at the top.The test should take less than five minutes.


If you feel dizziness or illuminated, tell me a health professional. You may need to lie down before jumping, or you can drink and eat something.When you feel good enough, you can go until it stops bleeding.

After the test

Your blood sample will be analyzed by a laboratory that verifies the presence of cyclic citrus peptide antibodies.You do not need to take any special precautions after the blood test. You must immediately resume normal activities.

If there is a hematoma, pain, pain, swelling or bruises in the area where you had blood, it should be left within a couple of days.However, let your health care provider, if the symptoms are saved or worse.

rheumatoid diagnostic arthritis

The blood test of the PCC antibody It is a component of the diagnosis of the AR.There is no proof of RA there, which can provide a final diagnosis, so that your health care provider will request more visualization and blood tests.

You can also have a rheumatoid factor antibody test (RF).If your tests on the CCP and RF antibody are positively, you may have RA.

Interpretation of the results

The amount of time required to get your results may vary.You may have to wait a couple of days or a week. Check with your doctor if you are concerned about the waiting period. Your professional should receive results and communicate with you.

Links: What is low, normal and high?

When you get the results of the tests, you will see the numbers in the control range. You can communicate in U / ml (units per milliliter) or U (units).

Light diffuser for test results (may vary according to the accurate test used):

  • Negative: 7 U / ml or 20 U
  • 7-10 U / ml or 20-39 u
  • positive: 10 U / ml or 40-59 U
  • or = 60 U

It means less than more than more than Y = means equal.

Negative antibody antibodies of CCP antibody antibodies means that it has no antibodies, but may have rheumatoid arthritis.Result of the negative auto test and has at the same time. / P>

The positive test in the CCP antibody It means that you have these antibodies in your blood and may have RA.A result of the positive test means that you have more PCC antibodies in your blood, so it is even more inclined to have RA.

If you have a weak positive test, your health care provider may recommend repeating the test in the future.

Rarely so that someone has cyclic citule peptide antibodies in their blood, without having RA.However, other autoimmune conditions may also experience a positive result for the PCC antibody.

Autoimmune conditions that can show positive test results for the CCP antibody,Include: / P>

  • Type 1 autoimmune hepatitis (chronic liver disease)
  • psoriatic arthritis
  • Palindromic rheumatism
  • SystemClerosis
  • Systemic lupus Lupus
  • seronegative arthritis
  • osteoarthritis


If you have an analysis of weak positive blood,Your health care provider can recommend the test again after a couple of weeks or months to see if the results are changed. Professional can also assign PCCH antibodies periodic antibodies to see if your AR procedures work.

Since there is no test to diagnose RA, your health care provider may order other visualization and blood tests in addition to the antibody test CCP fails to speak with your practitioner to see what tests are best for you.

If you are diagnosed RA, your health care provider helps you find out the following steps. You may have to make changes in lifestyle, such as improving your diet, getting enough exercise and reducing stress.You should also take the products for RA .

Other considerations

You must continue with your Medical care provider to discuss the results of the tests for the CCP antibody.It is important to have an open dialogue, so you can ask questions and understand what the tests of blood tests. You must also discuss the following steps, such as additional tests or medications.

If you want to return the test for the PCC antibody, talk with your health care provider. In some circumstances, as a weak positive result, it makes sense to return the blood test.

Word of the Meds information received

Having a blood test and waiting results, it may be a stressful and provocative concern.It is important to reach your health, family and friends during this time to support. Communicate your feelings and fears with them.

How does it happen through the entire diagnostic process for RA, it helps to have patience? In addition to the CCP antibody test, it may have other blood and visualization analyzes.It is considered that it is maintained organized and that has the highest quality of life is possible during the process.

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