Cerughirgy cervical uterus: preparation, recovery, long-term care


cervical crioosurgery of the uterus, also called cryotherapy curve, is the freezing of small areas of abnormal tissue at the of the cervix destroy the cells and prevent them from becoming cancer.Cervical cercerapia is most often used to treat cervical dysplasia dysplasia , changing the cervix, which is considered precancious. The procedure can also be used to treat certain other gynecological states that are the result of surface cell changes.

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What is the criocurgery of the cervix?

In the curve of the cryotherapy curve, the CryoproBet is long,A slim surgical device with a pointed tip, which causes a very cold temperature applied to a limited area of the internal uterine neck. In response, the directed fabric freezes and decomposes.

does not require a cut.Rather, the probe is inserted into the vagina before it does not reach the cervix (A.K.A., the birth channel, which is immediately before the uterus ).The cold is generally generated by liquid gas nitrogen or compressed argon, which pumps through the probe after its position.

This ambulatory patient procedure (outpatients) is carried out until it sleeps; Anesthesia is not necessary.However, your healthcare provider may recommend that you take a painful killer at home before reaching your procedure, and you can use amazing local medicine (anesthesia) in the area of the cervix where you get treatment.


Cryosurgery can be option for you if your health care provider is sure that your dysplasia Of Cheriel is very localized and finally it was identified.However, if you have a pelvic infection, the procedure must be postponed until the infection is completely resolved.

But because cryosurgery is hanging only the cells from the surface of the cervical cervical, the procedure is not recommended in cases where the health care provider knows or even suspects the possibility of changes in the fastest tissue deep.

As such, this procedure is not suitable if:

  • Your health care provider has not yet received a biopsy sample Your cervix .
  • Your cervical changes are deeper into the cervix: is recommended with .
  • has a large area of extended dysplasia: This is usually treated with an exisium, in which the fabric Modified is eliminated by a surgical incision.
  • You have cervical cancer : The fabrics are usually carried out and are accompanied by surgical field exams to guarantee the elimination of all cancer cells .

Potential risks

As a general rule, curvical cryosurgery is considered safe, although this can take to some complications,Such as:

  • Excessive hemorrhage
  • pain

Your risk of complications can be reduced significantly if It is avoided in the vagina for two weeks postpreting.

If problems arise, they must be addressed immediately to avoid long-term complications, such as cervical scars, constant pelvis pain or pelvis pain during or after sex or after sex.

Cervical cercerapy can cause crushing from the uterus within a few days after the procedure and may increase the risk of discarding if you are already pregnant. Usually, it is not recommended if you are pregnant.Given that shefal dysplasia should be treated without delay, your health care provider will discuss the risk of pregnancy complications with you and will provide guidance.

If you have been subjected to Diethyl Stylistrel (DES), the medication that was used to prevent the religion Spontaneous A 1971, it can prone to constant stenosis of the cervix of scars after cryotherapy. This adverse effect may result in a constant cramp during menstruation, decrease fertility, predisposition to spontaneous abortion or can interfere with vaginal delivery.

Since the procedure is not related to the method of confirming that the entire cervix of precor cancer was eliminated, there is a possibility that the area to cancer dysplasia may be missing or leave behind with cervical and Cryotherapy.This is a well-known risk (and why the procedure is contraindicated in some cases);Rear observation, generally with more frequent pap strokes, VPH and / or colposcopy tests, if the test is abnormally part of a typical plan after this procedure.

Objective of the curve curve of the cryosurgery

Cerriosurgery of the cervix is done as a method to treat and prevent diseases from the lower part of the cervix,Directly eliminating the patient’s fabric. Minimally invasive, and this approach is selected when the state of the destination, it only affects the surface layers of the internal cervix.

Since it is minimally invasive and includes a relatively rapid healing and a low risk of complications, cryotherapy is considered beneficial when effective treatment can be achieved without extensive surgery.

cervical cervical cervical, which can be suspected based on routine papanfa papanfo potatoes or confirmed of colposcopy with biopsy with biopsy , It is the greatest a common indicator for curve curve.

  • During Dade Stear, your health care provider will need a small cervical cell scraper so that they can be explored in the laboratory.
  • During colposcopy, your HealupCard provider will look at the cervix with light and a magnifying glass to see if there are visible anomalies. Sometimes for the cervical cervical neck, the solutions obtained are used the colors to help visualize disorders.Biopsy can be obtained during colposcopy.

Dysplasia means that the cells seem abnormal when considering a microscope.This is due to mutations in genes that can occur without some reason or as a result of sexually transmitted infections, such as human papillomavirus .

Cells that have become dysplasins are predisposed to becoming cancer. The cervical cervices of the uterus destroy small areas of abnormal tissue so that the cells can not become malignant.The process eliminates all abnormal tissues from the cervix 74% of the time.

The crusurgy is also sometimes used to treat cervical warts or presidens (inflammation of the cervix ). These conditions are not as dangerous as cervical cancer, but cause discomfort and can cause problems such as bleeding or infection.

How to cook

If your pap-the smear or colposcopy shows that it has one or more small areas of cervical dysplasia, it will probably be scheduled in a curve curve for several weeks.You can even have a procedure for several days.

will have a preliminary test procedure, including the urine test in and complete blood (CBC) if any of them shows evidence of infection, you will need treatment before of what you can proceed to your procedure.

If your preliminary tests increase the concern you may have cancer, you can have additional tests to determine if you have extended dysplasia or cervical cancer. The rating may include tests for a biopsy or visualization.If you have an accelerated illness, you will need a treatment with a more invasive type of surgery, and not with a curve curve.


As a general rule, crioosurgery is done in the office of your medical care.This can also be done in a specialized procedure in the hospital or at the surgical center.

What to use

can Use everything that is convenient for your cryotherapy.You will be asked to disapply from the waist down for your procedure.

Food and beverages

It is not necessary That does not need speed or abstain from food or beverages to your procedure.

Your health care provider You can ask to cut or stop taking blood collection a few days before the cervia.

Avoid using vaginal creams or lubricants if they are not directed to this health care provider.If you use therapeutic cream, such as estrogen cream to control the symptoms of menopause, be sure to discuss specific instructions with your health care provider so you want and how to use it before and your procedure.

What to bring

Be sure to take your health insurance card, identification form and payment method in case that you are responsible for a joint payment for your procedure. You can drive you home after surgery.

Changes pre-op lifestyle

Your health care provider It tells you to refrain closely from relationships within 24 hours to your procedure. In the same way, you should not do anything in the vagina, including tampons.

Avoid hobbies or insertions and any cleaning solutions in the vagina versus its procedure; Your health care provider may indicate that it is abstained from it more than 24 hours.

Due to the possible complications of pregnancy, your health care provider may advise you to suspend the effort to conceive until after your cerosecil of the cervix.

What to expect on the surgery day

When you enter the destination to the cryosurgery, the consent form will be recorded and signed.

The Criárashugeria itself must take 10 to 20 minutes, but it will take place some time before it is ready.

Your health care provider or nurse will ask if you had irregular periods, pelvic discomfort, vaginal bleeding or selection .

You will have a temperature, blood pressure, impulse and respiratory rate.You will have the opportunity to use a toilet if you need before the procedure.

Next, you will be asked to get revealed from the waist down, place the medical dress and are in the procedure table.The medical list will be placed to cover your waist and legs.

During the operation

When it is time for your cryotherapy Procedure You will be asked to place your legs in stirrups attached to The examination table.

Your provider or nurse Medical care or nurse should inform you through the entire procedure so you know about what is happening. Feel free to ask questions when everything happens.

steps for the procedure: / P>

  • Your health care provider Insert speculum in your vagina, to visualize your cervix.
  • Criozonble is carefully inserted into the vagina vagina until firmly covers the abnormal sections of the tissue of the cervix.
  • Liquid nitrogen or aggregate gas compressed at a temperature of about -58 degrees F begins to flow through KroSon to cool it.
  • The cold is applied to the internal surface From the cervical cervix for three minutes.The driving fabric in contact with the probe is cooled to about -4-4 degrees F.
  • Crisalock is removed from the vagina for about five minutes.
  • The treatment is repeated by Another three minutes and the last time is eliminated.

Maybe I may experience a cold sensation (even heat) and / or small splashes, and feeling temperatures should decide immediately after the procedure is carried out.

After the operation

After your procedure, you can sit or be and relax. You should not feel any residual pain, but you can have soft spasms. You can use the toilet if necessary (clean carefully).

You can see a small amount of blood, but you may not have bleeding at all. A sanitary panel will be provided to use in case any bleeding occurs when it comes out of the office.(Additions can also be given for the next few days).

After using, and feel ready, you can leave.


You can resume driving, walk and manage immediately without worrying.It is not necessary that it does not need an anesthetic or later purpose procedure if it does not develop complications.


How is it cured after the crioosurgery curve curve, you should not insert anything in the vagina? Two or three weeks.

Normally undergoes light and aqueous cramps or discharged in the blood, up to two weeks after the procedure. This is caused by the crippled cervix.You can absorb several sanitary pads during the first two or three days after your procedure. The system may vary according to the number of areas that have been treated and how they were.

Your medical team will allow you to know how much you should wait on the days after your procedure.

Rarely, you can try excessive bleeding, infection or constant pain.The most serious complications include the development of scars or ulcerations.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, call a health care provider:

  • Fever More than 99 degrees F
  • Bleeding,which is heavier than this you said she was waiting for
  • heavy or increase in pelvic pain
  • nasty smell or yellowish vaginal downloads
  • blisters, blows,or ulcers

To deal with recovery

Once you have cured after your procedure, you should not have residual surgery effects.

In two or three weeks (do not forget to follow the specific instructions of your medical care), you can start using a tampon for periods if you usually use them, it renews your sexual act and attempts to become pregnant,If you want to reject

Long-term care

, because the success rate of this procedure is not 100% , and therefore, even the successful treatment of some areas does not exclude development cancer in other places of the cervix,You must maintain adequate observation.

Resume your gynecological routine exams at a schedule recommended by your doctor.This will include more frequent papuate blows than usual for about a year (every four to six months, or, as recommended by your health care provider), usually with VPH tests.If your tests are rules after that, you can resume a normal schedule that is recommended for women your age. .

Possible future operations

If you do not have complications of curve cryotherapy curve , You do not need additional surgery, if the cervical box or cervical cancer is not detected using future detection tests.

If there is evidence that it has precatient cells or cervical dysplasia after having had a cryosurgery, you may need a more extensive or invasive procedure.You can also have a biopsy and visualization to determine if there is a spread of cancerous tissue.

Word of medical devices received

Cryosurgery can be an important part of preventing cervical cancer . It is a relatively low risk, with rare complications.After having some smears of normal potatoes followed after crio-surgery, your health care provider will give you recommendations on the frequency you need to have a PAP or other projection for cervical cancer.

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