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Lymphoma Lymphoma Society or LLS , may be the most visible leukemia and Organization of Hodgkin’s defense around .Founded in 1949, LLS Foundations for the study of blood cancer, education and education and patient education services, and takes Forbes in its rod of the largest charities in the United States.

Even people who are relatively not initiated in the “cancer community can recognize an annual fundraising event that put in several heads of LLS, known as nightlight.Night is an event that is happening at different times of the year in different communities.

Often, however, it is not scheduled from September to November in North America and is timed to match the first nights, which are brought with the autumn season.Participants raise money for LLS, which led to the light of a nightwalk, in which they carry different color lanterns to designate the survivor and / or loss of a loved one.

Team leukemia lymphoma in workouts, or TNT, is another avenue to explore for the return, especially if resistance training for charity hit your imagination.When it comes to physical training, many of us need to connect to all the motivation we can collect.

Maybe that’s why the LLS learning team is a program so successful.It has not only incorporated into discipline a training program of good physical condition, but also has something of what it means to need for the needy.There is something for everyone, whether it is working, walking, cycling, climbing or competing in a triathlon.

lls emphasizes your successes: Today, LLS has invested more than $ 1 billion in research for Promote the methods of therapy and savings of life.LLS research grants funded many of the most promising achievements of today , including objective methods of treating andimunoterapia . Repairable investment studies provide an explosion of scientific and innovative clinical successes .New safe and effective procedures at some unimaginable time , saves life today.

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