Chicken and Drop: How much to eat and cook tips?


kibrue -This is a lean meat with a high nutritional value, but people with a drop (the excess uric acid in the body), also known as gift arthritis, should be careful with the choice of the Choice that they choose how much he eats,And how they prepare their chicken. Moderation is the key.

If you have a drop, you need to absorb chicken. Chicken has a significant amount of purine, the chemicals found in each cell in our body and a lot of food.A healthy fantasiese can protect blood vessels, but an excessive amount can lead to an outbreak.Studies have shown that an excess of purine consumption causes high levels of ifradic acid (hyperuricemia) and leads to uric acid crystals in their joints (generally in thumb),that can be extremely painful and even incapacitating.

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.Chicken power value

Fashion Chicken -Under sodium, sugar and starch, high-level protein food, combining the necessary nutrients needed for healthy metabolism, including antioxidant vitamins (B 6 and niacin) and minerals, such as selenium and phosphorus .Differences from red meat, poultry, and especially without skin, no bone protein, has become animal proteins for people who want to eat healthier, lose or maintain weight and reduce the risk of disease.

Maintenance of weight is one of the most important modifications of the lifestyle of people with a gift and the epidemic of obesity even accused of the high prevalence of gout. People who have drops also need to reduce the amount of purine in their diet.

Chicken: food factors

The US Department of Agriculture UU(USDA) Provides the following nutritional information for a 3 ounces (85 g) that serves fried, skinless chicken breast.

se parece a esto:

  • calorías : 128
  • gordo : 2.7g
  • натрий : 44 мг
  • Углеводы : 0g
  • волокно : 0g
  • сахара : 0g
  • Protein : 26g

The size of the portion 3 ounces is less than what is conditionally packed in stores.

The American Heart Association also recommends choosing a bird and a fish without skin and cooking them in a healthy way without adding saturated and trans fats.They say that nutritious discs, such as chicken, can help you control weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. / P>

so that the chicken is sure when it has a drop? Everything depends on the cut and its purine.

Better cuts

The main nutritional value is different between breasts, hips and wings. The content of Purin also varies in different parts of the chicken.For people with gout and hyperuricemia, the number of holes and shared types of purified purified, especially hypoxanthine, are important considerations.

In Japan, the guidelines for administering hypeurichemia and a gift, it is recommended to reduce food intake consumption less than 400 mg / day.

Chicken mainly: moderate purine flour, but the amount of purine in the range from the lowest to very high.People with drops are recommended to avoid organ meat, such as a chicken liver, and eat only moderate purine products in reasonable parts.

According to the American Diet Association, high purine products have a total purine content of 150-1000 mg / 100 g, and it is recommended that people who have a gap or hyperuricemia avoid these products.


Purin en pollo tipo pollo Contenido general de Purin Rango


68.8 MG


cofre, that Piel 141.2 mg>

pd> Modrado

122.9 mg moderate

Hepatic 300 mg


per 100 g

The specific breakdown pyrin is also a good information,To help you make reasonable options. You carefully carefully carefully in adenine and hypoxanthine products, particularly because, in particular, these purines, in particular, have a significant connection with the gift.

Deflose of Purina in Pollo


  • adenine 30
  • guanine 30
  • xantine 18

pájaro (except úrganos)

  • adenine 335
  • xanthine 135

Tips for cooking

can reduce the total content of Pirin in your Chicken Next,Following a few preparations of current preparation.

The first thing you can do is remove the skin when it contains additional purines and unhealthy fats.Then, the researchers suggest that rinse and cooking chicken in water can significantly reduce the general content of pyrina of certain animal proteins, such as fish, which makes it more suitable for people with a gift to consume. .Content. Adenine and guanine emphasize slightly and reduce hypoxanthin compared to raw products. Cooking reduces the pyrine content on the chicken partially, because they are released into juices.That is why some sauces such as sauce, such as sauce, stew and soup bases are considered rich in purines, and why they should be avoided in people with gout.The preparation of chicken chicken with frying and grill maintains the humidity level (and the purine content) and the extinction of this means that the released purines are absorbed into their reservation.


You must avoid the following actions if you have drop:

  • alcohol ( beer fish test )
  • High-fat dairy products (eg Alfredo Sauce)
  • Faterial (ex.Cook with Undum lubricant)

Types of oils, adobos, sauces that are used in the season and cooking chicken, also play an important role for people with gout.Choose high quality vegetable oils with anti-inflammatory properties, such as olive oil and ecological avocado oil. These oils can be used when cooking and oil chicken oil.Season with anti-inflammatory products and chili tastes, tomatoes, turmeric and much more.

The content of pyrin on the chicken also depends on the temperature and duration of storage.It was found that the durable duration of storage and storage temperature to reduce enzyme activity and total pyrine content in the curb, which implies similar results, can be in the case of chicken.

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