CHINE SPONDYLOSIS: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment



X-ray x-ray for arthritis diagnostics or other conditions.


As with a diagnostic process for most conditions of Sake and rear conditions, your medical care provider more likely,They will collect information about their cervical spondilesis, taking history and fulfilling a physical examination. Wait one or more visualization species and, possibly, the study of conductivity nerves.

Magnetic resonance tion

When it comes to visual tests for cervical spondDilease, Magnetic resonance tomography (MRI) – Gold Standard.

MRI can help your health care provider see your bones, soft fabrics and nerves, and can help you see with precision the amount of space that are surrounded by spinal cord and / or nerve roots .


X-rays are also used to diagnose cervical spondyloh, because They allow the visualization of bone passages, which contain the spinal cord and roots of a spinal nerve.If you do not have any symptoms of nerves, you may only need X-rays.

X-ray can warn your health care provider, such as narrowing in your disk space, the presence of bone spheres and any decrease in the diameter of your spinal channel, which can lead to the Myelopathy.

You can also help your doctor with a medical professional who classifies the neck spondylosis so soft, moderate or heavy.

Calculated tomography Scan

A Tomography Calculated (CT) Scan – Another visualization of Diagnosis Test, usually these people with cervical spondylosis.Computed tomography is similar to radiography, except that it takes several images and send them to show the cross section of the region.

The quality of the image is better for the x-ray, so it can allow your doctor to better explore your spinal channel and, on the road, any change in your bones,that happened from its last computed tomography


Myelography is a type of CT scanning, which includes a Injection dye in your body to see certain structures better.Medical care providers use it to visualize the roots of your spinal nerve and track obstacles that can cause symptoms of radiculopathy.

Nervous driving study

Another test that medical workers are used to diagnose (or confirm diagnoses) Radiculopathy – driving of drivers. These are measured, as well as the function of the nerves.

Nervous conductivity research is sometimes performed in combination with the electromyography test, which measures the functioning of nerve muscles during reduction and relaxation.During the investigation, the electrodes will be placed on your skin, which provide electrical stimulation to your nerves. Some people believe it is inconvenient.

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