Chronotherapy for the treatment of insomnia.


If you have problems with a fall asleep in the desired dream, the common symptom of Insomnia ,What role can the treatment called chronotherapy be? How was chronotherapy? Where is the best place to undergo chronotherapy?

To answer these questions,Consider an extract of uptodate an electronic medical certificate of trust used by health care providers and identical patients. LEA, read additional information that all this means for you.

Timeline: Useful therapy for those who are difficult to start child.Bessons can have many reasons; Sometimes it is associated with the problem of the term of sleeping desire. There are many biological processes, including the dream patterns that follow the circadian rhythm .Transmissions can lead to one of the circadian rhythm warehouse disorders, most of the time the delayed or advanced phase sleep syndrome.

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Reset the suspension time

As a means to restore the time of suspension,Chronotherapy can be very effective. As mentioned above, the sleep delay is turned on for several hours after consecutive days.However, it can not be clear that this delay continues day after day, with a period of sleep moves around 24 hours.This can be illustrated by the given example: If you have a delay in the sleep syndrose , you can fall asleep at 3 in the morning. When you really want to be on the bed on 11 pages instead.You can follow the following schedule,When you configure the sleep time with timing:

  • 1 day: Seeptime 6 AM
  • Day 2: Sleep 9 Morked
  • Day 3: Seedroom 12 noon
  • Day 4: Seeptime 3M
  • Day 5: Sleep until 18:00
  • Day 6: Sleep up to 9pm
  • 7 and subsequent: 11pm

This mode should be strictly followed, and, often,It is necessary to carry out the treatment of Chronimetrafy in the controlled configuration, for example, in the hospital. In some cases, it may be necessary to make adjustments at smaller intervals, promoting your fire for one or two hours.The small variations or gaps in the calendar will return to your old ways. After only a new hour, the dream is established the dream , should be strictly observed.

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