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Therapy ‘Curve or shortened erection therapy. This can make it painful or difficult to have sex.

In recent years, it has been shown that the therapy of whose member helps people with Peyronie’s disease, returns to a more typical penis form. Therapy includes the use of a penis traction device, similar to a pan that contains a penis directly or at an angle for the amount of time established.

It is important to remember that having a certain curvature to the penis is completely normal. If your penis has always been curved or has a normal length, there is no need for a criminal tensile device.However, for people with a paired disease or medium-term surveillance in the medium term, the penis thrust can restore the lost length and sudden curved.

This article discusses how execution therapy works works .

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What is Peyron’s disease?

Peyron’s disease causes a scar tissuealso,Known as a plastto, the shape below the skin of the penis. These cicatricial tissue areas are resistant and inflexible, so they can not expand the same way as a normal erectile tissue.Due to these penis curves (sometimes to the plaque area), when it is erected. If the plates are on both sides of the penis, a person may experience shorter erections than they have before they had a decimonality.

The causes of the disease disease did not understand completely. In most cases, there is no injury well known in half, which causes the formation of ScarsIt is rather that cicatricial tissue is caused by small and imperceptible injuries of the penis (microtrum).

People who have other health conditions may be the greatest risk of Peyroni’s disease, even with:

people who over 40 have an increased risk of failure of the Peyrolerin disease

,How common is dissolution disease?

The study has shown that from 3 to 8% of people with penis have Peyroni’s disease, but speed can be much higher,Since people carefully fulfill medical attention to the disease.

Disease disease can hinder Enjoy sex.This can cause pain during the erections or the inability to have penetrating sex.What, in turn, can lead to mental and emotional complications,such as:

  • depression stress

How does the penis be pushed

Penure traction therapy uses the Penis traction device holds a fluxid pencil orPorescan specified. It is also sometimes known as a stretch of a penis.

People who spend the therapy whose Member should follow a specific plan foreseen by their doctor.As a general rule, therapy includes carrying a pelated traction device for at least 30 minutes a day, up to six hours a day. Penis traction devices

To test the Penili traction therapy , you need traction device.Many brands of traction devices are available, so everything is possible to talk with your health care provider, which recommend it.

In general, the traction devices work in the same way.The pelvic ring is at the base of the penis, with the shaft inserted through the ring. The tip of the penis is tightly embraced to another end of the traction device.The extension rods between these two parts allow the owner to carefully strengthen their penis.

The devices intended for the treatment of people with the disease of A pair also includes the ability to convert the penis.

If you use the pulp therapy for the treatment of the curvature caused by the disease of the solution, you must convert your penis into the direction opposite to the way you normally curve during erection.Be sure to talk with a doctor about the details.

Timeline of the penis thrust therapy

so that to see the results of the penis thrust therapy,You must use the refusal device consistently for using a traction device for at least 30 minutes a day, or the amount your doctor and the device manufacturer recommend.

Most of the studies that have been carried out in criminal traction therapy include a greater commitment of several hours a day to six months.

Traction therapy work. It was shown that penis thrust therapy helps increase the length of the penis and reduce the curve of the penis.These are the results that researchers found:

  • In a studio of 55 men with Peyron’s disease, men carried a traction device for an average of 4.6 hours a day for 6 months .They reduced their curvature on average by 20 degrees. They also reduced their pain and increased the length of their slow penis. / Li>
  • in the study 41 men with Peyron’s disease, the participants carried a traction device daily for 12 weeks.The men who carried a device for more than 6 hours a day, saw that their curvature decreases on an average of 38 degrees. The men who carried the device in less than 4 hours a day, saw that their curvature decreases at an average of 20 degrees.

In all these studies,People needed to carry out a traction device for long periods of time all days to see the results of reject

The word of the Meds information received

The therapy of theGenital Members may have a great impact on people with Peyroerina’s disease. This can lead to an enlarged length, but the most important thing is that you will counteract the severe curve of the penis, which is the main symptom of the disease.People with Painyrin’s disease, who tested the penis stretching, the pain mentioned and elevated sexual functioning, shows studies.

however, requiring the territory of the penis, requires a great commitment.To see the results, the studies show that the traction device must be cloudy every day.

If you are concerned about the duration of your penis or the curve of your penis, talk with the health provider about whether Taiga therapy is suitable for you.

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