Colposcopy: Use, Side Effects, Procedure, Results


A colposcopyis information procedure in the office that uses the health care provider to study the internal part to> vagina , vulva , and cervix uterus for worries, as changes in cells,Growth and inflammation. The highlighted increase device called Colposcopope is used to access and view areas.

You may need colposcopy to investigate your symptoms or as a subsequent estimate after an abnormal examination or Papan of Papanicolaou .

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Try Purpose

colposcopy allows you to see your health care provider insideOf these loans so that they can amaze and study carefully injuries or anomalies increasing.

Solutions are used to help your health provider evaluate the cervical gasket during this procedure.Your professional can take a tissue sample (biopsy) for the exam during your colposcopy.

According to the American School of Obstuar and Gynecologists, Colposcopy is recommended,If an examination of the pelvis is performed:

  • O pressure : These changes can be detected in a routine smear and require additional research and, possibly, treatment.
  • cervicitis : Inflammation of the cervix can be caused by disease, infection, irritation or physical abrasion.
  • Polyps : The growth of the cervix often needs to be eliminated, but, as a rule, do not be punished.
  • Genital warts : The warts, generally caused by papillomavirus (HPV) infection, may be present in the vagina o The cervix and can lead to serious problems such as cancer.
  • painful or irregular bleeding : can be signs of conditions and diseases associated with the cervix.

Colposcopy restrictions

Colposcopy does not expand all the way to Matrus , and only provides only the view of some areas of the cervix and some surrounding tissues.

Risks and contraindications

In general, colposcopy is considered safe.This is said that if it is pregnant, it is generally avoiding biopsy, as it can cause spasms and can increase the risk of complications, such as premature work or spontaneous abortion.

If it is prone to bleeding or taking an anticoagulant (blood), you can experiment heavy bleeding after the biopsy.

Before the test

If you need to have a colposcopy, your healthcare provider will schedule it for a while when you do not have your own period,As this can change the appearance of the cervix and bleeding can interfere with an optimal visualization.

It is also important not to place anything in the vagina, at least one day before the procedure, so it will be instructed to refrain from abstaining from sexual intercourse using the brains of the vagina, Dousing or the use of tampons.


can have your colposcopy In the office of your medical care as part of your gynecological examination. If so, you must expect the procedure to last 10 to 20 minutes.


Colposcopy is done in the health examination room. / P>

What to use

You can use everything that is convenient on the path to the test.You will be asked to get revealed from the waist and you can be asked to change in the dress.

Food and beverages

P> No food or beverage restrictions associated with colposcopy.

Cost and medical insurance

You colposcopy Available, your healthcare company may require a preliminary authorization , which should take care of the work of your medical care.You may also need to pay for co-pay , and your healthcare company and the health office will be able to inform you of the amount.

If your pocket pays, you must Expect a payment of 200 to 600 dollars depending on the object and where you live.The amount will be at a higher end if biopsy is required.

What to call

You must make sure to bring your test order form Your Health insurance card, identification form and payment method, if you need it.

During the test

Your test is usually performed by a Gynecologist AA or other health care provider. Assistant or nurse may be on hand to help.

Previous test

You must complete some documents, including the consent form for the procedure, authorization for payment, And also the forms of confidentiality of the patient.

You can ask you to go to dress, and your nurse can ask if you need to empty your bladder so that the test is more comfortable. Once on the examination table, you will be offered to lie down and place your feet.

Throughout the test

Your medical care will place a smuleum to your vagina.Once the device is in position, your health care provider can carefully clean the cervix with a physiological solution with a bottle with a sprayer or a cotton swab.

, as a general rule, your professional will also place 3% to 5% diluted with an acetic acid solution on your cervix to display better The area and distinguish between normal and abnormal fabric.

Next, the colposcope will be located next to the vaginal hole, so the light shines on the vagina and the cervix. Your health care provider will need a careful note that you can see.Increasing blood vessels, bleeding or irregularity is often visible through the colographer.

When the pin with the acetic acid, the sections of the abnormal tissues of the cervix will become immediately white and opaque.

Your provider’s medical care can insert a lugol solution, which consists of iodine iodine and potassium .The normal cervical fabric is usually brown when it comes into contact with a lugol solution, and cancer cells usually appear yellow.

Finally, your health care provider can take a fabric sample, if necessary, from the zones of Texub, you may feel discomfort or Easy cramps during biopsy, but this should last only a few minutes.

Be sure to inform your doctor if you are experiencing severe pain or discomfort, as it can be a sign of inflammation of infection of the cervix.


After your medical provider removes Smesulum, you may need a few minutes to relax. If the sample was assembled, it will be ready to send the laboratory.

The provider of your doctor can discuss some test results with you or a couple of weeks later. You can empty your bladder if you need it, and your nurse can give you a sanitary meeting if you have bleeding.

Usually you can write to go home at that time.

After the test

If you have colposcopy without a biopsy, you can have a very soft point.If you had a biopsy colposcopy, you probably experience a vaginal bleeding and a soft spasm for 24-8 hours after the procedure. . / P>

You must use a sanitary panel, not a swab to bleeding and unloading.The pain is usually treated with pain medications excessively contradictory, such as Tylenol (acetaminophen) or MOTRIN (ibuprofen) .

After your procedure, your health care provider may recommend that you refrain from putting something in your vagina within 48 hours. This includes the abstinence of sexual communication.

Administration of side effects

should contact Your medical care if your symptoms are worse than expected, or is developing any symptom of infection. Both rarely, but can occur.

When to call the health care provider

Call your health care provider,If you are experiencing any of the following actions after the colloscopy is underway:

  • Bleeding or Big Vaginal Bleeding,what absorbs more than a health gasket per hour on twchas
  • strong or worsening the pain in the pelvics
  • high temperature with ozocks
  • pus-As a vaginal discharge with a bad odor

Results of the interpretation

The results of your colposcopy are based on the observations of your medical care during the procedure,as well as the results of the biopsy, if you are immersed.Your healthcare provider can discuss some preliminary results during or immediately after the procedure or you can schedule a meeting later after returning the results of the biopsy results,that is generally vary from one to two weeks.

Colposcopy can help identify:

Subsequent actions

If you have a medical condition, diagnosed with colposcopy, your next step is additional treatment or estimation.For example, if you have an infection, you may need to be treated with an antibiotic .

In general, it is not characteristic of having a posterior routine colposcopy at regular intervals, but you may need another colposcopy if you have an abnormal PAPAN smear in the future or other conclusions.

Word of the Meds information received

Colposcopy is a diagnostic test that can provide your medical service provider some results while you have a test.As a general rule, it is easy to tolerate with several side effects.

However, you can worry or worry about the results, if your symptoms are unusual or are hard, or at risk of cervical cancer.In general, most medical conditions diagnosed with colposcopy. Cervical cancer, in fact, has a good perspective , when you are diagnosed early and processed quickly.

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