Common causes spacing


The spacing relatively common . You may have experienced it for himself , and wondered what it meant. You may have noticed a friend or family member of the range .Although in rare cases it may be a medical emergency or a warning sign of a serious health problem , most often it is not.

Here are some important tips to help you understand what it really means is that if you say it seems to be their ‘ head in the clouds .’

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reasons spacing

in general , the ‘ range they are not at this time , or that your mind is elsewhere. sleep is the most common type of interval. ITIS not generally nothing to worry about . However , there are more serious forms of separation , which can be caused by health conditions.

Here is a list of possible medical causes for spacing . The transient ischemic attack

transient ischemic attack is brief , reversible cerebral spill will not cause permanent damage.Sometimes people who experience a TIA are aware of what is happening , but sometimes people are not able to communicate during a TIA . Sometimes people who experience a TIA can not remember the event itself.


Capture is usually associated with consciousness and loss of consciousness. While cramps , usually associated with body movements uncontrolled , some seizures result in a loss of consciousness short episodeof without these movements . This is known as absences.


very low blood pressure can lead to decreased blood flow to the brain. This condition is called hypotension . If you are experiencing hypotension , you may feel faint or lightheaded .You can also lose focus or a common understanding in a few seconds or minutes. Hypoglycemia

hypoglycemia , which means low levels of blood sugar can lead to loss of the sense of consciousness in a short period of time.In more extreme cases, hypoglycemia can make it happen . Mild cases may cause an episode that seems to be out of range.


migraine headaches generally cause pain .Sometimes the pain is so strong that it can stop paying attention to your surroundings. Sometimes , however , migraines can cause unusual symptoms , such as reach, even in the absence of pain. transient global amnesia

Transient global amnesia is a temporary interruption of short-term memory . This is a rare event that can last for several hours at a time .If you are experiencing overall transient amnesia , he will not remember the events , however , you may appear to behave appropriately and adequately to others.

Some people with transient global amnesia may be lost or not be able to do complex tasks during the episode.


Extreme fatigue can take a toll on the body and mind. You may be naRynkiSupermarkety . While it seems that they do not sleep , your brain struggles to remain vigilant .

of sleep called you can sleep while you appear . In addition , extreme sleepiness can lead to sleep while participating in actividades.En could actually dream about this task .Around it may interpret the response as an interval .

poisoning altered state

such as marijuana , heroin , cocaine , methamphetamine , alcohol and even may have unpredictable consequences .These medications can cause them to become aware of their behavior or remember events . Distraction

spacing can occur when mentally or emotionally consumed by something other than the task.For example , you could while you are watching or listening to something that feels a little while driving.

Stress is a common pastime .It can be overwhelming to the point that it is difficult to pay attention to their duties and responsibilities , especially if they are not very vazhny.No extreme stress that can lead to space, although the task is important.

When to seek medical Warning using

If you have a problem with the distance between , you should find out if a doctor or just relax.

Use this information to help unravel if its output interval seriously or just if you have your head in the clouds .

red flags

Go to the doctor ,If your ‘ spacing ‘ includes any of the following :

  • The repeated episodes
  • memory loss
  • the behavior of Odd
  • loss of bowel or bladder
  • wounded in vremyaepizod
repeated episodes

If you constantly find yourself or spacing being accused of a range, must determine whether there is one that has many things to distract you ,or you really do not puedeSi there is no obvious reason, as a major project being worked on , we should mention the problem with your provider health care . No memory

You can not remember events happened things you did at the time the episode may have had a medical event such as those listed above .

you notice that has lost during episodes of the interval, or , if you say that to behave in a strange or violent manner, which is not typical for you, then definitely requires further evaluation VASE . Loss bowel or bladder

you find that control is lost or intestines definitely need an exam medical provider health care .

If no lesion is observed after an interval of , especially if you do not remember , as it happened, his episodes they are dangerous for you and can be más.Es time to do everything possible to stop them.


All space from time to time .Although an interval of perhaps a sign that you are deprived of sleep, stress , or distracted , but can also be associated with a transient ischemic attack , seizures , hypotension , hypoglycemia , migraine, transient global amnesia , fatigue , narcolepsy ,or drug abuse.

If you have repeated episodes or experience a lack of memory, loss of bowel or bladder , or strange behavior while spacing is important to seek medical help .

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