Complications and risks of knee replacement surgery

Implant wear

Knee replacement implants can wear out over time and may require a second knee replacement. Peter Dazley / Getty Images

Knee implants don't last forever, but the goal should be for a knee replacement to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, not all implants remain for the life of the patient, and in these cases, a second knee replacement, called a revision knee replacement, may be required.

Knee replacements wear out more often as younger, active patients turn to them for knee pain. These patients have a higher burden and knee replacement requirements and are more likely to require additional surgery.

There is considerable disagreement about what actions should be taken in patients who have undergone knee replacement. It is known that certain physical activity, including sports, skiing, and even golf, can put pressure on implants, which can lead to early destruction of the implanted joint. Although many patients follow these steps, there is strong evidence that they can lead to faster wear and tear on the implanted knee joint .

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