Constitutions and other nasal symptoms during pregnancy.


generally feel more overloaded during pregnancy. This condition is sometimes called rhinitis for pregnancy or non-allergic rhinitis.Pregnancy rhinitis, stagnant or silent nose, which begins during pregnancy, is not associated with infection or allergies and lasts at least six weeks.

If you had basic conditions, such as asthma or allergies, before getting pregnant, your symptoms may deteriorate during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester.

Nasal symptoms caused by pregnancies are usually resolved for approximately 10 days after having a child.

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Pregnancy Rhinitis

Recognize true Pregnancy rhinitis, without other known reasons.As an allergy or superior respiratory infection, it can not cause your symptoms.The symptoms of rhinitis during pregnancy include: / P>

Studies have shown that nasal congestion associated with Pregnancy can reduce the quality of life in people who are pregnant.In severe cases, this can be dangerous for the fetus (especially if a pregnant man has a main asthma).

Some studies suggest that approximately 39% of people who are pregnant in nasal congestion and other symptoms of Rhinitis.

The reason caused by pregnancy with nasal symptoms is not understood at all, but for a long time It has been considered caused by change of hormone levels, especially estrogen and progesterone.

This theory can be supported by the fact that some people report on the nasal symptoms that coincide with their menstrual cycles. The symptoms of non-allergic rhinitis were also reported using fertility control tablets.

Convenience can lead to more severe conditions, such as infections by sinus infections or ear infections that should be treated with antibiotics.Saving stagnation under control can prevent these infections.

Nasal irrigation with Neti Pot is the first treatment. Be sure to use distilled or boiled water (and cooling), not water that is directly from the crane.

Some tips on overload management during pregnancy include: / P>

  • Drinking a lot of water
  • Using the Coolker fog in his bed when he sleeps sleep

  • ,Participating in light exercises (but you do not have to do new types of exercises during pregnancy without the prior approval of your health care provider)
  • Keep the head of the bed with an additional cushion or Klin
  • Use of the nasal spraySalt to preserve the release of thin secretions
  • , avoiding the famous triggers of allergies, contaminated air, chemical products,or cigarette smoke

Medicines for more serious cases

If the measurements are higher, insufficient to your symptoms under control,You can talk with your health care provider about the use of one or more of the following medications that can help you manage more serious cases of pregnancy rhinitis.

nasal (inhaled) corticosteroids

Inhaled Nasal corticosteroids are often used to control asthma during pregnancy.In some cases, they can be used in some cases to control the symptoms caused by the pregnancy of the nose.

First option – RhinoCort ( Budesonide ), since the studies show that it is generally safe for use in pregnancy time. However, if the Budesonide is not effective, other nasal corticosteroids can be used.

Root nasal

Most of the nostrils are not considered safe during the first trimester of pregnancy.P> NASAL CONTROLLERS, such as Afrin (oxyxetazoline), are very effective in transversal time.However, they must be used economically, if at all during pregnancy, and not during the first quarter, since animal studies have shown potential risks for the fetus.

In some cases, using nose injections for the treatment of pregnancy, rhinitis can worsen symptoms, especially if used for a long period.The use of nasal cones for more than three days in a row can lead to a rebound overload .

To avoid an unnecessary risk of your child, do not use a new medication, are available in the recipe or SALE -CONTERSCHES as herbal additives, homeopathy and other dietary supplements.This is a specific approval of your health care provider.

Word of information Meds

Although the idea of using any medication can be scary for many pregnant women, you should remember to leave your symptoms, not treated,It can lead to other more severe conditions that can pose a threat to your child’s health. Consequently, in pregnancy for pregnancy, you should always inform your doctor, so symptoms can be properly controlled.

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