Corge: signs, symptoms and complications.


cute It is not a disease that many we see these days, but in recent years it is a return.Symptoms and signs, such as fever, dry cough, light sensitivity and eruption, usually appear more than a week after exposure.

Given the risk of infection by ear, pneumonia and other potential complications, it is important to know these and other characteristics of measles and seek medical attention if you think you have touched.

This is obviously caused mainly by anxiety for those who are not vaccinated. Flashes can still arise, and the virus can be signed by trips to other countries.

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Frequent symptoms

can not rely on the first kind of measles, and there is a good probability,What your health care provider has never been diagnosed . Because of this, studying about the virus can be particularly useful.

Approximately 7 to 14 days after the impact Devene, with measles, people without immunity to Corey can develop symptoms of measles, some of which are similar to influenza,Including:

  • Fever that generally begins a low estimate and continues to increase every day, Peakingat 104 or 105 degrees in the fourth or fifth day to root and break a few days after
  • dry cough
  • dry nasal,sneezing and clusters
  • red, aqueous conjunctivitis eyes
  • Photophobia (light sensitivity)
  • Poor appetite
  • swollen spots, Small, bright red with a standing center point,that are often inside the mouth, inside the cheek, as well as in the soft sky

five days later, after the symptoms of fever and other measles begin , A man with a cortem will develop a classic eruption.

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Although viral infections of many children are associated with eruption, the turnabo of the mind There are some features that makeup is different from these viral rashes.On the one hand, unlike many other viral infections, such as Roseola and Whirepox, which are generally started on the trunk, the rash starts on the face and head.

Other things to see what is related to tormers:

  • is red, the stained rash will extend with your baby body over the next three days, ultimately He achieved his hands and the note is thrown around his hair line.
  • generally lasts about five to six days.
  • From three to four days, the rash can not turn white when you click on it.
  • Area, where Corey Raves was the most severe, you can start cleaning.
  • As soon as the eruption begins to leave, it will disappear in the same order that it began. It will start walking around the line of your hair and the first face, and then the extremities and the extremities.

In addition, in contrast to some other viral infections, family fever generally continues when the eruption is being developed.

You or your child can see most of the greatest in the first days, which appears eruption, and may not feel better until several days appear.


Although some people continue to argue that measles is a light infection, it can have serious complications.In fact, one or more complications occur about 30 percent of cases. There is a high temperature and irritability of many children at the end requires hospitalization.

Most people are not restored from measles without treatment, but some have some complications that require processing , and, unfortunately, several people who receive measles, Generally children, die.

that at the greatest risk of developing complications include: / P>

  • Children under 5 years
  • Adults Elderly 20 years
  • pregnant women
  • people with committed immune systems

The general complications of this building occur when you have measles, include:

  • Infections: Around 1 out of every 10 children occur and can lead to auditory losses.
  • Diarrhea: This happens less than 1 out of every 10 children and can lead to dehydration.

The most severe complications of measles include: / P>

  • Pneumonia: This pulmonary infection is the main cause of measles in children.Approximately 1 in 20 children with bark are developing pneumonia.
  • Encephalitis: This is the inflammation of the brain, which is happening around 1 in 1000 people.This is due to heavier symptoms, such as fever, headache, vomiting, rigid neck, meninganane irritation, drowsiness, cramping and coma.This complication of Corey generally begins about six days after the beginning of measles torch and can lead to death, deafness or constant brain damage.
  • Pregnancy problems: Corps can lead to premature work, low birth weight and even the loss of pregnancy.
  • SSPE) : is deadly, but reekomization caused by a defector measles virus.Approximately seven or 10 years after the presence of measles, children and young people with SSPE, we develop progressive neurological symptoms, including memory loss, change behavior, uncontrolled movements and even seizures.As the progress of symptoms, they can become blind, develop hard muscles, become unable to walk and, ultimately, deteriorate in a constant vegetative state.Children who had measles up to 2 years seems to be more at risk of developing this complication. People with <> SSPE generally die for one to three years of the first symptoms of development.Fortunately, since the amount of measles occurs in the era after vaccines, therefore, there are a number of deaths in SSPE.
  • > Adoption: 0.6 percent of up to 0.7 percent of people, cramps with fever or without it can occur as a complication of measles.
  • Death: In the United States, measles is mortally about 0.2 percent of cases.

Cort can cause complications associated with your eyes, including:

  • keratitis: This is an infection or inflammation of the cornea, a clear dome structure on the front of the eye.Symptoms of keratitis are blurred vision, pain, redness, pulmonary sensitivity and rupture. You may feel that there is a piece of sand in your eyes.Keratitis can be a more serious complication of measles, because the scars associated in their cornea are present, they can harm their vision forever.
  • Horny / scarce Ulceras: If your keratitis gets worse, you can become a cornea ulce , open pain that appears as a white point in the cornea.An ulcer can be developed from the measles virus or a bacterial infection caused by measles. It can be painful and lead to the healing of its cornea, which led to a significant reduction in vision or blindness.
  • Retinopathy: Fortunately, retinopathy, caused by the king of this type of retinopathy, the blood vessels seem to be thickened, the optic nerve swells,And the fluid accumulates in the retina can cause temporary or constant vision loss.
  • Optical Neuritis: This is the inflammation of the visual nerve, a large nervous cable that connects your eyes to your brain.Although this complication is quite rare, it can occur in people who develop encephalitis with induced measles. The neurita can lead to a temporary or constant loss of vision.
  • blindness: In developing countries, where children are not immunized, because Kor is one of the main causes of childhood blindness. It is caused by one or more of the previous complications that are exacerbated unfavorable.

When you see the health care provider

If you think you or your child have been exposed to measles or have an eruption that suspicion is measles,Call your medical care provider immediately. You may have to take special agreements to see it, not the launch of the risk of disturbing the disease to other susceptible people.Stop home, so do not put others in danger and talk to your doctor when you can go back to work or school.

The doctor’s discussion guide avoids

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Symptoms generally start a week at 14 days after it is exposed to the virus. Early symptoms are similar to respiratory infection : fever, cough, nasal secretion, irritated eyes. You can develop red spots in your mouth. For about four days after the beginning of the first symptoms, the eruption appeared.

  • да.Although there is no serious risk in developed countries, poor monitoring and malnutrition in some countries makes the main cause of childhood blindness to cow.The loss of vision may be associated with complications of keratitis and scars of cornea or optical neuritis .

  • да.Women to counteract measles, when they are pregnant, are at risk of complications, including fetal death and spontaneous abortion . The risk of the best in the first trimester.The development of children exhibited in total may incur long-term birth defects that may include deafness, cataracts, heart defects, intelligent disorders and liver damage.

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