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Think about the people who mean the most to parents , brothers and sisters , friends, couples , their children. Now imagine waking up one day and not be able to recognize any of them .What sounds like a science fiction novel , the calendar is the real disease , known as prosopagnostiya , inability to recognize or distinguish faces.

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Why prosopagnosia known as face blindness

the prosopagnosia , also known as blindness face,It may come with difficulty recognizing other things like facial cues and locations. In addition to the inability to identify family members and close friends , people with example they can be difficult to recognize .Therefore , the state is forced to develop different ways to identify people . while reviewing the literature in 2006 only 100 in the medical literature more recent studies sugieren¿Qué about 2 % percent of the general population may have a certain level of exaggeration

There are two types of transpagnosy :. congenital

congenital Prosopagnosia

some people are born without the ability to recognize a face , known as congenital or acquired prosopagnosia .Children with this type of blindness in the face may not be aware of their inability to recognize faces until they are much older .

prozagnostiya congenital not caused by any of the structural differences in the brain or brain damage .Some researchers believe that innate prosopagnosia can be inherited , because the condition is usually in families.

congenital Prosopagnosia may also be present in children with autism .Inability to recognize the face can cause or contribute to poor social skills.

Acquired Prosopagnosia

acquired Prosopagnosia can occur after brain damage from head trauma, cerebrovascular accident or neurodegenerative diseases .

People with this type of prosopagnutiya previously recognize faces . Studies show that it is unlikely to get that ability , even though they can learn to compensate.


the neurological basis is not clear everything prosopagnutiya .

One theory is that the condition is the result of anomalies, injuries or damage to the spindle part giryuste right brain that coordinates neural systems that control facial perception and memory .

to congenital cases , the cause may be related to genetics.

In 2012 , doctors at Stanford temporarily implanted electrodes in the brains of patients with nerve promotion and discovered two groups in general in face perception .

There is some disagreement in the scientific literature on the common recognition disorder prosopagnosia or face particular problems . It may be that there are different types of prosopagnosia , each with its own set of symptoms.


prosopagnostii no medications or treatments. Those who prosopagnostiey should explore other ways of remembering faces .Connections , such as hair , voice and clothes can help identify people .

Social situations can be uncomfortable for people with a instanidad , forcing them to shy and remembered.Therapy can help treat anxiety or depression associated with the disease.

Researchers are now working in ways of helping people with prosopagnosia improve facial recognition.

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