Creation: signs, symptoms and complications.


Symptoms cunning. The signs of brain damage vary widely depending on factors, such as the severity of the blow to the head or body and the location of the injury.For example, Jacht to the back of the head, where is the area of the occipital brain, it can cause problems with dizziness or vision. The head of the head injury can produce identity or emotional disorders.

For a greater complication of things, some symptoms of causing agitating the concussion appear immediately, while others may not appear for several days or even weeks.That is why it is important to relate to any blow to the head, which potentially leads to a tremor, even if there is some direct reactions such as dizziness or disorientation are lightweight or brief, and make sure there are symptoms,that can be seen well after the actual fault of the event

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Types of Symptoms

A useful way to see the many symptoms of the brain that shakes its tremor in types.The centers for the control and prevention of the disease (CDC) lists four separate categories of the symptoms of concussion.

  1. Cognitive symptoms: You must remember new information, the difficulties are clear or fast, Confusion , inability to concentrate or focus
  2. Physical symptoms: Headache, blurred vision , nausea or vomiting (these are two symptoms that most often appear early), dizziness ( vertigo ), sensitivity to noise or light, equilibrium problems and coordination, fatigue, weakness, lethargy,or no energy
  3. Emotional symptoms: inexplicable irritability, sadness, nervousness,Anxiety or general trend to be more emotional than usual
  4. Related symptoms: Sleep more than usual or less than the usual problems with the fall, or drowsiness

in very young children,Shaking shocks and the lack of eating or nurse.


Even easy head injury can lead to significant long-term problems.This is especially true for a variety of brain shocks that have been associated with the development of late cerebral degeneration, according to the Timrikoms of neuroradiology. / P>

In addition, the direct signs of crushing such as dizziness and disorientation are usually so soft and disappear so quickly, Sometimes in for a few minutes, that a person who is experiencing will press him.The problem is that any degree of injury to the brain needs time to cure.

Chronic problem associated with multiple congestions, depression.A study found that depression players maintained much more concussion that non-depressant players, and more than three smoothies were to increase the symptoms of depression.

Some studies found the prevalence of depression in the head of the head of the Patients can be as high as 40%.

Several studies have also shown the link between the history of brain injury and the greater likelihood of developing a serious depression later in life.

) When you see provider of medical care

Although it can take some time for the concrete brain shock to take the symptoms, in some cases, it will be clear immediately,What a person can have a concussion injury or another injury injury (TBI).

For example, if a soccer player feels dizzy or disoriently after the tackle makes him hit his head on the floor, or he falls on a helmet tag with another player, he can suffer a concussion ,Even if it feels good in order after a few seconds.

If the hit in the head causes any immediate symptom, regardless of how smooth or prey, stopping what you are doing and contact your doctor.

This is a good idea to see the neurologist as long as there is a concussion of concussion of concussion or TBI.

Doctor’s Guide


Get our Guide to Print for your next doctor’s appointment to help you ask the right questions.

When looking for emergency care

There are obvious signs that urgent help is in order.However, if you or another person experience one or more of the following symptoms after keeping the head to the head, however, a minor, possibly, to seek immediate medical assistance for a full evaluation.

  • Recent event memorization or personal information
  • North pain,Especially elk quickly and in a certain place
  • heavy rigidity in the neck
  • mental confusion or strange behavior
  • nausea or vomiting
  • dizziness, bad balance,Or unstable step

  • weakness in the hands or feet
  • extreme stexifor
  • loss of appetite
  • Ring resistant on ears
  • Student speech
  • Visual problems,As stars View or blurred view
  • bleeding or transparent liquid, emanating ears or nose
  • loss of consciousness / li>

Frequently Asked Questions

  • , as a rule, the symptoms of concussion will be apparent immediately or shortly after the injury, but not always.Sometimes, it is also required for several hours or days to develop symptoms, since damage to the cells in the brain and the chemical changes obtained may not immediately cause cognitive symptoms and others.

  • Both types of headaches can share many of the same symptoms, including nausea and / or vomiting, sensitivity to noise and light, as well as dizziness.The main difference between migraine and what is known as post-traumatic headache is the cause, with the latter obvious due to the injury of the brain.In addition, the tremor of headaches is generally developed for seven days after head injuries and in some cases persisted for many years.

  • will depend on how many years your child.Babies and children do not have linguistic skills to describe how they feel, so parents will have to trust changes in their behavior, which can take time for development.A child who has a brain injury can cry bad, feel without an obvious cause, vomiting or not wake up easily.

  • Symptoms of easy injury for easy brain injury can last from several weeks to several months. During this time, at this time it is important to rest if necessary, but to start resuming normal activity as necessary and in accordance with the instructions of your medical care.

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