Dandruff moist (yellow): the best domestic procedures to try


The quality of the scale in the scalp rash can vary from fat (sometimes called wet dandruff on the Internet) to dry (known as dry dyes outside the medical world) .

wet DANDRAUFF is a dandruff, which is wet or fat due to the overproduction of sebum on the scalp. When the oil extension is mixed with dirty and dead skin cells, that is, when you urinate the form of dandruff.

Perm, on the other hand, consists of small white flakes that can easily fall from the scalp. The yellow wet perchot flakes are much more and can be sticky, forcing them to join and cling to your hair.If you scrape your head with a wet perchot.

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General reasons for the wet dander

WITH THE Main cause of the wet dandrufing exceeds sebumOn the scalp, the hair does not wash correctly or enough or can lead enough to the state. This is especially true if you have grease skin.

Dandrauff UDCHES are the function of trademarks.Corrosive dermatitis, which causes flakes and red skin in the oil areas. < Seborrheic Dermatitis may be the result of an inflammatory response to the excess of yeast Malasssezia in the Escalpe, but also It can be caused by stress, hormonal changes, cold or dry climate, and such medications,such as lithium . The effects of seborrheic dermatitis in hair generally generally, but studies studied can occur this hair loss.

Although the wet perchoteca is usually associated with seborrheic dermatitis, symptoms may also occur if it has another disorder of Type of skin as psoriasis or infection.It can also occur independently without any basic state.

psoriasis can also cause a damp dander.An autoimmune disorder of psority skin is driven by the inability of the immune system to say the difference between healthy cells and pathogens.The cowards are not always subject to psoriasis, but this can lead to hair loss in some people with the condition.

Other skin conditions that can lead to a humid trunk include:

Start and lifestyle tools

Find the right shampoo

It can be difficult to determine if your shampoo will be aggravated until it breaks it.However, studies have shown that the use of a suitable type of shampoo can help control scalp conditions, which can lead to a damp dander.

Shampoo more often

If you have The extremely fatty scalp and it, causing a damp dander, you may need to wash your scalp and hair more often. It will help prevent the accumulation of Sabum on the skin of your head, which causes a damp dander.

Break of

If you are experiencing a wet outcrop due to the condition of the skin, abstain from the use of products of style. Chemicals used in many, severe style products on the skin of the head.This can cause the treatment more difficult, since these chemical hostiles can worsen the condition of the scalp, causing irritation or contact dermatitis, the cutaneous rash caused by contact with a certain substance.

Eat healthy

Studio showed that your Diet can play a role in skin disease, so if your wet perch is caused by dermatitis or psoriasis of seborrean,The food of a healthy diet can help clean the damp dandruff, caused by these conditions. You may want to limit or avoid highly treated products and replace them with integer products, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lean proteins.

Use Aloe Vera Gel

Study showed that the enzymes and vitamins that Aloe They can help reduce inflammation and soothe zudinc on the skin. .Cutting cords to your scalp, and then wrap a warm and damp towel around your head for 30 minutes. But just standing, rinse aloe vera with shampoo. You can do it three times a week.

Try arnica

Arnica Herbal tool that can be used for various forms of dermatitis , including seborrheic dermatitis.The arnica plants obtained flowers, has anti-inflammatory properties and are used in many creams and ointments for seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.

You can use it in compression, submerged in a combination of a spoonful of arica and medium water extract.It should be noted that the oral ingestion of the arnica is extremely dangerous, therefore, should be used only locally on the skin of the head and never as oral medicine. Use the FENOGEEK seeds

phenuerek It is a Mediterranean grass that belongs to the family of the plant of Fabaceae.The study showed that the use of seeds of the FENCLEGREEK plant is an effective means for humid perchot. . Let the pasta sits in 30 minutes before you rinse it with a soft shampoo. This method can be repeated twice a week.

Use scalp scalp scrubs

Although there is no clinical evidence to admit the use of scrubs scrubs for Shot Perchot, SCIRP Exfoliation has become very popular.The idea is that the exfoliating skin can reduce the excessive accumulation of oil and get rid of the excess of dead skin cells on the skin of the head.

Since excessive oil production on the scalp is associated with the sensitive skin of the head, using the most sensitive thicket type is the best. Select Scrubs containing sea salt, zinc or powdered seed.

This method can not be perfect for those who are the state of the scalp, although the negative is always talking to your doctor before using the scalp of the scalp for the wet perchoteca.

Homemade domestic products can be effective when controlling the humid bridge, but only if it is not caused by skin disorder.If you try these start procedures, and your damp dandruff does not improve, you should see your doctor to discover if the skin condition causes your damp dander.

Counteract the champus of the dandruff can help you manage and reduce the damp dander.There are different types, so you want to look for those who can also help with the excessive oil accumulation on your scalp.

A study showed that zinc pyritiona, selenium sulfide and cetoconazoles are effective agents to treat dandruff, all of which are conventional OTC shampoos ingredients. Research researchers also found that shampoos with rose extract, mixed with a zinc storm, and antifungal, known as climate, can help reduce the secretion of oil oil.


The type of prescribed medications given to your damp dander will depend on the cause. If reason is seborrheic dermatitis, for example, antifungal shampoos are prescribed.They can resort to the redirection of the fungus on the skin of the head.

Specific antifungal preparations that can be used for seborreal dermatitis include cyclipirox and ketoconazole. These shampoos should be used according to your doctor’s instructions.

For psoriasis, your doctor may prescribe anal to analyze slow skin growth.They can also recommend dosing shampoos and lotions for use on their scalp. In severe cases, ultraviolet light therapy, also known as phototherapy , will be used in combination with these other procedures.


dandruff moist is a common name for yellow flakes that are the result of increasing the oil on the scalp.In contrast to dry dander, the humid perchot√° flakes are larger and often adhere to your hair. The extension of the oil can accumulate and drive to wet perchot.The treatment depends on the cause and, as a general rule, includes the use of dandruff shampoo and soft hair care products. You will need recipe procedures for your doctor if reason is the condition of the skin.

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Humid perchot can be an inconvenient condition that causes shame and low self-esteem.There are many ways to handle this to make sure your wet perch stays and left far away. For example, hair washing can often improve your dummy dander.

In the event that it is caused by the chronic condition of the skin, the preparation of proper treatment is the best way to reduce the wet perchoteca and its severity.Chronic skin conditions can be difficult to deal with, but with today’s options to treat OTC and prescription shampoos, you can effectively manage it.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best treatment for Hot Perchoth?

The best treatment for the wet perchoteca depends on the cause.However, since the state is due to the accumulation of oil on the skin of the head, the treatment usually includes more tea washing hair with light shampoo and break with style products.If your damp dandruff is associated with skin disorder, you should visit the doctor to get a better treatment for your condition.

Why are the peoples dry and humid?

Draw Dandruff.The excess oil in the hair is mixed with dandruff flakes, sticks to the axis for the hair and increases on the skin of the head.

Really bad Dandruff Psoriasis sign?

Dandrauff can be a sign of psoriasis, but it can also be a sign of another state. Psoriasis lasts a lot, but the link tends to come and pass sporadically.Psoriasis is also generally more scratch than escape. While the psoriasis of the scalp can be extended to its roll or other parts of the face and neck, Dandrauff is limited to its scalp.

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