Determine your dominant eye – simple test


Most people have a dominant eye or an eye, which works a little more complicated than the other. Even if you use both eyes look at the object, you use more from your dominant eye.You can notice this preference when using a camera, a microscope or telescope.

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Eye domination and border

In general,Ocular domination goes along with the ASA. In other words, it is likely that the left left eyes are dominant, while the correct eyes are probably dominant. But there are many exceptions to this rule.For example, according to a study, approximately 35% of the right on the right and 57% of the balanced left. . The review, 28.8% on the left and 1.6% of the right of the letter were inconsistent to the launches.For this group, it is almost impossible to relate to the domain and domination of the eyes.

You have the Value of the Dominance Eye?

Eye domination does not have a special doctor, and it can not matter in your life.This, however, is important for certain sports that require a precise objective. The archery and shots are particularly problematic.

You can change the domination of the eyes through the use of patches and other methods, but it is difficult and it takes time. If it is considering the amendment monovision to reduce the need to read Glasses or bifocals , you should consider your eye domain.

Simple methods

Most people automatically use their dominant eye when viewing a hydromagazine camera or a telescope. But it can still be difficult to decide which ocular is dominant.If you are interested, you can see yourself for the domination of the eyes. There are several techniques to determine your dominant eye. There are evidence that includes the use of opening on the card, while others, which include the use of convexities and rings.The test on the miles described below is considered a good indicator.

  1. Extend your hands before it, the palm trees met.
  2. Take your hands together, forming a small hole, crossing thumbs and suggestions.
  3. Select a small object about 15-20 feet from you. With open eyes they focus on the object when you look through a small hole.
  4. Close an eye, and then another. When you close one eye, the object will be stationary. When you close another eye, the object must disappear from the hole or jump into an address.
  5. If the object does not move when an eye is covered, then this eye dominates.The eye that sees the object and does not move, is the dominant eye.
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