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Austrepresscap Nuverbe, mentioned as breasts or pre-processed fistulas, a bit, an abnormal hole in front of the ear. It may seem greater than a complement or drilling in an odd place.The transition well occurs as a result of the merger of problems during the sixth week of pregnancy, when the ear is developed.

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Transforming the well symptoms

Transforming the well or the opening of the beginningCannonetque is cleaned under the skin. Sometimes, the route is missing, and in other cases it can be long with several branches and zigzag throughout the hearing tissue. This can appear only on one side or both.

While this sinus traite and nutrients must be there (this is a congenital defect), the good news is that, in most cases, the well is Benochane (harmless) is not related to other problems doctors,And in general nothing to worry about.

Possible complications

, when the well itself is not harmful, it is important to see it by several potential problems:

  • Infection : Symptoms include fever, pain, redness,Swelling and pussy; this can lead to abscesses and cellulite.
  • cyst : slowly growing the painted packages near the opening can point to the cyst, which increases the risk of infection.

Infected transformation pits must be processed by the health care provider using antibiotics and, sometimes, cutting and drainage full of purulent collection.

The outside of the ear is called Aurclick EM>. Pre-Media ‘before the City Council ‘.’


Preliminary wells are caused by a defect in the development of the ear, and the fruit is in the uterus. Experts also believe that there is a genetic component.However, the reason why this happens is still not fully understood. / P>

If both ears are affected, it is more likely to have a family history of these congenital malformations.

Other genetic syndromes

Some preliminary cases Wells are associated with certain genetic syndromes, including: / P>

For these potential associations, it is most likely that your pediatrician comes out The child in the specialty of the ear with a specialized otolaryngologist (ear, nose and health care,or ENT) To make sure that the pit is not a marker of something more serious.


Your otolaryngologist first wants to exclude genetic syndromes, sometimes associated with the transformer wells.To do this, they will inspect your child’s head, ear and your child’s neck for other anomalies.

To better explore the well or other possible anomalies, your health care provider can order the verifications of the image,As the computed tomography scan or (MRI) with contrast .These visualization tests can also help the health provider, eliminate complications associated with a transforming person, such as cyst or infection.

If other ears violations are found, your health care provider can order an audition test called Audiogram . If you suspect that if the syndrome is a kidney of yesterday, they can recommend ultrasound in the kidney.

Eventually if a genetic syndrome is suspected, you will mention other specialists who can help you manage any problem for specific organisms for your child.


Pubs become, as a rule, do not require repair or closing, although they will not be closed.However, if the infections are a constant problem, sometimes they are eliminated to eliminate surgically the exhausting well and a sinus trajectory. The additional procedures depend on whether the wells are associated with other conditions and how these conditions are processed.

People with boron syndrome can:

  • Use the audience device
  • ,To fix structural ear defects or other deformations
  • need Kidney dialysis or Kidney transplant

beckwith-The treatment of Wedeman syndrome often includes: / P>

  • Monitoring and sugar processing in the Blood to withstand normal levels
  • ,To restore tutorials of the abdominal wall or the language
  • speech or physiotherapy
  • for tumor tumors

for mandibulofacial discussis ,The treatment may include: / P>

  • Antibiotics for frequent ear infection
  • Repair of the slit of the palate
  • > orthodontics
  • surgery on ears, eyelids,MAPA muddle for functional purposes and / or cosmetics
  • Treatment of any cardiac task
  • Surgery To connect parts of the esophagus together


In most casesWith only conversion pit they are perfectly healthy and can live a typical life.

Most people with Boro syndrome have average life expectancy.The problems of the kidneys are the greatest reason for concern, but with an adequate treatment, many of those who develop the finite diseases of the kidneys can result in a complete and productive life. / P>

The Beckvita Wayman syndrome can increase the risk of mortality due to several complications, but many children are born With this the state, it has a typical life expectancy and can have healthy children.

With suitable treatment, people with mandibulopic desolations can develop a normal intelligence and have average life expectancy.

Frequently asked questions

How does the preduct well keep it clean?

Preliminary wells that do not have additional complications You can also clean up the rest of theSoap and fabric water. No special attention is required to cleanliness.

How is it usually a conversion breast?

Preliminary breast is a quite common occurrence. It has approximately 5 to 10 out of every 1000 births.

Word get Information about Meds

Nobody likes to think about your child, having a congenital youth disease, it is important to remember that ear defects are common.Although it is better to try your child with specialized ears to have confidence, good news about pre -Ucular wells in most cases, do not represent a risk to your child.

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