Diet low in static: benefits and how it works.


sheets, dairy products, whole grains and other products, as a rule, leave not trained parts (waste) in the colon.The low waste diet limits them, the options that They are especially high in the fiber to reduce the chair.This allows the digestive system (large intestine, in particular) to relax, since the intestinal movements will become less and less.

Your health provider may recommend a low oxygen diet for several reasons, such as a gastrointestinal condition or as part of a colonoscopy preparation.

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Products that are high in fiber, especially raw, as a general rule,Leave behind some plants at your point , which can not be digested. This intolerable substance comes mainly from fruits, vegetables and solid grains, although dairy products can also leave behind the remains.

These remains do not represent the problem. In fact, your residue that helps keep a chair, cumbersome and navigate through the intestines .However, in situations in which the intestines should be reduced to allow healing for an example, if it has a disorder of eating disorder, such as diverticulitis or experience,Related to intestines radiation complications Processing capacity Your diet is a primary solution.

When you eat

when you eat

with less the amount of waste to get rid of you will have less intestinal movements . Products are also less likely to stimulate intestinal cuts (peristalsis).

AAAA A revision of a <α> 2017 published in the magazine Technical substances Featured that limit the products with fiber and those that leaves the residue can not only play an important role in reducingInflammatory diseases of the intestine and in remission. But the authors also argue that health professionals are struggling to provide food tests for patients with general insufficient uniformity or clarity between research.’Foster more designed studies on the subject to improve what is already understood on how diet and IBD are connected.In the same way, although there is only limited evidence related to the low residue diet, which includes a solid food product, research was mainly demonstrated.Be useful for people who have a disease of> crohns .

Interesting Prep , disposal of residues from the colon, is required for intestinal surgery, as well as a diet Low rescue plays a role in this process.It can also help you while surgery is recovering.

The diet can also be used to transit from clean fluid to the regular diet after surgery or if it develops intestinal obstruction.

For people who do not have intestinal disorders, the study showed a low residual diet can be a useful part of Colonoscopy port too.

Please note that medical professionals do not agree with the precision Definition of the balance or how to determine the limits. The study is limited and can be controversial.

How it works

Creation of a power plan that makes the demand for the digestive tract as little as possible, it is justification for low diet content. You can adapt a diet to your preferred power supply program, but the content and size of your dishes will be different from what is used to.

The most important changes that will make in a low waste diet are the consumption of your fiber. For the adult nutrition of the regular calories of 2000 per dieta, the recommendation for daily fiber consumption is at least 25 grams (G) in a day.In a low rescue diet, you will have only 10 to 15 g of fiber per day.

Your registered health care provider and nutritionist or nutritionist can help you combine foods that work with these dietary restrictions and provide adequate meals.


How long follow the Diet with a low residue depends on the cause of your health care provider,

It adheres to a low fiber diet or a low residue to a week before the colonoscopy can facilitate the preparation.

you can say the same and the same for cooking surgery (for example, for collectomy ),But you may need to continue working with a low balance balance after your procedure until you burn the intestine failure

if you have a digestive disorder,A low waste diet (or a modified version) may be what is recommended to follow more time or continuously.

If you follow a low residue diet for a short period of time, for example, before having a colonoscopy, you must be able to monitor your own.If you are using a low level diet for a longer period for managing the medical condition , you must work closely with your health care provider.

What to do

While your choice will be limited at a low level, you can Satisfy your daily nutrition requirements if you enable as many diversity you can.

Use the recommendations on the low residue diet as a manual, but know that the study indicates people with gastrointestinal disorders use the test and error to determine what products they contribute their symptom.

Even if two people have the same symptoms, they will not necessarily be eaten the same diet.Some people with a diverticular disease, for example, actually review the symptoms less when they eat high fiber , not limited fiber, diet .

appropriate food

  • white bread

  • Farina

  • canned / cooked fruits and vegetables

  • margarine or oil

  • <> brother

  • butter

  • good cooked meat, bird, fish

proper food

Fruit: Fruits,Like the peaches, pumpkin, apricots and bananas are fine until it eliminates wells, seeds, peeling and skins. Fruits with seeds are not easy to eliminate, such as berries, are not approved.The preserved fruits and fruit cocktail cups can be fine if they do not contain fruits in the unbuttisted list (for example, berries). Avoid dried fruits, especially raisins, figs, dates and plums.

Most of the fruit juice is acceptable until you choose varieties without cellulose. However, he wishes to avoid the high fiber pruns.

Vegetables: Purified vegetables, which are well cooked (or canned), including carrots, beets and green beans.Raw vegetables are usually too complex to restart chewing and hard varieties such as celery. You can avoid fully green leafy, such as a salad, although they can be tolerant when cooked.

White potatoes can be eaten mashed or boiled skinless. Avoid any pickling vegetable or Sauerkraut.

Grains: adhere to bread and paste from refined carbohydrates.Choose white rice instead of brown rice, wild rice or rice pilaf. Soda cookies and melba toast are approved.

Use white bread or sourdhough for the manufacture of toast and sandwiches instead of every grain, such as Pumpernickel and Rye.Avoid high fiber sandwiches, such as corn popcorn.

Try hot breakfast flakes as a farina instead of oatmeal. Srut is another option. The choice of cold flakes includes swollen rice or cornflakes.Avoid bran and any cereal with nuts, seeds, berries and / or chocolate.

Dairy products: Limit dairy products No more than 2 cups per day. Low young lactose as cottage cheese can be tolerant.Yogurt can be part of its daily portions of dairy products, but chooses ordinary aromas. Fats, such as oil and margarine , approved as tolerants.

Protein: Eggs can be soft or boiled or boiled.Avoid nuts and seeds; The nut oil is fine until you hit the creamy varieties.

Choose a lean meat without cartilage and do it rain. Avoid frying meat or add heavy spices or condiments .Tofu is an approved protein source for food and can also be used as a base for cocktails and smoothies.Evite beans and legumes, including peas and lentils.

Drinks: Drink A lot of water .Speated drinks, such as Seltzer, allowed, although they can increase gas symptoms. Caffeine coffee, tea and soft drinks will be aggravated for some people with digestion disorders, although they are allowed in a low oxygen diet .If you have a cup of coffee or tea and tea without caffeine, make sure it is not without creamy or milk.

Avoid all alcoholic beverages , including wine, beer and cocktails.If your health care provider assumes that the caloric additives or networds (for example, raising or providing), you may want to look for options that do not contain dairy products.

Desserts: Simple pastries and cookies made with refined white flour and sugar, as a rule, easy to digest. Sweets that contain chocolate, coconut, nuts, seeds or nuts should be avoided.Gelatin and ice fires are especially useful if it is in the pure liquid diet . Jelly, jam and honey are approved as tolerant, considering that they do not contain seeds or wells.

Some people find certain combinations of food, not only correspond to their tastes, but they give them energy without causing or deteriorating digestive symptoms.They can avoid specific combinations of food, if they realize that it tends to feel friendly.

Recommended time

If you have digestive symptoms, wait to manage the diet, understand The effect of food time is important.

For example, you may discover that you feel better when you can sit up to three conventional and balanced dishes every day. Or you can find small dishes more frequently, as well as nutritious sandwiches, better for your digestion.

Listen to your body and know that if you have a digestive disorder, what is most suitable for you, you may depend on whether you have symptoms.

Remember, too, that the less fiber meal means that it is likely to lose weight before.You may have to eat more often during the day. An increase in liquid consumption can also help.


When cooking food, think about how you can do is softer or less dense.In general terms, fritter or food on the grill can make it more difficult from the digestive point of view, while methods such as poaching or smoking tend to light it. Many products can also be easily microwave.

you also want to think about the ingredients, the food was prepared in or ca. fats, such as butter or food, confident with cheese, can make a lower fiber fiber stronger in your intestines .Oils can be used as tolerance.

If spices or condiments annoy your intestines , you want to leave them with recipes or avoid dishes that include them.

And how it was already mentioned, remember to eliminate peeling, skins and seeds of fruits and vegetables when preparing to cook.

Lower fiber or aboccion diet can be difficult for Move, if you have a diabetes .Many of the recommended foods (such as white bread) are simple carbohydrates that will affect your blood sugar level.

If you have diabetes and it is necessary in a defective diet, continue paid attention to the size of the carbohydrate part for each meal and sandwiches. When choosing a low residue, concentrate on approved vegetables and lean proteins.

The food of a balanced diet is especially important if you are pregnant or go. If you have a digestive disorder, pregnancy can aggravate the symptoms.Your health care provider can offer temporary changes in a low residue diet or take additives.

if it is in a low waste diet, while preparation for colonoscopy , you should avoid food and red or purple drinks (such as beets, purple sports drinks or Red gelatin).If these products temporarily discolorate the color fabrics, it may seem to the blood during the volume.


Amendments to your diet require you to think about what you might think and can not eat. There are several other considerations to take into account.

Common Diet

A DIENCE DIRECT, can make it difficult to eat enough calories and get the appropriate meals.Your health care provider can offer you to offer you to take nutritional supplements to prevent deficiencies in key vitamins and minerals.

Your provider’s medical care may order

If you need to be in a low-level diet for a long period of time, you can work with a registered nutritionist to make sure you eat as a balanced diet as much as possible.

Stability and practicality

Many products Approved by a low residue diet are abundant in markets and grocery stores.Take a look at the noble items, as in the flat package, as well as canned products to have a manual if the symptoms suddenly appear the symptoms.

If you can not prepare fruits and vegetables according to the diet (for peeling and cooking, for example), many varieties can be purchased precorted, previously prepared or already clean.You can also get pure versions of many fruits and vegetables that can be eaten, as it is added or added to smoothies, sauces, etc.


Each time you plan to change the way you eat, you will need To accept the reality of your daily schedule in mind.Some diets can be difficult if you can not plan in advance, but many approved low-dry diet products are easily accessible at the grocery store or can be easily packaged in the form of a sandwich.

Even a restaurant in a low waste diet is possible until you ask how food is being prepared, which ingredients are included on the plate and know when to request modifications (for example, replacement of white bread in Place of wheat).

Dietary restrictions

If you follow a special diet for another reason, for example , Allergies for feeding , needs to carefully consider what is a diet that also limits what has allowed to eat.

For example, if you are in a gluten-free diet, you probably already avoid many of all grains and carbohydrates that are not on the approved list with low debris.However, you should pay careful attention to the ingredients, generally used to do without bread of gluten, pasta and cereals, including nuts, seeds and brown rice.

If you follow the vegan diet or vegetarian, animals of low oxygen, such as meat, eggs and dairy products will be excluded.Typical alternative sources of protein for vegetable diet, such as beans and legumes, are not approved for a low rescue diet.

Support and Community

If you fight or have questions, your medical provider and other members of your health team can Give him practical answers and confidence.

Although they may be useful if you have a chronic disorder, there may be times when you want you to talk to other people who happen so you.Those who were there were there ‘can give him another perspective and share what worked for them, as well as to give hearing the ear when he needs to share his own disappointments.

Ask your health care provider if your local community offers support groups. You can also explore groups online or to the bulletin board.If you have a certain condition, such as ulcerative colitis , look for hashtags on social networks to also find support networks.


If you need to take nutritional or probiotic supplements, you can find its high Cost of your diet.mire your doctor and health insurance provider if these items can be prescribed for you.If your health insurance will not cover the cost, ask about promotions, coupons or assistance programs for prescription patients.

Side effects

If you follow a low residue diet for a longer period of time, you want to perform possible signs of food deficit.

Fatigue and lack of breath may indicate that iron deficit anemia may indicate the difficult difficulty of if you do not get enough vitamin C, you can develop the symptoms of struvy , how to bleed your gums, loss of appetite,Weight loss and skin change. Vitamin B12 could cause neurological symptoms, such as problems, related things, numbness and tingling at their extremities, as well as problems with balance.

You can also experience constipation While in a diet it is not maintained moisturizer will help you avoid it. After low -oxygen the diet does not mean you can not have fibers at all.Therefore, if constipation is a problem, the fiber additive can be recommended .

General Health

If a low waste diet is not enough to treat your symptoms, your health care provider You can offer you a probiotic attempt and / or you can prescribe an antibiotic course.

supplements do not belong to digestive disorders, but the imbalance of the mast intestinal bacteria can cause or worsen the symptoms.

Antibiotics may be necessary if you have small intestinal bacterial breakages (SIBO) or other type of bacterial infection, or if the operation passes.

Residual opposition diet under

The low waste diet has very specific requirements, but it seems that other types of diet, commonly used to treat intestinal disorders.

Low fiber diet

The low fiber diet is part of a low level diet.The main difference Between the two diets is that if you use a low-level diet, you will add restrictions.

One of the greatest differences between the low fiber fiber diet -pretty diet is the amount of dairy products that are allowed.

Milk is allowed so that low fiber diets graduate, which personally pop up.But if you are on a low residue diet, you can have only 2 cups of dairy products per day.

Your daily strength of fibers in a low fiber diet and low residue content will be 10 to 15 grams per day.

Fodmap diet low

Fermented oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAPS) are found in many of the Products that we eat.Some people find that the products containing Fodmap cause or worsen the symptoms of digestive disorders, such as (SII), such as swelling, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

A diet low volume looks like a low-rescue diet, but not quite.Many of the ‘ are not allowed for the diet with a low level of waste, including nuts and seeds, broccoli, brown rice and ABS.Food products with multiple fibers, such as legumes and beans, apples and oz, are also considered high fashion products .

Milk, as a general rule, is not allowed on a low-level diet, but in a low-level diet you can have less than 2 cups of dairy products every day if they support it.

Diet Brat

DIANA BRAT Used generally For the treatment of temporary digestive dispersion, such as viral influenza or food poisoning.The brother is an abbreviation of bananas, simple white rice, apple sauce and toast made with sophisticated white bread, which is easy to digest if it experiences the symptoms of , such as nausea and diarrhea .

While the brat diet works well in the short term, you should not stay in the diet for a long time if your health care provider does not control it.It is difficult to obtain all the energy and nutrition of your needs your body, if you only eat small amounts of a limited product group.

Word from obtaining information medications

Compared with your diet Typical, you may feel that your choice of food in low-level food is limited and smooth. This is true.And although it may be disappointing, this is part of why the diet works to help you manage gastrointestinal symptoms.Work with your medical and nutritionist care to create an energy plan, which attracts your symptoms, preferences and nutritional needs. Why more time is in a low residue diet, harder becomes correctly eating?

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