Diet PCOS: What is for better management?


Polycystic testicular syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common endocrine disorders in women.Without PCOS drugs, but research indicates that some changes in diet and lifestyle can help you manage the condition. If you have a PCOS, your healthcare provider may recommend a personalized PCOS diet plan to help prevent symptoms and possible derivative complications depies the state of associated hormonal imbalances, resistance to insulin and inflammation.



Certain nutrition habits help relieve Symptoms of PCOS and can reduce the risk ofRelated. Health problems. The advantages of the stem with the following key purposes of the PCOS diet. Softens the problems associated with hormones

PCOS is mainly associated with Hormonal violation, especially the high level of androgens as testosterone in females.Classic Symptoms of Symps PCOS Abnormal hair growth, EELS , problems, pregnant and weighing ginare due to these imbalances.

This partially affects the amount of insulin that your body produces, as well as its weight. In addition, PCO interrupts the production and regulation of insulin and the metabolic functions associated with the maintenance of a healthy weight.

Almost half of people with redundant or obesity PCOS. In addition, approximately half of people with PCO have problems with insulin control, which can lead to pre-beauty diabetes or type 2 to medium age . Unmanaged hormonal imbalances can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers.

Eat the low glycemic index (GI) Food and monitoring your carbohydrate intake can be useful if you have PCO, especially if you have overweight or have high insulin levels.

Weight Administration

Six months,People with PCO who ate high protein (more than 40% protein and 30% fat) lost more weight and fat in the body than on the basis of stop protein (less than 15% protein, 30% fat ).

The diet is not limited to the calories. Since high protein diets are usually filled, researchers assume that they eat more proteins taken to a smaller number of food and more weight loss.

Studies have shown that even a modest weight loss in people with PCO can improve symptoms and reduce The risk of other health problems.

Reduction of inflammation

Obesity and PCO can be associated with inflammation . Relationships can feel an endless loop.People with PCO are more prone to overweight or obesity. Obesity is associated with inflammation, and inflammation can contribute to the SOP.

Many people with PCO are found that after an anti-inflammatory diet are useful for managing their symptoms. Studies have shown that changes in the diet that support healthy weight and reduce inflammation, can interrupt this loop .

In a study published in the American Journal of Medical Science , people with PCOS, which followed> Anti -The inflammatory diet for three months lost 7% of the mass of your body and showed significant improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammatory markers. . diet.

Another plan, an enjoyment diet, reduces salt consumption and focuses on cardiovascular foods. This is a popular nutrition plan to reduce heart disease, risk worrying about people with PCO.

discovered that overweight patients with PCOS after diet lost more animal fat and showed significant improvements in insulin resistance and inflammatory markers.Compared by slice after a standard diet. / P>

In addition to helping your body face physical symptoms, the investigation also indicated that changes in The diet and lifestyle can provide psychological benefits for people with PCO.

Like works

No scenarios Diet PCOS. It will be designed to meet your needs and help you achieve health goals.

If you are not sure about starting, registered dietary nutrition (RDN) can help you develop your own power plan.


Final PCOS drugs can not be saved, and symptoms and health effects can be saved After menopause. If you make changes to your diet and lifestyle to help manage PCO, you want to use a stable plan.

However, it is important to remember That your body, including hormones and how to handle food, will change when you become older.While healthy nutrition procedures and physical activity are now taking, they will still be useful throughout their lives, they will be prepared to make minor adjustments to reflect changes in general health, lifestyle, needs and preferences.

What to do

Basic recommendations for the PCOS diet focused on whole grains, fresh products and proteins. Plant by limiting sugar, processed feeding and trans fat.

Depending on the general health needs, you may need to adjust the consumption of certain macroelements (grease, proteins, carbohydrates) or add additives.

You can use this general list as a starting point, but keep in mind that your health or nutritionist can offer you to include or avoid certain products within your specific PCOS diet.

corresponds to

  • Tall fibers and vegetable fruits (apples, plums, broccoli, cauliflower )

  • green sheet

  • and grapes

  • beans, legumes,lentils

  • Grana or multi-brand, cookies, pasta, pellets

  • oats, rye, carley

    Lino, Chia,and sunflower seeds

  • field house

  • lean chicken or turkey (without skin)

  • FAT FISH (Salmon, tuna)

  • eggs, egg ‘

  • eggs,Egg substitutes

  • Greek and Greek yogurt

  • Alternatives of milk (almonds,Rice)

  • hummus

  • coconut and coconut oil

  • oilnut and oilnut

  • olive oil, flax oil, linen oil

  • Fresh herbs and spices (turmeric, cinnamon,ginger)

  • Dark chocolate (with moderation)

corresponds to

  • bread, bread, baked load, cookies,pasta and cereals made of refined white flour

  • Starchy vegetables (white potatoes, corn, peas)

  • Red milk

    Milk milk

  • processed meats (dinner meat, hot dogs, sausages,tocino)

  • Fried Food, Fast-Food

  • Fried potatoes, microwave, popcorn,Salted pretzels

  • Dry fruits

  • Dining products Packaged

  • Frozen food and sandwiches

  • granola, grain bars

  • margarine,shortening, fat

  • Instant noodles, pulp mixtures / soup packaged

  • Bouillon, broth, stock, stock

  • Commercial, marinated salad, condiments

  • Milk / chocolate,candy

  • Ice Cream, pudding, custard

  • pastry, cake, cookies,FIU

  • Soda

  • Energy

  • * Gluten and trigo

  • ** soyaproductos (tofu,soy milk)

You can choose to experiment with the reduction or removal of gluten, the Wheat and / or the soybean of your diet.For some people with PCO, these products worsen their symptoms, but others have no problems with them.

** phytoestrogens of plant proteins, as Sue has difficult relationships with hormonal states.Research in rats and people mixed; Some studies have shown that food phytostors worsen symptoms, , while others noted that the compounds have a neutral or protective effect.

Fruits and vegetables: Fresh products are universal and packaged for food. Choose fruits and vegetables that are full of fibers, such as universities (for example, broccoli), green leaf, apples and plums.Berries and red grapes also have anti-inflammatory properties that make them especially suitable for PCOS diet.

Dairy: PCOS Diet, as a general rule, recommends avoiding dairy products with all functions.Small pieces with low-fat dairy products, such as cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, usually in order. Consider also trying it without dairy and low sugars, such as almonds, rice or coconut milk.

Grains: Integral bread or polyhedron bread, pasta and cereals are approved in the PCOS diet. Avoid highly treated foods made of sophisticated white flour.Choose brown rice instead of white, invent night sheep, crowned with fresh fruit instead of instant oat packets (which can add sugar) and try to add a protein quinoa packaged in salads instead of salted carbohydrates,like wild

Protein: can have a protein mixture in a PCOS diet, but many people prefer to focus on planned sources, such as nuts,Walnut oil and vegetarian meat pastries rejected red meat or any meat or fish, which are fried or prepared with a large amount of salt, oil and / or oil. Slices of birds cooked without skin, good choices. Eggs – another good option.Avoid treated meat, such as hot dogs, sausage, dinner meat and bacon, which are high in sodium, trans fats and additives.

Desserts: Sugar can increase inflammation, it is better to try to limit the sweets.While a small part of dark chocolate can be in order for the PCOS diet, avoid baked, sweet, packaged sandwiches and other treats.

Drinks: You can avoid caffeine drinks, such as coffee and black tea if your symptoms get worse. Alcohol can take a quick calorie blow, so it is better to avoid it or consume it alone occasionally.Avoid high performance beverages, such as soda, sweetened fruit juice and energy drinks. Water is the healthiest option to live hydrated, and other options such as coconut water and green tea are also approved in the PCOS diet.

Recommended time

If you work in the administration weighing PCOS diets, it is useful to structure your food plan About several well-balanced, nutritious dishes every day and limited sandwiches.Studies have shown that this approach can facilitate weight loss in people with PCO.

If you have other health conditions that cause digestive symptoms or have problems with your blood sugar level, you may need small dishes Frequently.

Try not to go more than a few hours without food.The regular nutrition routine maintains a sugar level in constant blood, and can also help prevent tensile pushing, sandwiches, overeating and hitting, food behavior that can affect people with PCO.


The food you get from the food becomes the diet of your PCOS can affect the way you decide to prepare it.Some foods are nutritious when you buy fresh raw foods and eaten a little steam or boil.

Some cooking methods can make food less nutrients and even make it inadequate for the PCOS diet.For example, eggs can be the base of a protein breakfast, but not if they are roasted with butter. Instead, try to associate the eggs and combine them with integral toast and a piece of fruit instead of bacon or sausage.

If you are trying to lose weight, you can find useful using low-fat and lifting carbohydrates, such as spiral vegetarian noodles instead of pasta.


If you are trying to get pregnant or is currently pregnant or breastfeeding Maternal has special nutritional needs.You may have to configure the PCOS diet or receive additives during this time to make sure it is properly fed. Like your health care manual.

The study showed a link between gluten and inflammation, but it is not clear if the PCO helps it or eliminate it from their diet. If you decide to experience with the creation of this change, be sure to get more information about the pros and cons, so you know how your health can affect.


A PCOS diet has an honest amount of flexibility, and the energy plan may differ from one person to a person.However, there are universal considerations to take into account if you go to this diet to improve your symptoms.

Common food

p> This type of power plan will not really be limited, so the potential nutrient scarcity does not It is serious problem. However, if you do not get sufficient specific nutrients that can affect your condition.

If you have any disadvantage of vitamins, your health care provider may recommend adding additives if your PCOS diet.


Many of the foods that should be avoided in the PCOS diet They are standard rate at fast food-trusa, restaurant chain and shops.FRI potatoes, with a high content of fatty and fatty carbohydrates in large parts and salty sandwiches, sweet, packaging, there is no sufficient nutrition and can contribute to the symptoms and health problems associated with the PCO.

For example, a diet high in sodium can lead to hypertension (high blood pressure), which increases its risk of cardiovascular diseases.Sugar was added and hidden sugar, baked goods and non-alcoholic beverages can worsen insulin resistance.

If you are planning dinner, it may be useful to become familiar with the menu in advance.The more you know about the ingredients in your food, as it is prepared, and what is the size of the part, the easier it will be necessary to order what matches your PCOS diet.

Support and Community

can be times when you want to talk to someone who also lives with your condition,

You can. Look for support groups for people with PCO in your community or online.Many respected organizations have websites, accounts on social networks, blogs and forums that patients can use for communication.

Ask others about the idea of what you have worked (and not) in them in your PCOS diet.Although its guidelines can not always be adequate for you, these discussions can provide suggestions for work and even inspiration, motivation and emotional support.

IF YOUR SUPPLIERS SERVICES Doctors Recommend nutrient additives within the PCOS diet,These products can be expensive? Ask your health care provider if you can assign these supplements for you. If you have health insurance and your medical provider, apply for additives, you are more likely that your plan covers some or all costs.

Diet diet PCOS diet

Some popular weight loss plans, blood pressure reduction and the control level insulin can work well for you if you have PCOS.

Recommended diet frequently for PCOS

A study, consideration of several detected dietary approaches, that weight loss improves metabolic and reproductive health for people with PCO, regardless of Togo,The one of them the specific diet they choose.

Your decision on which you can guide the diet for attempts independently also administered by other conditions. In addition to your PCOS.For example, people who have high blood pressure and PCO can benefit from an awakening diet.

Work with a qualified professional to develop a PCOS diet plan specifically for your health needs and personal preferences.The investigation, as a general rule, supported this type of approach oriented to the patient.

Word reception Meds information

After starting the PCOS diet, be sure to change the time to have an effect.Be patient with your body and continue making adjustments to the way you eat, as configured while you make it feel.

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