Different types of hernia in men.


Hernia through the stomach can occur as a result of a training, cough, strive to the toilet, raising heavy items or even during sex.Hernia generally arises from weaknesses in the muscles and packages of your animals, which makes the intestines or blood vessels skipped and starring.

Men generally describe the feeling of hernia, as a feeling of something jumped or yielded.

the name of the Hernia is associated with its location in the body.These are some of the types that can be seen in men.


Inguinal hernia <

Inginal hernia is the most common type of hernia. Pakhosny Channel: This is where the tests descend at birth. The channel contains sperm and blood vessels.

The packing hernia occurs when the fabric (such as fat or intestines) protrudes through weakness in the abdominal cavity near your groinhead.The hernia can then go through the hole and in the Ingle or in the scrotum.


Persistent hernias occur when the abdominal wall relaxes on the PPC cable (abdominal button). This is the second most common type of hernia in adults.

These types of hernia, as a rule, protrude from your abdominal button. These hernias can also be generally reduced manually or repaired with surgery.

Epigastric hernias

Epigastric hernias are fat that protrude or, sometimes, intestines through the abdominal wall between the navel and the breasts.

ventral hernias

ventral or charged hernia occurs when the scar tissue weakens the abdominal wall after surgical procedure or as a result of an injury.These hernias can arise anywhere in the abdomen, where it has a scar as medium lines or side edges.

From the hernia of the obductor

The obstructor of hernia occurs when a part of the intestines passes through the gap between the front of the front pelvis .


Hernia Harnia is what happens inside, and it is not visible outside.This happens when the top of the stomach performs through the hole (rest) in the diaphragm, the region is usually occupied by the esophagus. This may be associated with a gastroesophageal reflux (Gard). HIIAL HERNIES can be treated with an operation if necessary.

Hernia femoral

Most common in women, femoral hernias occur when a part of the intestines protrudes through the femoral channel and is carried out at the top of the hip. The channel behavior is a place where the main blood vessels are passed, which supply legs.

When you appeal to the doctor

In most cases, hernia is benocked and does not cause long-term problems. This does not mean you should ignore them if you see them.It is always better to get in touch with the medical advice if you notice changes in your body.

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