Disease of crazy cows in humans: cause, symptoms and more


CREATETZFELDT-JACOB disease (CJD) – Rare degenerative cerebral disease, which Cause dementia and death. Although its symptoms are similar to diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, the CJD progresses faster.It is impossible to cure forcreutzfeldt-jakob.

This article will discuss the disease of Creutzfeldt-Jacob and how it affects the brain. Continue reading to learn how people get it, and the symptoms that show when they have this disease serious.

General description cjd

Creutzfeldt-Jakob’s disease is caused by an abnormal type of protein, called Subion.When the riocations are inside the animal or human body, its immune system can not recognize and deal with the disease. The CJD is the most common disease.

What is the priest? too. This establishes the effect of a chain reaction.Prions accumulate in brain cells, causing brain damage and, ultimately, death.

cjd progresses quickly. It is always mortally, and most people with disease die for a year.

Kreatfeld-Jacob Disease made headlines around the world in 2000. During this period, in the United Kingdom there was an increase in cases. These cases were associated with contaminated foods . disease.

CJD Covers in the United Kingdom called ‘option’ cjd, since typical ‘classic’ cjd is not associated with beef Food. Fortunately, all forms of CJD, even the option, extremely rare.This affects a person in every million a year around the world. In the United States about 350 cases per year.


Types of cjd

there They are four type CJD: / P>

  • Sporadic CJD is the most common form.This is approximately 85% of all cases of CJD. People who have this form of CJD do not have known risk factors. This means that doctors do not know why a particular person gets a disease.The option
  • occurs when a person eats contaminated beef.
  • Hereditary CJD is due to the family history of the disease. This CJD form is 10% to 15% of all cases.It can also be transmitted through improperly used sterilized surgical instruments in patients who have CJD.

How do you madly disseminate cow disease

People get VCJD, feeding contaminated meat.The cows can get BSE of food They contain ingredients made from another cow with BSE.When people eat beef of these cows, they can get VCJD.

The disease is not indracting , which means that you can not get standing near an infected person or a cow.If an infected man coughs or explodes you, you will not get VCJD.Tampocro can get you drink, which comes from an infected cow.


CJD causes the brain to deteriorate over time while a person does not slide into a coma and dies. The first signs of CJD can involve insomnia, depression and confusion. Other symptoms appear over time.The following symptoms are associated with all CJD forms:

  • memory loss
  • Reduced smart skills
  • personality born
  • Changes
  • Problems Vision,Including blindness
  • obstacle problems
  • Balance symptoms

vcjd Symptoms may differ from other types are a disease.For example, people with VCJD have more mental health symptoms than people with a classic CJD form. / P>

In the last stage of the disease, the patient loses all mental and physical functions and, Ultimately, he dies. The course of the disease generally takes a year.

Factors Risk

Some people have an increased risk of getting a CJD form.They include: / P>

  • People who are 50 years old or more
  • people who had a surgical procedure that participates In the brain or nervous cloth system
  • people who have a family history cjd
  • ,What consumed the meat of the animal, which had

classical cjd, usually affects people from 50 to 75 years. But VCJD influenced younger teenagers. The age of the VCJD case calculated from 18 to 53 years.


Some types of CJD can not be prevented, but hospitals have procedures to prevent iatrogenic CJD. This is the type of CJD, which happens when someone is exposed to infected tissue.

Hospitals are followed by strict procedures and provisions to prevent the propagation of iatroggic CJD by moving blood transfusions or the use of medical equipment. Hospitals destroy the surgical instruments that were used in suspicious patients to have CJD. They also do not accept donations from people from people who can have CJD.

Avoid VCJD

There are very few reports of people receiving VCJD, feeding the meat of infected animals.Extrovert chronic disease (CWD) refers to the same family of diseases than bilinear spongy encephalopathy (BSE).While BSE affects cows, chronic spending illness can affect wildlife, such as moose, deer, deer and moose. About envelopes should know on this topic so that they can help prevent the distribution of VCJD.

Centers for monitoring and prevention of diseases (CDC) strongly recommend that hunters have a deer and meat from a vegetable meat for CWD before eating it.

Too There must be deer or moose that seem to patients or are already dead.The CDC assume that the hunters are rubber or latex gloves when handling the meat of any animal that fired.

Vaca Disease Regulation Mad

Control Food and Drugs (FDA) help maintain food security for both people and cows.FDA failure does this in a different way. For example, it does not allow adding parts of cows or part of some other animals, which will be added to foods created to eat cows. This Regulation helps prevent the power of the cow contaminated by BSE.

FDA does not allow some parts of the cow in food or any other type of animal food. The brains and spinal cows brains are prohibited for use in animal feed.These parts of the cows are more likely to become infected with abnormal adductions.

FDA works with the United States’ agriculture branch (USDA) to ensure cow’s disease insane does not apply through the country.The USDA avoids the high risk of cows and products made from these animals by entering the United States.The organization also guarantees that high-risk goods, such as brains, and brains and cow’s spinal cows never do it in food, what people eat.


The FDA has the rules to make sure that the food remains secure for people, cows and other animals.Kiloes can not eat foods consisting of other parts of other parts of vacaspet and foods that people who eat can not contain brains of spinal cows or cerebrals.


Unfortunately, there is no treatment for any type of CJD.The doctors can prescribe analgesics appointed opiates for the treatment of patient pain.Medications with relaxed muscles, as well as capture medications, can be used to treat muscle rigidity and uncontrolled mobile drunks, despite these procedures, the CJD is fatal.


Crefeldt-Jacob’s disease is a deadly disease that affects the brain. Cow Mad’s disease, also known as VCJD, is the type of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease.People get VCJD, feeding contaminated meat. The person is always deadly. Most people who get a disease are dying for a year.

Word of information from Meds

Remember that Creutzfeldt-Jacob’s disease (CJD) is an extremely rare disease.In other words, it is most likely that you never have to worry about this serious medical condition.If you have a family history of CJD or other neurological diseases, schedule a meeting with a genetic consultant for more information about your specific risks.

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