Does a specific carbohydrate diet work?


The specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) is an energy plan described in the book Collecting Management , Sydney Doctors Valentina Haas and Merrill P.Haas Doctocidni Haas, a pediatrician, became interested in the diet of his patients who were diagnosed. celiacs . He pointed out that some carbohydrates allowed these patients than others and continued to develop SCD as a copy treatment.Diet gluten-free currently treatment of celiac disease.

Elaine Gotchucl, desperate by the treatment of her daughter, had a treatment that did not respond as a so-called > was associated with Dr. Haasom.Gotchlock began his daughter in SCD and the symptoms of the girl improved. Then, Gottschall, biochemicals and cell biologists were inspired to explore the diet more deeply.He continued writing to decipher the vicious cycle: intestinal health care by diet , which describes in detail the SCD specific.

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Help SCD for IBD

Short answer -This is what we do not know if the SCD is useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the intestine (IBD) .Some people found that SCD is useful for their IBD symptoms, but a diet can be difficult to follow, because it limits and requires patience and devotion to devotion.

SCD is not compatible with the patient propaganda groups or professional medical societies to treat or control the EII .

The base of Crohn and Colitis says that, although the diet does not reduce inflammation, what is probably not harmful.

Fund for SCD

In SCD, grains, lactose and sugar are not allowed. The main prerequisite is to eliminate all complex carbohydrates from the diet.Simple carbohydrates are allowed. Theory is that complex carbohydrates are food for harmful bacteria in the intestine.If complex carbohydrates are avoided, these bacteria dies of hunger, and can not be multiplied and to continue causing gastrointestinal symptoms.

In addition to the effect on bacteria, complex carbohydrates are difficult to digest.It is believed that any non-digested carbohydrates contribute to the creation of toxins in the intestine.Toxic, it is theoretical, can further contribute to the gastrointestinal symptoms and the constant incomplete digestion of carbohydrates.

Products that are allowed O It is prohibited by SCD

SCD quite limits, and some people are difficult to follow, because it is so different from the western diet standard.It is recommended to follow the Energy Plan for at least one year before the addition of products that are not SCD to the diet. It is assumed that food, like nuts, aged cheese, fish, beef and unstable juices.Examples of products that are not allowed include sugar, oats, pasta, potatoes, rice, sugar substitutes and wheat.

Word of the information of Meds

SCD is difficult, which makes track difficult for a long time.However, some people make an improvement in the report on their symptoms after that after that. At this moment, there is no end with the evidence of why some people may feel better using this diet.The PD will not reduce inflammation and will not be discussed with IBD, but it will not be considered harmful.Currently, scientists are considering that there may be hundreds of IBD types that can be one of the reasons why some people can find relief symptoms by changing their diet, and other people do not.

People with IBD should always be reviewed by a doctor and / or nutritionist before making changes in the diet, and especially before removing all food groups from the diet .It is essential that people with IBD obtain all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body, and the cut of the entire group of food can lead to disadvantages, which is already a problem for people with IBD.

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