Does marijuana smoke cause lung cancer?


The link between tobacco smoking and lung cancer are indisputable, But smoking marijuana causes lung cancer, too? Short answer.Let’s look at a long response and effects that marijuana can be smoked in the lungs.

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Studies looking for marijuana and lung cancer

In 2006 ,Many of us in medicine were surprised when a review of the review today, showed an increase in lung cancer associated with the use of marijuana. It was even the assumption that marijuana had a protective effect of against lung cancer.Subsequent research, unlike the fact that DataAPEAR is smoked by marijuana with lung cancer , although the results are mixed, and a lot of uncertainty is maintained.

A study demonstrated a duplication of lung cancer for marijuana smokers for men, who also used tobacco (ie, for men who smoked so much,The risk of lung cancer was double high for men who also used marijuana). Another study showed that the long-term use of marijuana increased the risk of developing lung cancer in young people (in this study determined at age 55 years, and low), with the increase in risk in proportion to the marijuana number,Smoked. / P>

A large international study carried out in 2015, on the contrary, found little association between the usual and long-term use of cannabis and cancer of lung In this review, a certain association between the use of cannabis was discovered, and the adenocarcinomabut of lung adenocarcinomabut was detected between the use of cannabis and the flat cell carcinoma of the lungs .

Study in 2018, published in the magazine Georcing Oncology summarized some of the difficulties that is known, is due, the use of marijuana with lung cancer is connected,And how well marijuana can work on control symptoms in people living with cancer. Some of these problems include the fact that many of the investigations today were small studies, those who have often included a small amount of heavy smokers of marijuana, marijuana for use, in general,Automatic links, and a combination of smoked tobacco along with the use of marijuana.

The size and quality of research on marijuana smoking and lung cancer and lung cancer are difficult to reach solid conclusions.

Effects of marijuana in the lungs

The researchers found that the regular use of marijuana causes damage to the respiratory tract that can be seen apparently,as well as under a microscope. They were also reports of increasing respiratory symptoms, such as wheezing, breath breathing and persistent people Kashengin, who smoke pans.What the usual smoking of marijuana seems not to make significant changes in pulmonary function, and does not increase the risk of COPD, and COPD is an independent risk factor for lung cancer .

, looking at damage to the lungs from another point of view, it seems to minimize this risk.Investigate A2017, looking at the smoking effect of cannabis in the quality of the lungs, which will be used for the transplant, found that the history of cannabis had no effect on transplant results, and that,Including the former cannabis smokers in the donor basin, can potentially improve the donor pool. Smoking Marijuana does not cause significant changes in the function of the lungs.

Contradiction on marijuana and the risk of cancer

Since marijuana was still illegal in the United States for federal law,It is difficult to fulfill the controlled studies that were made with tobacco.Because of this, he helps to see what we know about marijuana,that will suggest that it can increase the risk of lung cancer: / P>

  • Many of the carcinogens and presents Coaxcinogen Present in tobacco smoke are also present in the smoke of marijuana.
  • Marijuana smoking causes inflammation and damage to cells, and it was associated with changes of cancer in pulmonary tissue.
  • The marijuana showed that the dysfunction of the immune system, which could predispose people to cancer.

Low line for using marijuana and risk cancer? Although marijuana is more likely due to the risk of cancer compared to smoking cigarettes, it is better to practice caution.There are reasons in addition to the risk of lung cancer (and the fact that in many states it is illegal) to avoid marijuana.

Marijuana probably increases the risk of egg cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, cervical cancer, cerebral tumor type and leukemia risk in the descendant of women who use The weeds during pregnancy.

Rejection side: Marijuana in patients with cancer

When we talk about marijuana and cancer, there are two different discussions in general.Speaking of the causes of cancer, the results are still mixed with some studies that involve that smoking marijuana increases the risk of cancer development, while others say that marijuana can be protected from cancer.

What do we know, this is what marijuana for smoking can help some people COPE with cancer . According to the National Cancer Institute, ‘Cannabinoids can benefit from the treatment of side effects associated with cancer.’

Some of the side effects that can improve with the use of weeds include nausea, loss of appetite, pain and sleep disorders. And as cachexia cancer Akuya.People with cancer, the use of cannabinoids of cancer patients deserves a much more detailed study. / P>

How treatment, difficulty studying an illegal substance has limited research.Some studies have shown that marijuana may have benefited in patients with the type of recurrent brain tumor. , I hope with legalization to increase the United States, this response will be clarified in the future.

SecureHand Marijuana Smoke

Final care of marijuana is the possible impact of marijuana in new ones.The consequences of smoke marijuana used on health and drug tests are studied. Some studies found that smoke marijuana will be as careful as tobacco smoke, so precaution can be justified. Until a great research can be done, you can not be sure that marijuana for smoking or exposed to second-hand weed smoke, has no health problems.

It has many options, except for smoking, for the use of medical cannabis and vanabis in the states where it is legal. If you are concerned about your health health and expose NeMPCOCERS, you can better consider another delivery method What to smoke, like information.

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Risk of the Cancer Many oncologists Rense the previous reactions without hips, which marijuana is bad.From the fact that we learned about smoking cigarettes and lung cancer, they feared that cannabis smoking cause such problems, but this was not demonstrated at this time.

On the contrary, the possible advantage of cannabis people who live with cancer and cancer complications deserve more attention. At this time, we have little to help people who develop or develop cachexia cancer.Due to its influence on appetite, cannabis can be a relatively simple option to solve a bad appetite, therefore, among patients against cancer.

The greatest interest is probably currently, reducing the need for opioid drugs in people with used cannabis cancer.Given the epidemic of opioid prevails imposed on pain preparations, many people with cancer were mainly reaginated.It was believed that most people at the end of the stages of cancer were extremely supported by pain, even before national attention to the opioid crisis was directed.Perhaps the legalization of marijuana in many states, whether to relax or use medical use, it came to the right time to solve this problem.

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