Does Metformin do cancer?


In May 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement on higher levels of acceptable substance called Nitrosodymethylamine (NDMA) In some extended release preparations

metformin .

Initially, two pharmaceutical pharmaceutical compensations and apotexwere are involved in the review.Then, the FDA was requested that other drug producers evaluate their products and tests in NDMA. The following were caused by many advanced release methods of Marksans Pharmacha, Lupine and Teva Pharmaceuticals.


What is the metformin?

Metformin -This prescribed medication used by the first line for the treatment of type 2o diabetes is often prescribed, more than 60 million recipes since 2012 in the United States.

The purpose of the treatment > is to reduce the amount of glucose or blood sugar. Metformin works in several ways to reduce glucose.

One of the ways it works, this allows muscle cells to use more glucose. Increasing the use of glucose in the muscles reduces blood glucose levels.In addition, metformin reduces the ability of the liver to glucose and reduces the amount of glucose absorbed by the intestine.

Metformin can also be used off the label for the treatment of ovarian polyvers’ syndrome or as weight loss aid.

Metformin is generally well tolerated;The most common side effects include: / P>

  • diarrhea
  • naurea
  • vomiting
  • abdominal cavity
  • gas

Metformin and cancer

Cancolfect is not specifiedSecondary of metformin.In fact, the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society reported that metformin may be associated with a reduced risk of some cancers,Such as:

  • breast cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Colorectal cancer

What is NDMA?

N-nitrosodymethylamine (NDMA) -This is a chemical that is formed naturally and is a byproduct of some manufacturing processes. The very low levels of NDMA can be detected in chlorinated water, as well as cured or smoked meat and beverages of malt, such as beer or The whiskey.

NDMA can also be formed during the medication manufacturing process or it can be formed during the storage of medications.

NDMA and cancer

The International Agency for Cancer Research (IIARC) classifies NDMA as probably carcinogenic for people based on animal studies.

These studies have shown that high levels of NDMA (10,000 nanograms / kg / day) in dogs Rats and mice caused considerable hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis.Then, these hepatic diseases led to the development of liver cancer. There are no specific studies of the carcinogenic effect of NDMA directly to humans. / P>

The boundaries of the agency for environmental protection in NDMA in water are 0.7 Nanograms / L, Much less than the amount that detects, which causes cancer in rats.

Why The metformin was

FDA investigated the NDMA levels to METFormin in recent years, since it was found that it will rise in some parts of Metformin,Done beyond the United States who withdrew the moment of their research metformin products in the United States, they found themselves higher than the amount of FDA daily delivery of 96 nanograms per day. . 395 nanograms NDMA.It was found that only extended release products have unacceptable NDMA levels, and immediate release recipes were not caused.

as a NDMA form?

The test has shown that the NDMA was found on the Metformin Tablet Listablished and not in the samples of active ingredients.This suggests that the NDVA can be developed at some point during the manufacturing process.

, not all manufacturers were affected, which means that metformin can be done without NDMA

What do you need to do

METFormin is not the only medication that has been rated or revoked by the FDA for higher permissible levels of NDMA.In recent years, valsartan , the drug to reduce cholesterol, and ranitidine, seed medicine, reminded and were removed from the market due to NDMA.

Unlike other ranitidine or valsartane preparations, which have accessible alternatives do not replace the methods of metforms.If you take metformin and ask if your medications are removed, you can find specific parts on the Drug List in the product FDA .

Remember the medicine metformin, it should be taken at the pharmacy for the correct order.

Talk to your doctor before stopping from medications

do not stop taking metformin until first not discussed with your health care provider,Since the cessation of treatment with diabetes without a different treatment can be dangerous.

The word of obtaining Meds information

In general, the risk of developing NDMA impact cancer is very low.However, if you take metformin and are concerned about this risk, you should discuss your problems with your health team. Do not stop taking metformin until I apologize with a doctor or another member of your health team.

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