Drugs of migraine who are safe during pregnancy.


Thanks to the stable levels of the prevention of migraine estrogen , which occur during pregnancy, women who often experience these headaches exhaustive delaying them when they wait.For those in the minority that a migraine still receive, the question of how to treat them is important. Although there are several effective drugs for the treatment of migraine, not all are considered insurance for a developing child.

Migraine is anesthesia during pregnancy, often heavy enough to demand medications. Sometimes, other symptoms of migraine, such as nausea and vomiting, should also handle drugs.

Fortunately, there are a number of effective migraine preparations than food and medicine (FDA) consider it sure to take during pregnancy.Before reaching your regular recipe, make sure it is included in this list (and make sure that your obstetrician or midwife approves the dose). If not, discuss these safer options with your health care provider.

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Pain preparations

is also known as analgesics, these are medications,They have an important goal to eliminate headache often painful associated with the episode of migraine.

Analgesics, which are used more frequently for headache, are acetaminophenos and medications that are not taking steroids ( nsaids ).Both types of medications are available on the meter (OTC) as a brand, brand store and common products, as well as in the recipe.

Analgesic preparations are also often combined with other medications to create multimode mode procedures, such as coughing topics and cold cough .


Considered the most secure medication for pregnant women and their children, acetaminophen blocks nerve impulses at Area of the brain, where signs of pain are made.There are dozens of brand for acetaminophen; The most famous is TILENOL. / P>

A study of a small body showed possible associations between acetaminophen Prenatal and some health problems for children.These include asthma, problems with respect to, deficiency, attention deficit / hyperactivity (ADHD) and others.

However, in accordance with the 2017 study, potential references between acetaminophen, taken during pregnancy and negative consequences in Babies, are weak at best.For this reason, the author writes, and acetaminophen should not be preserved from children or pregnant women due to fears, can develop adverse effects.’

, and do not take acetaminophen to relieve migraine pain, it is recommended That mom always uses the lowest dose for the shortest time.

With an inadequate use of acetaminophen not found, causing damage to the liver in some people (pregnant women or otherwise).Most likely this will happen when a too large acetaminophene is taken, which often occurs accidentally when acetaminophen is accepted simultaneously as a combined preparation that contains it.

You can avoid it, carefully read the labels in any preparation you take and always check your trust before taking everything you prescribed T. for Ti.Sea that no one should take more than 4,000 milligrams (MG) acetaminophen in a day.


NSAIDS is generally considered as A second line of protection against the pain of migraine during pregnancy.These medications that work, reducing the production of Mack and connections, prostaglandin called, which are sent to the pain in the brain, including:

  • aspirin (the most common Bayer brand)
  • Advil,MOTRIN (ibuprofen)
  • aleve (naproxen)

In general, the NSAID is safe for most pregnant women in the third quarter, according to the organization of specialists in teratology (OTIS).

In the last three months of pregnancy, there is a risk that ibuprofen may cause a blood vessel called Dueutus arteriosus close prematuro that can affect blood pressure in the development of a light baby.

there is some evidence that assumes that the use of NSAID AIDE at the beginning of pregnancy (up to eight weeks) can lead to bleeding and possible escape, although it is important to keep in mind, which can occur a Involuntary abortion in any pregnancy and,Often, the reason is not particularly known. / P>

If you are pregnant and you know that the ibuprofen works best for your Headaches that other pains talking to your game.It is safe to continue using it during the first and second trimester.

There are several NSAIDs used for migraine pain that are available only by recipe, as it changes (diclofenac) and ketoprofen .Like other NSAIDs, it should not be taken after the second trimester of pregnancy.

, because it is possible that a medical professional, different from your obstetrician, can assign one of them, be sure to make your doctor know that It will be pregnant with consulting with your OB, before taking the Aine recipe.

Finally, keep in mind that there are several health problems associated with NSAID, which apply to each one, including an increased risk of attack cardiac or stroke,Especially for the people take these medications for a long period of time. It was found that NSAIDs cause ulcers, bleeding or holes in the stomach or intestines.This risk is especially high for people who accept NOES for a long period of time or who drink a lot of alcohol (something that pregnant women recommend doing it anyway).


Drugs in this medication Class The recipe is more effective for migraine moderate to strong and is more adequate when they are taking in the first sign of an imminent attack. Triptans work, stimulating the production of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) serotonin, thus reducing inflammation and narrowed blood vessels.

Triptans can also reduce protein levels called peptide associated with the calcitonin genome ( cgrp ), which It rises in migraine attacks,And drugs can be an effective way to eliminate nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.Seven Trips used to combat migraine are:

  • Axert (Almotriptan), available in the a tablet form
  • Relpax (Eletriptan), available as Tablet
  • Frova (FROVATRIPTAN),Available as Tablet
  • amerge (naratriptan), available in the form of a tablet
  • Maxlt, maxlt-MLT (), affordable as a tablet or as a plate that melts in
  • imitrex ( sumatriptan ), affordable as a tablet, nasal or subcutaneous spray (insults ) Injection
  • zomig ( zomitripten ) available as a tablet,Spray nasal or wafer
  • Treximet (Sumatriptan in combination with Naproxen of and),affordable in the form of a tablet

there is some concern that because the triptans work with the use of the narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain, there may be a narrowing of the blood vessels that Provide a placenta.However, research has found that tripetas are safe during pregnancy, without a significant increase in birth defects, prematurity or spontaneous abortion.


Together with headaches , migraine often lead to the fact that nausea vomiting , unpleasant symptoms,That some women can already experience as a result of their pregnancy (which means that migraine is worse).

Considering the risks associated with dehydration and difficulties that support liquids, food and medications,medications called people who often give people to whom we strive for emergency situations to take care of migraines. Usually, they are driven intravenously or By injection in the muscle.

while the metoclopramide is considered the safest antimentation for pregnant women, The effect of the first quarter with methoclopramide was associated with an increased risk of genital organ defects.Fail Additional studies are needed to determine if other antimmetics are safe for use during pregnancy.

Non-medicine strategies to manage migraine

For women who want to avoid drugs, the following,What pharmacological options help people better cope with migraine symptoms:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy,O Psychotherapy focuses on stress management
  • meditation
  • relaxation

Migraine drugs, to avoid during pregnancy

Some medications,Often prescribed for migraine headaches have been linked to an increased risk of serious side effects for mothers and / or their children.

These include:

  • dihydroergotamine, which is available as DHE45 or migranal (Argot alkaloid)
  • opioids, such as oxicodon and morphine
  • depakene and depakote (anti-Kulxiste Habhonic acid)

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Most migraines of headaches during pregnancy, but not an emergency.However, you should seek medical attention immediately if you develop a migraine that does not become better with the treatment or is accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever or blurred vision.Together with the head of permanent pain, they can indicate a serious state, such as stroke, preeclampsia, pituitary tumor or venous brain thrombosis.

Search of medical care at the same time, if you experience a migraine with other symptoms.

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