Drumpoint: Anatomy, function and treatment.


Typanova membrane, generally known as the tin of the drum, is a thin layer of the skin, stretching tightly like a drum, in the ear .The drum communication separates the outdoor ear from the middle ear and vibrates in response to sound waves.

The eardrum is part of a complex system involved in the audience process. It also protects the middle ear of garbage and bacteria.

Sometimes the infection can lead to the rupture of drum transmission. The symptoms of broken drum transmission include hearing loss, ear pain, itching and draining hearing.Generally drummers, which the gap is cured independently.


The eardrum has three layers: the outer layer, the internal layer and the central layer.The average layer is made of fibers that give elasticity and rigidity of the tympanum. cartilage keeps the eardrum instead.

The roof of puppets the end of the canal of the outer ear and it looks like a cone flattened with its tip, directed inside the middle ear. This is transparent about the size of ten cents. / P>

Tumm Bond Actions Outdoor ear from the middle ear.The eardrum sits between the end of the outer canal of the ear and the auditory bones of , which are three small bones in the middle ear, called Malleus, Incus and flashes.


Two main functions of drum score: hearing and protection.


As the sound waves enter the ear channel, hit the eardrum, what it does What vibes? These vibrations then move three tiny bones in the middle ear.

These bones increase the sound and send them to the leak in the inner ear, where the hair is created. The study of the auditory nerve bears the sign of the brain where it is obtained as a sound.


In addition to you will Help hear it, the sweeper also acts as a protective barrier, while holding the ear half without dirt, garbage and bacteria.If the tustern is drilled or broken, the middle ear is vulnerable to infection.

Relevant conditions

Soft drum blade and can break or break.Most of the time, this is due to the infection of the middle ear (means of otitis).Damage to the drum score can also occur as a result of an injury of such things like:

  • impact injury in the drum masonic object,such as cotton swab
  • strong noise
  • head injury
  • air pressure

When breaking the drum, you can notice the loss of hearing or silenced hearing,The pain in the ear and / or drainage of the ear.

The pain of the torn eardrum is often processed on pain in pain. The warm, sustained compress on the outside of the ear, can also offer some relief.If the gap is associated with middle ear infection, it is likely that your health care provider prescribes antibiotics to treat infection.

It is important not to put in your ear, if you have or suspect that the Drumpock can break


You can see a torn eardrum with an otoscope, device, used for ears.Many times, the health provider can diagnose the discontinuous score, just looking at the ear.

If you notice your Bakulyak with an otoscope, it is not final, your health care provider can also execute the to review your audience.In addition, they can work TYMEPANOMETRY , which tests, how their drumps react to pressure changes.

The most dilated appointments were healed on their own for several weeks, although it can take more weather.Rarely torn disturbing require a repair operation.

The repair of the workers of the surgical tower are performed by the ears, the nose, the throat (ENT) under general anesthesia.There are two types of surgical repairs: Patch Miningoplasty and Tymefloflasty.

The Mirringoplasty patch is the shortest and simpler procedure.In patch-macoplasty, paper or gel are used to temporarily cover the hole in the drum score, which encourages the body to close the hole independently.A study that compared the material used in the process found that there were no significant differences at the closing speeds according to the material in which the material was used.

Thympagnostics are more common, as well as a more involved procedure. The time of the Surgeon Tyntpanoplasty uses Fassia to replace the missing assembly.

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