Early diabetes signs: follow these symptoms.


Diabetes is characterized by glucose, or sugar, too high levels in the blood . This is due to the fact that the body is insulin, as in the Type 1 diabetes, or is not able to use it correctly, as in type 2 diabetes.

Insulin acts as a key that opens the cells to provide glucose leave the blood and introduce the cells that will be used for energy.Without insulin, the cells remain closed and glucose are configured in the blood, causing too high blood glucose levels. In a long period of time, this can lead to diabetes.

Although it is generally diagnosed in early childhood or adolescence, type 1 diabetes can occur at any age and people of any breed, size or shape.If you have a member of the immediate family with type 1 diabetes, you have a higher risk of developing it. White Americans more often than black or Latin Americans for the development of type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes type 2 The most common form of diabetes. It is more often diagnosed in Artultyod, although the number of children diagnosed with diabetes 2 type 2 has increased significantly in the last two decades.

While anyone can develop type 2 diabetes, some races and ethnic centers have a higher risk. In the United States, they include black, Latin, Indian American, Asian and Pacific populations of the islands.

Other risk factors for type 2 diabetes include a direct member of the family with type 2 diabetes, overweight, physical inaction, high blood pressure, tall triglycerides, low cholesterol Definition of HDL,Ovary polycystic syndrome had diabetes during pregnancy. / P>

Regardless of the type, it is important to know about the signs and symptoms of diabetes to help at the start of the diagnosis and management of the disease and prevents serious complications.

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First signs and symptoms of diabetes

A lot of early Signs and symptoms DiabetesIt can be thin and listed somehow or nothing to worry about. However, they should be taken seriously, since rapid action can prevent the most severe symptoms and complications.

Increase the frequency frequency

The process of helping the kidneys and filter glucose, with a large number of What is usually reabsorbed in the body.However, when blood glucose becomes very high, it can be too demanding for kidney for processing, which causes vision of glucose in urine and is derived from the body.

If you notice that you or your child, Iphone is more than normal for you, it is worth investigating, especially if other early signs of diabetes accompany it.

For children, can sometimes imagine both the nocturnal and having accidents after they are prepared and generally remain dry at night.In adults, you may not notice the highest frequency, but you will notice if you lead to an awakening at night to urinate.

UTRI frequent or yeast infections

, as mentioned above, blood glucose levels too high can Driving to what your urine has glucose in it, when you usually do not find glucose in the urine.The presence of glucose in the urinary tract and the sexual region may cause infections, such as urinary tract infections (UTIS) or

theorize that both poor circulation and immune response, common in people with diabetes (especially uncontrolled diabetes), can also play a role in the greatest risk of yeast and urinary tract.

These infections are more common in women, but can occur in men .If you are a woman and meets recurrent utis or yeast infections, or a person who was diagnosed, ask your health care provider if diabetes can blame.

Sudden vision deterioration

High level of glucose in the blood leads to the fact that the eye lens swell, changing the view. Blurred vision and not deal with the wonderful details of what you see often occur when the glucose level in the blood is too high.

Contact your health care provider if you notice a sudden change or deterioration in your vision, since it can be a sign of diabetes.The good news is that your vision must return to the norm after receiving the level of blood glucose in normal rangesso, it is not necessary to buy new glasses.

Extreme fatigue

, While experts are not sure accurate reasons, many people with a high degree of Glucose level in the blood, as a symptom.Possible causes include changes in blood glucose levels, poor sleep quality, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity that have many other symptoms of diabetes, overweight and, as a rule, are informative.

Consult your health care provider if you are more tired than usual before fatigue interferes with your daily life, especially if you It has other signs of diabetes.

slow healing reductions

Slow healing wounds, including cuts, growth,Blisters and bruises or wounds that deteriorated are a more serious sign of diabetes and should be directed to their health care provider as soon as possible.Blood blood circulation, reducing the immune system, and inflammation is considered the causes of the slow healing of the wound during diabetes. / P>

The slow cuts of the wounds can be particularly unpleasant if they affect the legs. If the wounds per foot They are not identified quickly and correctly, it can lead to more severe complications, including amputation.If you notice a reduction and other wounds that do not heal, as usual, everything is possible to review the health care provider.

inexplicable weight loss

Loss of weight without attempts and not knowing why you should always be investigated by the health care provider.A loss of involuntary weight can be a symptom of various conditions, including diabetes. In humans, most common diabetes occurs more commonly. Type 1.

This inexplicable weight loss can be caused by the absence of insulin in the body, avoiding glucose to cells that are used for energy.When glucose is not available as a source of energy, the body begins to use fat and muscles for energy, often leads to weight loss.

Thirst or Extreme Hungry

Feel hunger and / or thirsty that, by The general, even though food and drinks are more, there may be a diabetes signal.When the cells in your body can not eliminate blood glucose and use it correctly, it lacks the energy that must work properly. Then send signals to get more energy to increase hunger.

At the same time, when blood glucose levels are too high, the body eliminates the water from the tissues, like the muscles, and puts it in the bloodstream to try to dilute the excess of glucose.Leave your dehydrated fabrics, causing a thirsty response.

If your sudden or hungry thirst can not be explained by other media, visit your health care provider to verify diabetes or other medical condition.

Tingling or numbness at the extremities

Tingling, numbness or pain in the Hands, fingers, legs or fingers are a sign of nervous damage ( diabetic neuropathy ).This symptom can be common in those who have uncontrollable diabetes for a long period of time, but also a gift for people with newly diagnosed diabetes.

Steps for prevention

While there is no known form of preventing or cure type 1 type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or persisting with changes in lifestyle:

  • weight loss, even from 5% to 7% of the Mass of your body can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. / Li>
  • It becomes physically active can increase insulin sensitivity, Improving blood glucose levels.Regular physical activity is recommended at least 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity, such as an animated walk.
  • Production of healthier food options , as a decrease in the number of sugar beverages you consume or add more vegetables to your diet, it can directly affect the glucose level in The blood, reducing its type 2 risk diabetes.
  • Participation To control stress, reduce stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, which can cause too high blood glucose levels.

When you see the health care provider

If you have any sign and symptoms of diabetes, it is important to review your health care provider.The tests used to test diabetes are simple blood tests. In stock Various detection tests for testing for diabetes and predishes.

Blood sugar target numbers

Below are the target glucose goals in the blood, depending on the type of test, and the levels,What are indicators of prediabetes or diabetes:

Test A1C:

    Normal : Less than 5.7%

  • presrimiabetes: 5.7% to 6.4%
  • diabetes: 6.5% o superior
    Prueba de glucosa en sangre:

    • normal: menos de 100 mg / dl
    • pressiabetes: 100 mg / dl a 125 mg / dl
    • diabetes: 126 mg / dl o superior

    oral Pruebaof glucose (OGTT):

    • Normal: Menzers of 140 mg / dl
    • Presitorably: 140 mg / dl Ants 199 mg / dl
    • > Diabetes: 200 mg / dl or higher

    random glucose approre:

    • Diabetes: 200 mg / dl or higher

    ) Word of information Meds

By Deleting your general health and in harmony with your body,It may be more aware of when it seems that something seems.If you notice any of these signs of diabetes or for anything else, what makes you feel different, it is essential to seek tests and examine with your primary health care provider and see the specialist as needed.

Diabetes is a manageable condition, but early detection and treatment under the care of a trusted medical professional are key.

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