Eczema Manual: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment


Eczema by hand is a very common problem. They can appear dry, red or incidents, it is often itching. Chemical irritation can cause some cases of manual eczema.Often, eczema will occur without an annoying trigger or well-known allergenic, especially when the skin is dry.


Eczema can affect one or both hands, and can be developed on the back of the hands, in the palm trees, on the front or back of the fingers, in the folds that are bent,Or in the notice of your fingers.

Most of the time, eczema in hands comes and goes as episodic flashes. But sometimes it is present all the time.Affected stains may remain equal or can be changed, can be developed in new areas, since some areas seem to be cured.

Eczema cause changes in the appearance of your hands, and some people can become self-conscious about it.

Hand Eczema can show any of the following features:

  • Red or dark patches
  • Dry spots
  • / li>
  • plundered or cracked leather
  • the bumpy sections
  • thickened
  • Spooky sections
  • Little Strikes
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  • ampoules, which can filter liquid

Sometimes a manual eczema will not lead to the fact That there are no other symptoms in addition to eruptions, but this is usually itching.The sink can start up to the outbreak, and often gets worse during the flash. It is not common, but it can have painful injuries with manual eczema, especially if your skin cracks or bleeding.


Eczema, as a rule, uncomfortable, but rarely harmful or dangerous. However, wounds and bleeding can occur from – from the strong decomposition of excessive skin or scratch.You can expose your hands to the infection, which may require antibiotic treatments.

It is not always obvious that your symptoms are caused by eczema, because other conditions can also cause these changes.Be sure to analyze your health care provider if you are developing eczema symptoms in your hands or anywhere on your skin.


A specific form of eczema is atopic dermatitis , and may arise in any area of your skin and have many reasons.The manual eczema in the absence of eczema in other parts of the body can occur when your hands are exposed to a product that bothers the skin.This can be cured for some time for irritation, and if it continues repeating the impact, the affected areas may not be treated.

There are a number of common stimuli, which can cause eczema development in your hands,Including:

  • soap
  • detergents
  • hairstyles
  • industrial materials
  • powder
  • cosmetics
  • Tantes
  • as garlic or lemon

Repeated exposure to these substancesIt can cause skin to.inbivka.

Risk factors that increase their chance to develop the eczema of exposure to irritants,Include:

  • with wet hands for a long period of time
  • rubbing hands with rude towels or other materials
  • Repetition movement friction By using Abrasive MaterialSouchuch in quality toolsParacocin, hardware tools or beauty salons.

Keep in mind that some people are more likely to eczema than others. And some products can call ECZEMA for you, and other products can not.For example, you can develop an area using a specific shampoo, but you may not have problems with dyes that may cause eczema in another person.


You may notice that you have outbreaks in your hands when you are in certain situations or when your hands have been subject to certain products.These templates can help you, and your health care provider discovers the cause of your eczema.

If you develop blisters in the palms and fingers, you may have a type of handmade eczema, called Desidótico. called Pomphalyx .

Diagnostic tests

Your symptoms And the pattern of the figure can clearly indicate to existence as the cause of the condition of your skin.However, when diagnosis is not clear, you may need additional evidence.

The tests that can be used in the eczema diagnostic estimate include:

    • Allergy test : Testing the patch can help identify the contact allergens that can cause manual eczema flashes.
    • culture : culture is a procedure in which a sample of blister fluid or scraping skin or tamponuents is sent to the laboratory to see If the infectious microorganism is present (as bacteria).
    • biopsy : In rare cases, the sample of the skin can be taken surgically from the affected area and examined under the microscope.This is not an ordinary diagnostic approach to manual eczema, and will be used only if the condition is very serious, it does not improve with medications, or if the diagnosis is not clear.

    Treatment and prevention

    Eczema can be processed so that injuries can be cured. The treatment focuses on protecting the hands of damage and additional infections.

    If your eczema has an external trigger, it is important that you avoid exposure to it as soon as possible.

    When communicating with its handmade eczema, the hands protect will be dealt with more efficient.The treatment options include Moisturizing creams, topical corticosteroids, ultraviolet light therapy and antibacterial ointments.Your health care provider can assign a relevant corticosteroid for the treatment of manual eczema; This, as a general rule, also facilitates associated itching.

    Protect your hands

    When your hands are already tender and irritated, you must be smooth in them. Contains rubbing abrasive towels and do not expose hands for friction.Many self-consoles are needed to avoid scratches when their hands are silent or painful, but scratching the deterioration of handmade eczema and avoid their healing.

    Creams, lotions, soaps and hand disinfectors that contain perfume or alcohol, can aggravate a manual to the work of art, so they adhere to the products that are recommended by their health care provider.

    Some people who have eczema will find that gloves with gloves protect and relieve, and can help the healing process.

    Treatment parameters

    Your allergist or immunologist can recommend a way to treat Your manual eczema:

    • crams : The use of moisturizer can help keep your hand healthy,Contribute to healing.
    • Corticosteroids : The thematic corticosteroids of receptors are effective in the treatment of many cases of handmade eczema, which are not very well treated with hydration and elimination.High power high power is often necessary in the treatment of handmade eczema, and these corticosteroids should not be used longer than necessary for the treatment of symptoms,Since they can cause slimming of the skin and other side effects.
    • UV (UV) light therapy : Ultraviolet therapy is a procedure that takes place in the Office of Medical care providers.Your health care provider can recommend it for your handmade eczema.
    • antibacterial ointment : antibacterial strokes of recipes can be applied for open wounds and cracks in your hands, if there is Anxiety about the infection.

    With the treatment and avoidance of the launch of the coefficient or factors, the eczema in your hands should be cured, but it can take weeks so that the defeat is resolved.


    Additional flash prevention is especially important that your skin can try . Tender soap, if exposed to an irritant.If your hands begin to feel itchy, while still some type of material, rinse it quickly.

    Avoid triggers if you can. If you are prone to eczema, be smooth with your hands on a regular basis.Many people who work with chemicals are carrying gloves when they work to avoid eczema.And get the recommendation of your health care providers for a mild moisturizer, which can help keep your skin healthy to avoid outbreaks of manual eczema.

    Word of the medications received

    Most patients never find a MANUAL OF SPECIFIC RATE ECZEMA (allergies or annoyance).Most handmade eczema is associated with dry hand, and not for any particular stimulus. The producers will certainly worsen eczema, but patients should focus on moisturizing their skin. If it does not help, the allergy patch test can be guaranteed.

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