Elidel and Protopic: Uses, Side Effects, Dose, Precautions


ELIDEL (PIMECROLIMUS) and PROTOPIC (Tacrolimus) are the actual medications used for short-term eczema processing (atopic dermatitis) .Preparations, classified actual calcium inhibitors (TCI) , are the first non-steroidal thematic preparations designed to treat eczema.

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Unlike current steroids , TCI can be used on the face and centuries and is not associated with the lesion on the skin or the loss of a drug with reuse.The hiring effects are usually mild and may include soft itching and burning sensations.

Despite these advantages, Elidel and Protopic have their own limitations and risks.The principal among them is a possible reference to certain skin and blood crabs, care that caused the United States impulse. Food and medicine administration (FDA) for the emission of box warnings in 2006 .


Elidel and Protopic are the only ones that currently claim calcinalin inhibitors, which are currently approved by the FDA .ELIDEL is recommended for the treatment of gentle to moderate atopic dermatitis, , while the protopic marked with atopic dermatitis of moderate to severe. . -Inlamplelamation .For ‘off’ of this response, inflammation , which gives eczema, can be easified significantly.

ELIDEL and PROTOPIC are also often prescribed for the treatment of other inflammatory skin diseases, such as psoriass , seborrine dermatitis , lupus erythematosusususus, Lichen Planus Vitiligo .

из-Behind your cost, health care providers will sometimes reserve alidel and protopal for use in thinner / smaller skin areas (for example, face or hands) and use cheaper relevant steroids for more thicker skin areas ( like hands,legs and trunk).

ELIDEL and PROTOPIC have certain advantages that portans of topical steroids:

  • can be used repeatedly without loss of The drug,
  • can be used in children as young as 2.
  • does not cause skin atrophy (thinning), striae (stretch marks), telangiectasia (PUCECAN veins) or skin discoloration.
  • can be used safely on the face, the neck, the groin around the eyes or in the curves of the skin.

Before receiving

ELIDEL and PROTOPIC are recommended for the treatment of the second line of eczema, when current steroids and other conservative treatments can not provide relief.They are reserved for use in adults and children of 2 years and older.

Precautions and considerations

, Because the ELIDEL and the Protopic work, allowing The immune response should not be used in any with a committed immune system .This can lead to the additional suppression of the immune response and an increased risk of opportunistic infections.

This includes people with advanced HIV infection , as well as the recipients of organs and private individuals subjected to cancer therapy (both of which are taken by immunosuppressive medicines ).

ELIDEL and PROTOPIC should not be used in people with known hypersensitivity to Pymecrolima, Tacrolum or any ingredient in the thematic composition.Since these effects react crossed crosously that greater sensitivity to a drug is translated into improving sensitivity to hypersensitivity to both, it is necessary to avoid them and any other calcinine inhibitor,Including PICCROPPORINE Andoral or Injectable Prograf (Tacrolimus).


ELIDEL is available in the current cream and contains 1% pimecrolimus. PROTOPIC is available as an urgent spot with 0.03%, or 0.1% tacrolimus. The choice of the medication is based on the severity of your symptoms, as diagnosed by a dermatologist qualified .

How to take and store

ELIDEL and PROTOPIC are used twice a day with the skin in a thin layer. Preparations should not be used as moisturizer, even in severe cases.If the symptoms do not improve after six weeks of use, it is necessary to consider the treatment options. The ELIDEL or PROLESIVE application will not improve the results.

ELIDEL AND PROTOPIC can be stored safely at room temperature (77 degrees F).The short-term effects of the temperatures of 59 degrees F to 86 degrees F will not be threatened by the effectiveness of drugs, but you should avoid the storage of medications in hot places (for example, your barrachase compartment) or direct sunlight.Never use the medication after its useful life.

Elidel and Protopic are designed for short-term use or intermittent treatment of chronic eczema. They are not intended for long-term continuous use.

Side effects

As with all medications, Elidel and Protopic can lead to side effects.The softest and most relatively smooth and tends to be resolved after the body adapts to the treatment.


The most common side effect is a burning or itching sensation , which tasted approximately 25% of users.Headache, cough, nose stagnation, sore throat, stomach discomfort and muscle pain.

ELIDEL is associated with an increased risk of certain infections, including folliculitis , pneumonia impetogo , sinusitis , otitis media and flu . It can be touched from 3% to 8% of users.

The skin reactions are more common with the protopala, including the uurticaria (A>, orythema (redness) and bacterial skin infections. Oral antihistamines and Real antibiotics can often provide relief.


Even if the risk anaphilaxis (heavy allergies of the whole body) is Considered low It is known that the Protop causes the reactivation of a wind slices virus in some people, which led to the sprout of tiles .

others may experience a meaningless eruption, characterized by the formation of small wind bubbles in the form of wind at the site of the application.

When to see the health care provider

The rash of any variety should be seen by the health care provider.If you are accompanied by shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, dizziness or swelling, language or throat, call 911.Theets can sign an anaphylactic emergency.

Animal research showed a slight increase in the risk of congenital defects, when Alidel and Protopic are given in doses, much beyond what will be used in humans. Suitable studies in humans are missing, but the potential benefits of treatment can overcome risks.

Due to the lack of safety research, it is important to talk with your health care provider about the benefits and potential risks of ELIDEL or PROTOPIC, if you are pregnant or breasts (or have the intention of being).


In 2006 , the FDA issued a black field warning,Consumer consulting and medical workers ELIDEL and PROTOPIC were associated with an increased risk of skin cancer and lymphoma (in particular, T cell lymphoma ).

When recognized that the incidence of cancer was ‘rare’, the FDA decided that it considered the dispersion, given the excess of the drug drugs between babies and babies, in addition,Drugs in drugs are used in the treatment of several other rashes.

It was a controversial decision that continues to criticize both the Dermatology Academy (AAD) of Tiamyirikovsky and the Academic Academy of Alterations, Asthma and Immunology (AAAI).

The studies presented in the FDA in 2013 did not have evidence of an increased risk of lymphoma between 625,915 people who used Protop or ELIDEL during the five Means and a half years. .Although these users experienced an increased risk of skin and lymphoma cancer, such increase was never observed in users of real tacrolimus or pimekrolimus.

In accordance with the studies published during the prevention of FDA, the risk of lymphoma or skin cancer between 11 million Protopic users or ELIDEL has never been greater than that of the total population.


It is not clear if ELIDEL or PROTOPIC can interact with other medications.Although there were few studies to investigate the possible interactions, as is well known, both drugs use an enzyme known as cytochromium P450 3A4 (CYP3A4) for metabolization.

As such, it may be possible for ELIDEL or PYROPICO to interact with the medications that inhibit the CYP3A4, which leads to the abnormal accumulation of ELIDEL and the protector in the body.These include: / P>

Although it is clear howImportant may be an important substance (if any), it is important to advise your medical service provider from any medication you can take if it is a recipe, excessive opposite, nutrition or recreation.

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