Ethinyl Estradiol: Synthetic estrogen


eTinylhedradiororadiol (EE) is a synthetic form of estrogen, which is used mainly in several hormonal contraceptives , as a general rule, in combination with progestin A> . This is one of the most used drugs.

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Types of birth control, which contain ethinyl estradiol

Hormonal fertility control containing ethinylhedradiol,Includes:

Function estrogen

estrogen is a hormone, which is usually produced by ovaries . Play an important role in normal female reproductive performance.Estradiol is a preoperated form of estrogen. It helps mature female reproductive organs. It also helps your uterine wall prepare for the implantation of the fertilized egg.

As estrogen on tablet

Over the years over the years, the volume of Synthetic estrogen, Etinyl Estradiol, at hormonal birth was significantly reduced.The estrogen levels found in modern fertility control pills are much safer. When the first birth control tablet , ENOVID, the approval of the FDA resulting in 1960, did not even contain Etinyl Estradiol.The composition of ENOVIDS consisted of progestin and 150 micrograms (MCG) mestranol, the type of estrogen, which becomes the body to become an ethinylhedradir.

To help place this level of estrogen in the perspective, 50 μg of messthanol is approximately 35 μg of ethinyl estradiol.Therefore, the first brand of counterpart control tablets contained an equivalent of 105 μg of estrogen. The most combined control points for current fertility contain between 20 μg (low dose tablets) at 30/35 μg of ethinyl estradiol .There are several pills with a higher dose that contain up to 50 μg, and there is a low dose tablet, Loestin faith , which only has 10 μg of ethinyl estradiol.

Ethinyl Estradiol in number and patch

technical estradiol in a vaginal ring and a birth control patch is similar to fertility control tablets:

  • Nuvaringconstantly free 15mkg Ethinila estradiol in your body every day. This happens within 21 days. / Li>
  • The Ortho Evra patch offers 20 μg of ethnic estradiol every day a total of 7 days of rejectionbid to which Your body absorbs this hormone, through the skin,Its real effects of ethinyl estradiol on the patch is more similar than taking daily 50 Mcg birth control.

Today, today less estrogen

In general, the modern compositions of the clans control groups have less than a third of the eternal estradiol ,Previous versions of the pill.The lower ethinyl estradiol is now available in the control of hormonal caunoffer fertility, obtains advantages of proconaceptive and non-counterproductive , with an additional bonus, fewer less unpleasant side effects.

How does the Etinil Estradiol

So, what can Etinil Estradiol do? Estrogen can help regulate your period or manage painful periods.Since it helps stop ovulation , this synthetic estrogen was discovered, reduces the risk of ovarian cancer, as well as endometrial cancer.In addition, because estrogen has the ability to block bone resorption, ethinylhedradiol can also help increase the density of mineral bone.

that also also We must know about synthetic estrogen

Etinylhedradiol very quickly broken into the body.Therefore, for the correct functioning of the fertility control tablet, it is necessary to take every day . If not, estrogen can be metabolized too fast, and you can reduce the effectiveness of tablets.

Some medications can also lead to the fact that liver enzymes accelerate the destruction of body estrogen or reduce the recycling of existing estrogen in the body,Both of which can lead to a decrease at the level of Ethio Estradiol and great possibilities for fault of tablets.

Risks and caution

There are some women who should not use hormonal fertility control, which contains Etinil Edgehdiol.The greatest effects of estrogen can be associated with venous blood / thromboembolism clots. This risk increases if you smoke or have certain medical conditions.Some studies also suggest that to be effective, it may be necessary for pre-surpassing women to use fertility control with higher levels of ethinyl estradiol.From-For possible side effects, and / or certain conditions that can reduce the safety of the use of birth control, which contain ethinyl estradiol, it is vital that you are totally (and honest) discussing your lifestyle,Habits and history of the disease Your health care provider. This will help determine if it is suitable for the fertility control method that contains ethinylhedradiol.

Other names for ETINYL ETRADIOL

Ethinyl Edgehdiol is also known as:

  • estrogen
  • ethinyl
  • Etinyl Estradiol
  • Synthetic estrogen
  • estrógenovtablet
  • Mestanol
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