Exercises for physical therapy for the treatment of the knee corridor.


Increase the straight leg


Call your legs -An excellent way to strengthen its four-fold spaces and hips while maintaining a knee in a position based on safety. While lifting the straight legs, the gasket knee must remain locked, a decrease in the voltage and the voltage (and the pain) around the knee.

To increase the straight leg, simply place it on the back with a knee and an inclined knee. Take the muscles on top of your hips, and then raise approximately 15 inches from the ground.Keep your leg directly for a few seconds, and then slowly down. Repeat your leg to raise from 10 to 15 repetitions.

You can work different muscle groups around your hips, after taking a straight foot on your back, on your side or lying on your stomach.Each method will change the exercise to preserve it fresh and work with several muscles that support your foot and knee.

You can make this exercise more complicated by adding a small mass of the bracelet around your ankle.Usually, two to three pounds are sufficient. For our way of adding resistance is the placement of the resistance band around your ankles to lift a straight foot.

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