Eyes bag surgery: Preparation, Restoration, Long-term results


Blepharoplasty The lower cover (ocular surgery) is a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove under the eyes. Eye packages often have age, and some people seek surgical to eliminate them.

If you are considering this lower operation in the Vey, you can learn more about it to decide if it will be adequate for you.

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What is the surgery bag for your eyes?

Eye bags are described as shield bagsUnder the eyes. They developed in their place before, a smoother and harder skin under the eyes.

Surgery of the eye bag works, tighten the muscles, eliminating excess skin and potentially increases fat fat (under the eyes) to offer a more refreshing appearance.There are two surgical methods to offer a more refreshing appearance. They are commonly used in the lower cover of blepharoplasty.

When the Cormal approach is neglected, the cut is made in The lower cover just below the tabs. The time of the procedure excess muscle and leather are decorated.A small amount of grease is increased that can cause protuberances.


With a main focus after surgery, there are no scars. The discreet is carried out inside the lower eyelid.This is a good option in cases where the skin is relatively dense, but fat should move.


While the procedure is Sure for most people, it is not suitable for everyone.If you are thinking about having this operation, you should evaluate yourself to make sure it is safe and efficient for you.

conditions that can contradict, this operation,Includes:

Other factors that do not necessarily stop the operation, but may delay it to include:

Potential risks

While the operation, as a rule, focuses,No cosmetic procedure without risk criteria and ocular surgery is no exception.

Some early postoperative complications include:

Some complications that may arise a little later,Includes:

  • Abnormal positioning of the century
  • Double vision

  • Muscle injury
  • Increased rising part of white particles
  • >
  • Skin healing
  • Abnormal gap

such entries tend to be rare.

Purgery of the eye bag surgery

This operation is often considered when the eye bags affect the way a person feels his appearance.The potential to present a rejuvenable appearance can be a real confidence amplifier for some.

How to cook

Before the surgical bag passes, it is important to follow the instructions from health care providers.This can first mean to refuse smoking or at least to abstain from these four weeks before the operation. Smoking can interfere with the surface of the eye and cause dry eyes.

Before the procedure, it is important to talk with your health care provider about any medication and additives that can be performed or otherwise.Some medications, even those who are above the counter, may end with excessive bleeding or predispose it to the disease of the surface of the eyes.

In addition, inform your doctor that your goals are intended for eye surgery and ask to see before and after blessings. This will help you consider and discuss realistic expectations.

What to expect a Day surgery

Surgery To delete eye bags, as a general rule, it is done at an outpatient surgical center or at the base of an office set.From time to time it can be done in the hospital. In rare cases, if you need to be allowed, you can expect to stay during the night.

If you have lower blepharoplasty eyelids, and there is no other cosmetic procedure along with it, you should take about 45 minutes at 1 hour. The operation may take several hours if it also has an aesthetic correction to the upper eyelids.

Before operation

Your surgeon Celebrate your surgical handle covers while in a sitting position.

It is likely that you will give you local anesthesia in your lid area, as well as the thematic falls in front of your eyes so that it is numbing to any feeling. Or maybe intravenous sedation (IV, Vienna) or general anesthesia can be provided, which will take you to sleep for the procedure.

You and your health care provider can discuss what kind of pain control it will be better for your situation.

During the operation

Your incision will be hidden along the lower brass line. Then, your surgeon will eliminate any excess skin, muscle or grease and can move the fabric.After its procedure, the incision will be closed with small seams.

After the operation

, most likely It is that I can go home in a few hours.You will be provided with a recipe for pain, so that it has been comfortable during the first days after surgery. Probably you should not take any dressing.

Additional procedures

while only the bag of operation to be sufficient to rejuvenate its appearance, you can also add an approach with other cosmetic procedures,Such as:

Along with the surgery for eyewash procedures can eliminate the remaining wrinkles and help you achieve soft contours that you get after.


Deleting the eye bag, as a rule, is well tolerated. You should start seeing the recovery signs shortly after your procedure.


, While your recovery must be quite fast, wait for you to need in a few output functions And stay at home. During the immediate recovery period, cold packets can help with any edema or bruises. Keeping heads can help minimize swelling.

A few days later, you should start most of the edema and bleaching, but you can still see some signs until the month.

In the first days after surgery, you can experience some sensitivity to light, dry eyes and blurred vision of lubricating ointment for your covers.Wait for the seams to be eliminated during the first three or four days after the procedure.

Long-term care

Make sure you avoid any intense activity during the first weeks.In addition, during this period of two weeks, avoid using your contact lenses or using any makeup.

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