Felix Gray Turing Blue Light glasses review


We have purchased Felix Gray Turing Blue Light glasses to wear and evaluate for long hours of digital viewing. Read on to see our full product review.

Cell phones, computers, televisions, and other electronic devices that we use every day emit blue light. While this blue light is not considered harmful in natural doses, it can have more negative effects on your body in high doses, especially after sunset (that is, at the same time you drink your favorite TV show before bed or stay awake. See you later). works). It is believed that blue light can disrupt our sleep cycles. , contribute to headaches and may be associated with certain medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Enter: glasses with a blue light filter, or more precisely, Turing glasses by Felix Gray.

While there is still little scientific evidence to show that blue-blocking glasses prevent the harmful effects of blue light, some people who have used these glasses trust them. They say they help them sleep and relieve headaches after work .

Felix Gray, in particular, has made a name for himself because all of his glasses feature blue light filtering technology, not just sleep glasses. They also offer buyers the option of choosing glasses that look stylish and suitable for the workplace, although the price can be a bit steep for some.

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What sets Turing blue light glasses apart from others on the market is their style. Like all Felix Gray glasses, Turing glasses are named after the famous scientist, Alan Turing, the man famous for developing one of the first computers, and this name corresponds to their polished, clean and slightly vintage look. They have classic narrow frames and rounded lenses, and they definitely don't scream "blue light lenses" like some of their competitors. This makes them ideal for office and professional environments.

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The glasses are unisex, which makes them versatile. Although available in two colors, horny and tortoiseshell, the horn is definitely more gender neutral thanks to its subtle brown pattern.

Keep in mind that glasses have a fragile side. For example, it was relatively easy for my little boy to bend his arms at the joint within seconds when he grabbed them from the table, although I could easily fix them. If you live in a house with young children or plan to travel to work with these glasses, you should definitely keep this in mind.

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According to Felix Gray's website, his blue light sleeping glasses are designed to filter the range of blue light that affects melatonin secretion (i.e. wavelengths 440-500nm). The idea is that when filtering these wavelengths, you should I sleep better , and after wearing glasses for a little over two weeks, I felt like I slept a little better (although, honestly, it's hard to say for sure). Also, I seem to have fewer headaches after long nights of typing, so it was definitely worth it.

One of the best things about lenses is that you can't always tell they are blue light glasses just by looking at the lenses, because they don't have a noticeable (and ugly) yellow tint. In fact, when you put them on, you will hardly notice a difference when looking at the screen, which makes them more comfortable to wear.

The lenses seem to attract dust (and cat hair). I have found that I often use the supplied lens cleaning cloth. However, this is a small price to pay for fewer headaches, and is perhaps to be expected in a house where cats live.

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The Felix Gray Turing glasses were relatively comfortable to wear, although after a few hours of wearing them, it was hard not to feel the pressure from the hard nose pads. Sometimes when I took my glasses off before going to bed, I would get little red marks or dents on my nose from wearing them.

The Turing frame has a snug fit that may not be suitable for everyone. The width of its bridge is only 21mm and the width of the lenses is 45mm. In general, a narrower frame is better suited for people with a longer or oval face, which worked well for me, but felt a bit tight for my husband (who has a rounded head).

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After long days in front of the computer, you will definitely realize that you were wearing glasses, because the nasal pillows are not the softest, but they were still worth it to reduce the headaches.


The glasses come with two essential accessories: a case and a lens cloth. The case is durable, attractive, blue-green in color, with a velvety gray interior. It was easy to open and close, and even after a few accidental drops to the floor (courtesy of my little boy), both the case and the glasses inside were intact. In fact, thanks to the case's textured exterior, it looks as new as the day I received it, even after carrying it in my bag and my little one playing with it. It does not have any visible scratches.

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However, the light gray interior tends to wear out more, which is a bit unfortunate. The lens cloth is of high quality and works very well and despite being pale in color, it does not leave any dirt even after repeated use over the last few weeks. The only downside is that it starts to wear down a bit around the edges.

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Felix Gray Turing glasses start at $ 95 for OTC or reading glasses at a better price than some of their competitors, but the price is still a bit high for some buyers, especially for a set of OTC frames. . You can definitely find OTC blue light lenses for less money. However, given the lack of obvious yellow tint from the lenses, the sleek design, and high quality of these Turing glasses, I'd say the price is worth it, especially if you spend a lot of time (like I do) staring at your computer. all day.

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There's no denying that $ 95 is a high price for over-the-counter lenses, but Felix Gray frames are FSA / HSA compliant if you buy prescription versions.

The good news is that Felix Gray offers a free trial with free shipping and free trade-in. So if you're not willing to spend money, you can try on your glasses and make sure you like them before moving on to $ 95 and up.

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Final verdict

In the end, the price of these glasses can be overwhelming, especially if you are on a tight budget. But if your job requires you to spend all day in front of the computer, you are prone to headaches or poor sleep, these high-quality glasses are worth investing in. They are comfortable and look good; so good, in fact, that you won't mind people seeing them the next time they call Zoom.

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