Fillengegia: Review and more


The quadriplegia is a condition in which the hands and legs are paralyzed and lose the normal function of the engine. It is also called tetraplegia, this diagnosis is actually a symptom of one of several unique main reasons.

By testing the function of the hand and legs, it may seriously debt, performing the origin of its paralysis of the extremities and the evaluation of the trained neurologist can help you detect the available treatment options.

Learn more about the types, reasons, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of four cardies.

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Four track types

There are several different types of four -years of age, each with its own unique effect on your body:

  • partial or incomplete four years of communication refers to weakness, but not Common paralysis in hand and legs.Also known as quadripops, this grade leaves you with some, but not everything, the forces on your extremities.
  • Full Quadriplegia , on the other hand, refers to the general loss of muscle control in hands and legs.

Depending on the base cause, the four seats can also be temporary (which means that muscle control will finally return) or permanent (ie, paralysis was not stopped).

Finally, the quadriplegia can be: / P>

  • Espastal : makes the muscles increase the tone and spasm or pull, especially when Trennsil.
  • Flaccid : It makes the muscles lose the tone and become atrophied and light up.


Although multiple different conditions can lead to four years, some often find more than others.Some reasons include:

  • spinal cord injury (SCI) in the neck area (cervix) : This is one of The most common quadrilateral causes.Its spinal cord is a long structure that moves from your brain to a lumbar column and helps the relay of the brain message to the rest of the body.Traumatic lesions, such as waterfalls, car accident or diving accident, can physically damage the cable and structures that surround it and change muscle function.
  • Move : This state of escape occurs when the blood flow in the Cerebro or occlusive spinal cable, forcing the fabric to die of oxygen hunger and, ultimately, die.While the strokes in the brain often cause weakness on one side of the body, the blows of the spinal cord in the cervical area can lead to paralysis on both hands and legs.
  • Cerebral palsy : Quadriplegia in newborns More often, everything is attributed to this disorder, which comes from brain damage, while the child is at loss or during childbirth.This often causes the extremities to become lentitic or spastic. This can significantly affect the child’s ability to achieve normal motor milestones and is generally determined at the beginning of the child’s life.
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    infrequently, several other conditions too They can be wines for four-year-old children.These include the Guillain-Barre syndrome , the effects of holes or poisonous toxic poisons, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) .Although these conditions are less common, they can cause serious symptoms in both sets of extremities and elsewhere in the body.


    Hallmark Surrender Sign is incomplete Or finishes weakness of the hands and legs.This may be present in the form of spasticity, forcing the muscles to have an extremely high tone and an involuntary contract when driving or stretching or stretching.It can also take the fact that the hands and legs seem allowed and atrophied, which makes it difficult to even contract or activate the muscles.

    Depending on the main cause of the four directions, there may also be other symptoms.Children with cerebral palsy often experience difficulties and swallowing and may not be able to sit, stand or walk without help.They may also experience difficulties to digest or control their intestinal or bladder function and are often diagnosed by the disability of training.

    In addition to its quadriplegia, people with spinal cord damage often experience intestinal or bladder dysfunction and are subject to elevating The risk of heart development and easy complications.Some even require mechanical breathing. . This can be accompanied by numbness or tingling at the extremities, severe neck pain or back, sexual dysfunction or inability to feel hot or cold temperatures.


    Obtaining suitable diagnoses is crucial to understand and treat its four parts.

    • The first step is an exhaustive evaluation of a neurologist or a specialized health care provider .As a general rule, your health care provider will fulfill a comprehensive examination that includes an evaluation of your hand and leg strength, check your reflections and evaluate your ability to perform simple movements.
    • Visualization , such as x-ray, computerized tomography or magnetic resonance, the visualization of any anomaly in the brain or spinal cord was also often ordered.
    • Blood rod It may be necessary to evaluate certain laboratory values or verify the presence of toxic substances.


    The treatment options for four years vary according to what causes weakness mainly:

    • Ischemic brain nozzles ,In which the blockage stops the normal blood flow in the artery, it must be resolved quickly.As a general rule, a medication called the tissue plasminogen activator (T-Pa), which helps break the blockage, should be administered for six hours after the emergence of symptoms to improve the likelihood that your four-year activity is allowed.
    • In the hemorrhagica IR , in which the blood vessel visits or flashes, surgical intervention can be required to support a weakened vessel or bleeding control.Following the type of stroke, physical or professional therapy is often required to help restore movement and maximize its remaining function.

    After a spinal cord injury, you can enter some medications, such as methylprednisolone . , To help reduce nerve damage.Unfortunately, in most cases, the four SCI squares is constant, and physical or professional therapy is necessary to teach compensation strategies.Auxiliary devices can also be prescribed to make everyday events, such as swimming, bandage or time easier.

    Similarly, the effects of cerebral palsy are generally constant and procedures are concentrated in the control of the condition with physical, professional and speech therapy.Comparable management strategies are also used in the treatment of more progressive causes of four unions, such as ALS.


    In many cases, the severity of the main state that causes its eyes quarters to affect its overall prognosis.Many people with soft shapes of cerebral palsy or a small spinal cord smear (which are trapped and treated early), continue to live an active life with minimum long-term disorders.In the same way, when a four-year lesion caused by damage to the spinal cord is usually constant, many people with this condition can return to relative independence using auxiliary devices.

    Unfortunately, this is not always in this case. Some lesions of the spinal cord, the blows or the most serious cases of cerebral palsy can significantly affect your daily function and can make it depending on the care of others .Similarly, progressive conditions, such as ELA, will increasingly reduce your ability to function independently and, ultimately, it will lead to mortality over time.

    Word of the Meds information received

    The quadriplegia can be a terrible condition and should be considered as an urgent problem if you experience it.

    An immediate assessment of the doctor may be necessary to reduce the likelihood that its weakness is constant.Although the diagnosis can be durable, it is important to remain positive! Often, there are many different procedures and parts of adaptive equipment, which will help you manage the condition and maintain its independence.

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