Find out what is eccano and how to treat it.


To most people, at some point or another, in the temptation of choose in the place . But for some, the choice goes to the point where the tissue of the skin is damaged, sometimes strictly. This is known as surviving.



Depending on how the man chose in the skin,Open acne can vary from blows or evil red scratches, open red wounds, scabs and strings.

At least constant compression causes spots to become inflamed more. In the worst case, to pick up on the skin it can cause open injuries.These wounds can be quite large and deep, a person continues to choose about pain.

Pumping pimples can lead to a node (solid, red and painful spot on the skin) or cyst.The cyst develops when the membrane is formed around the infection in the dermis, creating a soft lump full of liquors, which can be inflamed large and painful.


Acne of choirs occurs when acne was scratched or chosen to the point of injury. Although someone can develop an acne of greater education, it tends to meet more frequently in women.

For many, the CORIED ACKE can begin as a general case of Acke Acne Vulgaris . In other cases, this may be the result of choosing in imaginary places or comedones, which are almost visible.

Those who are with chronic acne eccars, as a general rule, people who can not control their compulsive desire to roast or choose their skin. Continuous compression and selection can cause open ulcers.When these wounds flow, they are susceptible to a greater choice. It is converted into a vicious cycle, which is difficult to break.

The habit can achieve the level as a discount diagnosed as disorder.It is now currently on the list as a different obsessive-compulted disorder in the ‘diagnostic guidelines and statistics of mental disorders, the 5th edition’.

Treatment .Antibiotics may be necessary if defeats are infected. But these treatment methods will not fight for the most significant source of permanent choice on the skin.

People with taking acne generally want to stop pick up on their skin.Sometimes, a dermatologist can help, explaining the importance of politics ‘by hand’. But it is often not a question of will.

racne Ackenne can also be accompanied by anxiety disorders, attention to hyperactivity disorders of care and hyperactivity (ADHD), depression or other mood disorders.

Treatment for Excariate Acne adapts to a person.In addition to acne acne preparations , those who with angry angry can benefit from psychological advice, drug therapy for those associated with mood disorders, or substantive therapy.

Word get Meds information

If you have a compulsive desire to choose your skin, you should talk with your dermatologist or family of the family. Do not confuse.This is a recognized state of health, and help is available to help.

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