Folliculitis of the hot tub: review and more


Hydromassage bath folliculitis or ‘Hydromassage rash’ is a bacterial skin infection,It appears anywhere from several hours up to several days after using a hot tub or an incorrectly compatible whirlpool group.The bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa infects the hair follicles, especially where the swimsuits are found with the skin.

Treatment for hydromassage bath folliculitis varies from domestic or excessive drugs prescribed for severe cases, but general measures can prevent infection.This condition is also called Pseudomonas folliculitis.

Symptoms of Furniture whirlpool bath

Hydromassage Funculite Rash Zudit, Bumpy and Network.Remember Acne , however, the eruption looks much faster.

When it first appears, the whirlpool of the Fallikulitis causes an abundance of small grain shocks , called paples. These bright dark red papules.

How the eruption progresses, the strikes are becoming more and more soft nodules, which can contain up to three centimeters. The HaventrolesPustulas and full of gluts can also be formed around the hair follicles.

The eruption can blink anywhere in the body, which came into contact with contaminated water. The corrections appear more frequently in parts of the body, which were exposed to wet clothing and swimsuits.

The nipples and women can become infected and swell and soften.It is rare, but some people with a whirlpool bath as a whole also feel motionless in general and can develop other symptoms,Such as:

  • fever
  • headache
  • nausea
  • nausea
  • >
  • Swollen Linfhauses

Bath folliculitis hydromassage. Joel Carillet / Getty Images


Hydromassage bathtub.Aeruginosa) , which infects the top of the hair follicles .This is the same microbe responsible for Otitis Extraction, or the swimmer’s ear .

, the more it is its likelihood of the development of the hydromassage bath of salology.

Water may seem clear and clean and still pseudomonass bacteria.

as an indicated name, whirlpool bathtub, the most common hydromassage bathtubs, in which the chlorine level or pH is not admitted properly.However, there are other potential sources:

  • jacuzzi and physiotherapy pools
  • swimming pools, specially used by a large number of people
  • warm lakes,Deo Arroyos rivers
  • Water posters
  • Contaminated inflatable toys

can drive to a wet swimming cost It was not washed and dried completely to use or stay in a wet swimsuit too long.

Other removable reasons often lost for the whirlpool of the folliculite. Consider this opportunity if it develops the eruption, but it was not in A whirlpool or a pool, or if you have recurring cases.

Anyone can cut the hot bath of skirtitis, but some people are more perceived than others:

  • with a compromising immune system
  • people with eczema, dermatitis, or who recently shaved or wax,All of which can endanger the protective barrier of the skin
  • small children who tend to play in water for long periods of time, and the elderly

They apply through personal contact with infected lesions.


A health care provider should be able to diagnose the hot bath of the follicle, just looking at it and knowing that the patient recently used the whirlpool bath.In general, additional tests are not necessary.

However, if remedies and care at home outside your medical care are not cleaned to determine the cause of the sample.This can be done, taking a sample of blister fluid or small skin biopsy . Abstract seen under a microscope to look for bacteria pseudomonas .

These tests can also be ordered if there are doubts about what causes the rash.The whirlpool bath of the folliculite looks like other skin conditions, such as:


Pseudomonas aeruginosa can not survive in healthy skin, therefore,The eruption is usually resolved on your own after seven to 10 days. You may need several domestic tools to help relieve symptoms and healing speed.

Consult your health care provider before testing any of them:

  • Hot urine, wet or compressing an infected area several times a day can relieve pain.
  • Medications preceded against itching, such as 1% hydrocortisone, can also help alleviate discomfort. Ask your health care provider or pharmaceutical recommendations.And sometimes, diluted white compressions of white vinegar are recommended, such as acetic acid (acid found in vinegar), killing to kill pseudomonas. The general guidelines ask for half water, the mixture of average size is applied as a compressor to an infected area for 15 minutes at a time, twice a day.

Since the eruption is relatively benign and auto-zero, the Falloculite Jacuzas generally do not require a certain method of treatment.

If home care does not do a trick, or if your eruption is weighing, your health care provider can prescribe a topical antimicrobial, such as gentamicin, splashing.In the extended and sustainable cases of an oral antibiotic cypro (ciprofloxacin) can be prescribed.

you have to call your doctor,If:

  • your eruption did not improve after 14 days
  • your eruption is increasingly painful or common
  • develops big tips or packages
  • Your fabric or your breast nipples are painful
  • feel sick or have a fever

The hot tub consists of a welding. It must disappear over time, but it can take up to 18 months.If the hyperpigmented leather is concerned about you, ask your health care provider about the treatment that can help fade the discolored areas.


The shower after coming into contact with contaminated water does not prevent infection, but there are several things you can do to reduce the risk of a contracting hydromassage bath. Clothing as soon as possible.Weight in a wet suit increases the risk of developing eruption. Lift the swimsuits too.

  • If you have a swimming pool or hot tub, clean and chlorinating it regularly. Make sure that the water filtration system works constantly.They often track disinfection levels and change water as necessary.
  • Learn how often public swimsuits are passed or swimsuits.Public swimming pools, hot tubs, therapy pools, water water areas or other recreation areas, usually have a high traffic and can be easily contaminated. U.S.Centrators for controlling and preventing diseases and prevention, it is recommended to test water, at least twice a day. You can do it, soaking them in diluted bleaching and a mixture of water for 5 minutes and rinse completely .
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    Hydromassage bath folliculitis is generally not a serious condition, although in some cases it can be serious and requires treatment.This can lead to shame and concern for some, because infected skin can be unsightly, so home remedies can help the healing speed.

    The best weapon is prevention, which means that the knowledge in which nests and how the object is based, and the washing of its swimsuits after bathing.

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