Fomite Transfer and Std Riesgo


Igage Transmission refers to the transmission of infectious diseases by objects. More specifically, this refers to the transfer of infectious diseases by microbes left on objects.One of the common examples of this is how cold viruses can spread by people, sneezing and seeking. Another – this is how food can be contaminated in raw cut joints.



The transmission Fomite occurs when viruses or bacteria remaining inSurfacesAusan infections. This is, in contrast to the transmitted diseases of a person, in the air, in infected with water or otherwise. Some diseases are more often transmitted by the fomites than others.

Just because on the surfaces you can find live pathogens on the surfaces, it does not necessarily mean that the transmission of people can take place. The risk of transmission Fomita varies according to a number of factors.These include: / P>

  • Bacteria or viruses included
  • How many bacteria / The viruses must be set to become infectious
  • temperature and humidity of the room
  • ,It is the surface of porous or non-porous factors

other factors.

How is the contamination performed

There are many ways in which fomites can ultimately on the surface where they will represent the risk of others.Sneezing and cough can disperse pathogens directly on the surface. The washing toilet can be activated and driving to its presence on other surfaces. Even Hand dryers can extend the bacteria around the room. However, the most important method of infected surfaces, hand in hand.

People who do not wash hands after sneezing or coughing. People who do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Highs that do not wash hands after touching other potentially contaminated surfaces.Everyone can take the transmission of fomite on the surface, and then others.

LO More important is what you can do to reduce the transmission of fomite – touch a hand. If you have done everything you could get in touch with the help of secret tools, wash your hands disguised, changed the diaper, or He lasted his nose, to wash his hands. If you sneeze, wash your hands.Wash your hands after touching dirty objects, such as cutting boards, also a good idea.

Surface cleaners also play a role in reducing the propagation of infections.However, not all disinfectants are equally working equally in the murder of all viruses and bacteria. Some pathogens more susceptible to specific detergents than others.However, regular cleaning of surfaces that come into contact with potentially infectious fluids of the body is a good way to reduce the risk of transmission of fomite, even if it is not 100 percent.

If you share the home with someone with infectious disease, and is worried about the fomite gears, start in the store. Read the label in the disinfectant that you use as a surface cleaner.Most of them will disarm at what pathogens they are effective against. Therefore, you can choose a disinfectant, the best suitable for your needs. He does not want to accidentally distribute the infection in his home, and not get rid of it.So use the correct cleaner and change your rags often.

STDS, which can be transferred to Fomites

HPV was found on numerous surfaces. It can be transferred from the hand for genital .Also probably HPV can be transmitted from surfaces such as sex toys.

Hepatitis C , as well as other hepatitis viruses can also Be transmitted fomites. Fortunately, hepatitis A and hepatitis B has been prevailing the vaccine. There are also new and more efficient procedures for hepatitis C.

Other diseases that can be transmitted

A series of other diseases can also be transferred to the fomites.In fact, the transmission fits is discussed more frequently in the context of respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.Some of the infections that can be transferred to fosters, including: / P>

  • Respiratory Synchratial Virus (RSV )
  • rhinovirus
  • coronavirus
  • adevirus
  • difficult (C.Dift)
  • Foot disease and mouth
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