Free Throxin Test: Uses, Side Effects, Procedure and Results


Thyroxine Free Thyroxine, often known as the free T4 test, measures the amount of free thyroxine in your blood. Tyroxine (also called T4) is one of the main hormones produced by its thyroid gland.When T4 is created, some of the hormones are linked to proteins, and the rest is freely distributed.

t4 free, which is tested on a residue and is available for cells in the body, which will be used for things like a function of heart and digestion, metabolism, brain development and health and bone muscles.

Try Purpose

The health provider can request a free T4 test if the patient has symptoms of thyroid disease , such as weight loss,Rapid levels of heart rate, and sweating is associated with hyperthyroidism (when its thyroid gland produces too many hormones).A free T4 test can also be completed if you are experiencing a weight gain, a cold sensation or a total fatigue sensation that can be connected to hypothyroidism (when the thyroid gland did not produce enough hormones) .

Even if it does not show signs or symptoms of thyroid disease, your health care provider may want to run a free T4 test if you have A family history of the conditions of the thyroid.A free T4 test is considered the most accurate test to estimate T4, in contrast to the total T4 test.

There is similar tests that are used to evaluate thyroid function, including the Athroom Hormone Hormone Test Test (TSH) and Triodothyronine (T3).Its TSH is a hormone produced by the pituitary glands, which informs the thyroid Zhededeva, how many T4 hormones and T3 for production in the body.

Test T3 can also be done next to a free T4 test to help report the diagnosis, since the free T4 measurement together with T3 can be useful to identify hyperthyroidism.

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Risks and contraindications

Since the T4 test is performed simply with blood drawing,We will discard some risks of the procedure, in addition to the risks you may have by getting blood .You may have a headache or feel languishing slightly during a raffle and notification of tenderness, redness or lightweight bruises on the site where a raffle occurred.If you feel nervous about the appearance of blood, be sure to inform the technique before starting the test so you can know and help you feel more comfortable during and after the test.

For example, a small sandwich and a drink after the blood drawing can easily help and any concerns that may be associated with needles.

Before the test

No medications that are needed in advance with the free T4 trial, but you should inform your doctor with a medical provider of any medication, vitamins or herbs that take time,How can it interfere in the results of the tests. Most health care providers recommend having their blood before accepting any medication if possible.

If you suffer a disease, such as a cold, your health care provider can also choose to postpone the drawing of the blood until it restores.The test itself should take only a few minutes, and the results should be available in a few days after your health care provider send your blood test tube to the laboratory to explore.


Free T4 test, it is most likely that it will take Cabo in your office health providers.In some cases, you may have to go to a separate laboratory so that your blood is addressed during the time it is convenient for you.

What to use

Do not forget to use a shirt that can be easily collapsed, or a t-shirt sweatshirt In the lower part, so you can eliminate it to draw blood.It is important for a technique that performs a blood pattern to be able to access your hand to find a better vein from which you can take blood with a minimum discomfort for you. .

. TEST T4. The additives that contain biotin should be interrupted four days before the test. Be careful of eating a healthy food or snack per hour or two to your t4 tub free to avoid dizziness or frivolous during the drawing of the blood.

Cost and medical insurance

If necessary from a point of view Doctor, a free T4 test generally covered with health insurance.Depending on your plan, coverage may have to pay for resistance fee, which is generally 10% to 50%.

Interpretation results

As soon as your health care provider send blood, stretching yourself in a laboratory for analysis, the results should take more than a few days before the week.The results of the free T4 trial vary depending on your age, gender and health history. The usual free T4 range in adults is 0.8 to 2.8 nanograms for deciltera (NG / DL). The highest levels of T4 may indicate that it has an inactive thyroid gland, since the lowest levels of T4 may indicate that it has an inappropriate shield.

Free trial results T4 will help your health care provider determine the next step of testing tests, as well as for the need for treatment.

The results can also help you if the current treatment for thyroid disease diagnosed is previously running successfully.Free T4 tests are generally evaluated with other thyroid diagnostic tests, including TSH test, and, sometimes, T3 test.For example, if the results show a high level of TSH and a low level T4 level, this indicates a hypotirenea due to a defect in the thyroid gland.

The low TSH level and low level T4 level is likely to be hypothroidity due to a flaw in the pituitary gland,As well as a high TSH level the free level T4 can be a hyperthytene due to a defect in the thyroid gland.

While there are no changes in lifestyle that can increase or reduce free T4 on the body,Medications can be prescribed to help adjust the amount included in the bloodstream to help make sure your body works with optimal hormone levels.In some cases, such as pregnancy, free level T4 can increase as a result, which is not necessarily a sign of thyroid disease. In such cases, such, free T4 levels are returned to normal after birth.

Word of the Meds information received

Reading the free test results T4 without a full-length panel of the thyroid gland, including TSH test,It can provide an incomplete appearance of its thyroid function. This is because even if you see abnormal free T4 levels, it is important to understand why these levels are abnormal, either a problem with your thyroid gland or its pituitary.

Free test results T4 -This is just the idea of how your thyroid gland works in general, and it is important to discuss all the results of the tests with your health care provider so that you can determine what is the normal level T4 for your health history, therefore Together,It can be effectively related to your specific thyroid disorder with minimal side effects.

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