Fun bone pain and nerve loln on the elbow.


Have you ever hit your funny bone? Click on the correct point behind the elbow , the so-called funny bone, can lead to sensations of pain and tingling to hit your forearm.People often describe this feeling as an electrical amortized pain typical of the irritated nerve.

Usually, it is a sharp shake for the elbow, which decides quickly, but it can also cause more permanent symptoms in some people.

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Anatomy and reason

is actually when it comes to ‘ Funny bone ‘, does not exceed the bone in general.You , as it passes around the back of the elbow. , because the elbow nerve sits only on top of a rigid elbow and because most people have many fat pillows in this place, the nerve is Prone to irritation.

Elbow in the connection of three bones: chumerus (arm sketch), ulna and > (bone forearm). The shoulder shoulder has a groove in an internal appearance, where the nerve of the elbow, the courses tight behind behind the joint.This is a place where the nerve of the elbow is often upset when the nerve is pinched at the end of the bone.


When it hits its funny bone or is more correct, the nerve lol, experiences pain, where the nervous works of Loln: by the forearm and in the ring and the small fingers.This is called the distribution of the elbow nerve, and this is the area of the body, where the cuctital nerve provides a feeling. / P>

This area is very consistent, which means that only all the nerves Lolnnyh provide a feeling of exactly The same parts Body.In particular, the cubital nerve provides a feeling on the smaller fingers (Minevent) and about half the annular finger. Other nerves offer a feeling to other parts of the hand, including the median nerve and the radial nerve .

Treatment of problems of elbow nerves

Most of the injuries to the fun bones are resolved quickly.Generally, people are reminded to shake their forearm and hand until their symptoms leave.

Other treatment options include elbow rectification (elbow bending can stretch the nerve), limiting elbow mobility, as well as the steps to reduce inflammation. Inflammation can be reduced by consuming oral anti-inflammatory drugs, applying the ice elbow and other alternative and natural treatments .

In rare circumstances, fanmeter nerve injuries can cause more permanent symptoms, the condition is called syndrome in the state of the cubal tunnel .In these situations, patients can benefit from the use of tires that they carry at night. Most of the time, these tires are manufactured by a professional or manual therapist, or can request a standard online splint size.

If the symptoms become longer, the surgical procedure can be removed to facilitate pressure and tension in the elbow nerve. Procedures or decompress the nerve, detecting either narrow restrictions around the nerve and produce them.

In more severe cases, the nerve can actually move the area without a great pressure on the nerve (called the nerve transposition of the elbow).

Good news is that almost all people can find permission with an easier and irritable treatment! So the fun part of ‘funny bone’ is that it is not a bone at all.

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