General description Rabdomiolysis


remomylysis, sometimes called ‘Rabdo’ in the clinical language, implies ‘ Muscle breakdowns ‘.This is a clinical syndrome, where the muscles begin to break and lead to changes at the level of liquid and electrolytes in the body, which leads to harmful consequences.

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Causes of rabondomyolysis

Several factors were associated with rkadomyolism. Here are some examples:

  • medications; for instance.Statins and fibrates (preparations used to reduce cholesterol), colchicine (drop medications), antibiotics, steroids , etc.
  • Exercise Interselect infugges of infugment Rabradomyolysis or Rhabdomyolysis of hole
  • The high temperatures that cause a warm course are a predisposed factor.
  • illegal drugs, such as cocaine and amphetamines

Symptoms of rhabdomyolysis

, as a general rule, the affected patient will report extreme muscle pain, muscle rigidity, swelling,Weaknesses and, sometimes, ‘Dark / Coloned Urine.

As a risolysis affects the kidney

Rabomomyolysis affects renal function in several ways.The breakdown of the muscles leads to the body movement of the body of blood vessels to the damaged muscles, in fact, creating and worsening the state of dehydration.This is sometimes sufficient enough to cause a serious reduction in renal function, often called acute kidney injury.The electrolyte levels can also be changed in the blood and can manifest:

  • higher phosphorus levels
  • decreased calcium levels
  • >
  • Increase potassium levels
  • increased levelsUric acid

Other path to Robdomiolesolong The kidney is a phenomenon called Myoglobinuria . Myoglobin is a protein, which is found in the muscles. When the muscles are broken, this myoglobin is produced in the blood, where it goes to the kidney.The kidneys do not use the excrete myoglobins and this protein, as well as toxic to renal cells, drainage kidney systems, called tubules, often litter. This can lead to kidney failure.In the worst situations induced by the kidney of slavery due to myoglobinuria, it can lead to irreversible renal failure that requires long-term dialysis .

Slave diagnostics (

The diagnosis of rolmlysis depends on the clinical presentation, which includes symptoms and signs of presentation, such as muscle pain.Some more specific symptoms will include tail urine tests. Defor the fault may be obvious in the blood test, as well as the high levels of creatinine.The urine test can show the presence of myoglobin, an abnormal protein released in the urine of muscle breakdown.

Treatment of Rabbomyolyz

In addition to treating the main reason, which took it,The essence of the treatment of rabdomyrolysis adjusts anomalous levels of electrolyte and aggressive hydration of the patient affected with intravenous fluid. There were also some discussions on what intravenous fluid is better for the patient in this situation.In the past, the alkaline urine with sodium bicarbonate was the maintenance standard. As its superiority over other intravenous fluids, such as a normal saline, has never been categorically tested.

The treatment of the doctor will direct its renal function while it is in intravenous fluids. As a general rule, its symptoms and renal function should start for several days, and the urine must begin to clarify.However, some patients can develop injuries to such a problem that dialysis may be necessary. Remember that dialysis is support therapy. This does not apply to renal insufficiency; This only replaces the RiƱon function .If the kidneys will recover, you will do it yourself, and everything the patient and doctor can do to give them a support environment. Rarely, the patient can become dialysis, dependent on life.

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