Good antibacterial soap for acne


use an antibacterial hand soap to get a crispy skin and reduce bacteria. Then, you start thinking, maybe it will help you clarify your skin.

in a word, no. Antibacterial manual soap will not clean acne.This is not an excellent option to cleanse the face in general, and it will not do much for body progress.

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SOAP and bacteria

It is true that acne, partly caused by bacteria.Acnes acnes acnes acsnes may be accurate. And yes, a decrease in acne bacteria can have a positive effect on your skin.

But bacteria are just a piece of acne acne development cake.Here, too, there are other factors, such as hormones , abnormal failure of skin cells, as well as inactive Shan glands .

These factors contribute to the development of comments, which is an unusual name for the connected pore . these locks They begin so small that you can not see them at first glance.But when they grow, they progress in acne or in inflamed places, such as paples and pustules.

Antibacterial soap will not stop blocking pores. To improve acne, you should point to all factors that cause acne, not just bacteria.

Problems with soap for your hands

The antibacterial manual soaps are made, well, your hands.The skin of the hands is tougher and can usually withstart stronger detergents than delicate skin on the face. The use of manual soap on the face can easily approach and irritate your skin. Squeaky Clean is not what you’re going here.

There are better cleaning options for antibacterial cleaning. The purification, designed specifically for delicate skin, cleans dirt and excess oil without elimination and drying. .Although the skin is not dried (depending on the amount of fatty skin, of course, of course), it is almost a significant means to clean the progress. These products are simply not formulated for acne treatment.

Acne is not caused by dirty skin. Soap can help in treatment, but on the skin it should be gently, or the condition can worsen.

In the counter parameters

Processing products for acne (OTC) will give you better results than you can have an antibacterial soap.If you are interested in using detergent or rinse, there are many options for the cleaning of faces acne on the face . The ingredients that are ungratefully to search in their detergent Acne OTC are benzoyl peroxide and / or / or / or salicylic acid .

Benzoyl peroxide will not only help reduce bacteria, but can also reduce the stain and save the pores that will be connected.Benzoyl peroxide remains the most effective ingredient in the acne combat battle, which can overcome the meter. .Salicylic acid helps accelerate the cells and keeps the pores of the pores connected, so it is suitable for domestic acne.

Salicylic acid can help increase the efficiency of benzoyl peroxide when used in combination. To avoid irritation, some people will use salicylic acid for a night and benzoyl peroxide for the next.

You do not need to spend a lot of money in the acne cleaner. The pharmacies of the brand can work, as well as the fashionable product of the cab. Just make sure you check the active ingredients.

Cleaners are not the only options for treating Acne OTC.Toners, medicinal purges and lotions containing the above ingredients are also a great option.

Prescription medications

Acne preparations RESENTDUCTOR are also available.If you have already tried to overcome a severity of acne without improvement, medications for acne resort are the next step.

It is also a route that you must accept if what is affected if your eels are moderate. The contraband procedures simply will not be strong enough to obtain control of the coating.

If you have trouble getting your acne, ask your provider of medical reference services to a dermatologist, which can recommend the best options for your type of acne.

Word of the Meds information received

get acne you can try it under control. With all the products in the market and the controversial information you found, it may seem overwhelming.

The most important thing you should remember is that proven procedures, such as OTC and recipe, will be cleaner than better results.Most of these acne piracy treatments associated with odd ingredients are simply not based on science and will not get the results you are looking for. This means that antibacterial hand soap.

If you need help to choose the correct acne processing for you, your dermatologist is just a phone call.

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