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, although it is true that the dream of a good night is important for good health, excessive sleep has been associated with many medical problems. It’s important that when you make sure you have enough sleep every day you also make sure it is not too good.

Find out how much you need to sleep, every night you can provide you with a milestone to make sure you are not at risk of having negative consequences of too much sleep.

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How much do you sleep too much?

Number of sleep,A necessary person is different for each person. It depends on several factors.


Our genes play part in our inner dream and , two Basic biological sleep system.The studios found that some people have a genetic mutation that allows them to feel rested as only four hours of sleep. This gene is rare and inherited.However, most people need at least seven to eight hours of sleep, at night to feel rested and updated.


Children need more sleep than adults. Older adults, on the other hand, need to sleep more than young adults.

Activity level

The most active, more sleep you need. Body for the recovery of exercise.


When a person faces health problems, they will need more sleep. This refers to short-term diseases, such as influenza and long-term chronic conditions, such as diabetes.

Change in life

Stress and life can increase the desire to sleep or make it harder to sleep.There is no doubt, regardless of whether there will be changes in stress and life with positive or negative, will affect human dream.

In general terms, an adult, who is constantly sleeping ten or more hours at night, probably sleeps too much and should talk to the doctor.


There are several reasons why a person can sleep too much.


This is a medical term to sleep too much and for excessive daylights. Muh, like insomnia (insomnia), dream too much, a sign of messy sleep. Hypersomnia is diagnosed when excessive sleep does not have a well-known explanation. / P>

Somnolence with hyperpomnia can not be resolved.Hyperpomnia makes a man sleep unusually long periods at night. Hyperesomnia also causes low energy, memory and anxiety problems.


is a neurological sleep disorder, where the brain can not control sleep and alarm cycles.People with <> narcolepsy have an excessive daily drowsiness and can fall asleep during the day and during normal activity, such as driving.

Obstructive sleep apnea

is a Sleep the disorder forces people to stop breathing for a short time. It can also cause a greater need to sleep, because it violates the natural cycle of sleep.


Depression It is one of the most common reasons why a person can sleep too much. The remote lady from depression makes man talked all the time and has no energy.

Some medications for health. The conditions can make a person feel tired and often sleeping.


Alcohol, no matter how much, you can contribute to sleep disorders. This includes a sleep and snoring apnea. It is also known that it causes sleep disorders, especially with meatballs and daily drowsiness.

Most reasons for sleeping too temporarily. They can be resolved with simple lifestyle changes, including healthy, active, while maintaining a regular schedule and put it in unhealthy habits.

Related medical problems

Sleep too much, it can also be the same as the damage of how to sleep very little. Sleeping too much can put a person in danger to a series of health conditions.

Heart disease

Sleep too much increase in people who grow heart disease,What is the cause of the death of in the United States in the United States according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This risk is higher for women, because they sleep more than men.

To have overweight

Study showed that people who sleep too much tend to weigh more. It is possible that the heavy weight sleeps more and is less than a person sleeps, less move, and fewer calories that burn.


Sleeping too much You can raise blood sugar levels and increase the risk of diabetes A>However, this risk may be more associated with sedentary and overweight, and not associated with any particular connection between diabetes and excessive sleep.

. According to the study in the magazine American Society Geriatry . This is probably due to the frequency with which a person wakes up at night, which means that it is possible that they do not receive enough resting capacity necessary to refresh and restore brain.


Depression and sleep, as a rule, interlaced. In turn, sleep more time can perpetuate the depressive state of man.

When people who tend to headaches Sleep too much, they will experience more heads. Test. Think that this is happening, because excessive sleep causes certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

Spending too much time in bed can lead to feeling pain, especially for people with back problems.Lack of movement, lying in a position for too long, or even a bad mattress, everything can lead to a greater pain. People who have pain, also suffer from a bad dream, which makes them want to sleep more time.

When searching for help

Anyone who is constantly found to sleep 10 or more watches per night, should consult a doctor to determine why they slept.If you have slept, it is the result of the use of too much alcohol or certain medications, reduce or eliminate these substances can help.

Of course, if it sounds related to the consequences of the prescription, medications should not stop without approving the doctor.If the illustration is caused by the health condition, the management of this condition and practitioners, sleep habits can help reduce the need for enlightenment.

Word of the medications received

Regardless of the cause of the lighting of People who practice good sleep habits can help you get seven or eight hours of quality quality, you need.It is also a good idea to go to bed at the same time every night and have the same time wake up. Avoid caffeine and alcohol too close to the shooting. Clean exercises can improve sleep quality. Conveniently without distracting factors.

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