Health benefits of Oscillococina


Oscillococcinum is a brand name homeopathic remedy used to treat influenza . Oscillococine, taken at the first sign of flu-like symptoms, is believed to help relieve symptoms and shorten the duration of the flu. However, the research to support this is limited.

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Oscillococcinum is made from extracts of duck heart and liver, which are believed by homeopaths to be reservoirs for the influenza virus . The drug is prepared from 200 dilutions. The first mix contains 1% duck extract, the second contains 1% of the first mix, the third contains 1% of the second mix, and so on until it is diluted 200 times.

Also know as

  • Hepatitis Anas barbariae
  • Cordis extract 200 c

Health benefits

Based on the theory that "the similar cures the similar", homeopathy seeks to treat disease by administering very small doses of a substance that causes symptoms characteristic of the disease being treated. According to homeopathic philosophy, these highly diluted doses can activate the body's innate self-healing mechanisms.

While a small amount of research suggests that oscillococcinum may have some beneficial effects for people with the flu, there is no evidence that it can prevent the flu or be a first-line treatment for the virus.

A 2015 review found only two trials that contained enough information to extract data, and the risk of bias in these two trials was unclear. The limited evidence from these two studies found no evidence to support the prophylactic use of Oscillococcinum. An earlier review of seven studies involving 2,265 patients found no evidence that Oscillococcinum could prevent influenza-like syndrome .

Possible side effects.

Because they are so diluted, homeopathic remedies such as oscillococina generally do not cause side effects. However, in some cases, patients may feel worse for a short time after starting homeopathic treatment. In one case, the use of oscilloscope was associated with the development of angioedema caused by an allergic reaction .

Despite the low risk of side effects, it is important to be careful when using oscilloscope to treat influenza. Because the flu virus can cause complications such as pneumonia , a life-threatening condition, you should seek medical attention if you experience flu symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, muscle aches, fatigue, headache, and fever .

The safety of supplements has not been tested. And since they are largely unregulated, some products may differ in composition from what is indicated on the product label. Also, note that the safety of supplements for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and people with medical conditions or taking medications has not been established.

Dosage and preparation

Oscillococcinum is packaged in individual 0.04 ounce portions of fast dissolving granules that should be placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve.

The directions on the package state that it should be used every six hours and no more than three times a day. The product is indicated for adults and children from 2 years of age.

For those with hypersensitivity or health problems, please note that this product contains lactose and sucrose (sugar).

What to look for

Oscillococcinum is sold over the counter and is generally found in supermarkets, pharmacies, and health food stores in cold medicine departments . Supplied in a white box with yellow and blue print.

Get the word of drug information

Due to the lack of supporting research, it is too early to recommend Oscillococcinum for the treatment of influenza. If you are considering using homeopathy, talk to your healthcare provider first. Treating a disease on your own and avoiding or delaying standard treatment can have serious consequences.

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