Health risks in used ping.


Update: Recent diseases were associated with the use of electronic cigarettes (vaping).Given that the specific reasons for these cases of lung lesions are not yet known, the controls and prevention of disease and preventive (CDC) refreshing is recommended of all vaping.

clear The risks associated with the time of smoking led to state legislation in the United States to ban smoking in public places.But what about cigarettes and electronic tops?

Smoking used kills tens of thousands of people every year in the United States only. This can lead to a sudden death syndrome and pulmonary problems in children.In adults, it can lead to serious health states later in life, such as stroke, heart disease and channel channels in people who have never smoked.

Teres is still a lot, we do not know about the hazards of support in pinging, but studies show that witnesses who breathe at spray,Many of the same toxins are found in electronic cigarettes and even on traditional tobacco can be exposed.

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Second internal

How the People around smokers can breathe in a cigarette smoke.You can breathe at an electronic visionary spray if you are riding with someone. This is called a used pugging, and there were no many published research, on how the inhalation of this aerosol affects the body, especially among adolescents.

Approximately a quarter of the middle and middle school students surveyed in 2017, they said they were close to someone who at least once in the last 30 days.Some of them used the electronic cigarettes themselves, but approximately one in the first five.

Toxins that are in the vaping aerosol

Vapeing does not produce as many hostile chemicals as smokers, but studies show that it can still contain pollutants.

Some ingredients that are in the aerosol vaping spray includes:

  • formaldehyde: This is a compound created by when solvents such as propylene glycol and glycerin are heated in theGuide device. The light is easily absorbed and it can be toxic even with a high dose whipped by cancer.
  • Acrolein: This is a compound made when glycerin is heated by coils In electronic cigarette. You can irritate the respiratory tract, including delicate pulmonary tissues.
  • Benzene: This is – colorless, sweet and organic that can irritate lungs . It is also gathered in the car escape.
  • DICETYL: This is – This is a common food additive, which sometimes turns on fluid food to add rich, oily flavor (for example , Butterscotch or Caramel).It was associated with a severe lung disease, known as Easy Popcorn, which was first notified in people who worked at the popcorn plant, where diacetyl was used.
  • Heavy metals: The ingredients , such as lead, the use of cigarettes from Nickel or tin.Metallic coils to heat the fluid of food, and over time, small amounts of metals can sometimes enter spray after reuse at high temperatures.

While the man will return In its entirety, the soil of these toxins will be exhausted in the air.

Factors that affect a second in the

quantity and type of toxins emitted in the air around the steam, may depend on various factors, including the food fluid mark,The voltage of the steam device, the number of people flows at the same time, and how often or intensively believe.

For a long time, electronic cigarettes and other electronic aerosolas, which are governed by the administration of drugs and food (FDA). It was only under the Purview FDA in 2016, after they were in the market during Almost ten years.Before that, it was a wildest west, where several companies began to do and sell products with their personal rotation. As a result, there are many differences between different devices and a liquid container.These variations include:

  • Device design: as devices and e-Made of liquids, such as metals that use for heating coils, and how it is likely that metal for leech is in spray
  • voltage: how hotels the device when activated,What can affect that’s what and how many connections appear in the aerosol
  • Liquid Composition: A wide range of ingredients is used in young people and other guide fluids, including differences in solvents used (creating white clouds as a couple), flavors and additives (for example, nicotine or THC) .

Makeup of these devicesBubins with an individual or PACTING PACTINGSCAN group significantly affects what contaminants enter air and how much failure

a study, for example,He found that in most states heel who is at home all day he has not changed the air quality in a terrible amount, if they are not falling a lot in high voltage.At this point, the formaldehyde levels exceeded the limits established by the California branch of the environmental danger equalization (OEHHA), although other compounds are not addressed.

however, when you looked at other scenarios, such as bar configuration, where many people believe, researchers found that the concentration of toxins in The air, as a general rule, much higher than the adjustments of the housing.The more people were written, and more voltages were used, the worst of air quality. In some scenarios, the levels of formaldehyde and acrolein exceeded the OEHHA safety standards for the employees of the bars.

Other studies show that when using electronic cigarettes, contaminants in the air, the concentration of these toxins falls quickly after which it comes back (much faster than cigarette smoke), but this does not mean that The risk left.After air, not all these toxins will act in the same way. Some, for example, are seated on surfaces, such as carpets or furniture, where small children can touch them or swallow them inadvertently by placing contaminated objects in their mouths.

Potential health effects in the address of the second hand )

It is not yet clear how the toxins detected in the second hand can affect the health of the new, especially long-term.Limited studies still focus largely on immediate health purposes.However, there are some concerns about how to repeatedly inhale the aerosol of electronic cigarettes for a long period of time it can affect witnesses of long-term function of lungs and the risk of allergic reactions.

. A well-known exception.The investors found that the people around the Vaping spray showed an increase in the cotinine serum, which is a marker that someone has exposed to nicotine (ingredient, which is often found in electronic cigarettes). Given a long list of health risks of , supplied by Nicotine , more research should be done on how this exposure can affect something easy As if I could smoke.


Another potential risk presented by VAPING INDOX are allergic reactions, especially among children. According to research, approximately 8% of children in the United States have food allergies. Nuts (total food allergies) are sometimes used to add flavors in the direction of liquids. If a child swallows or refers to liquids with an allergen in it, they can have a reaction.This, however, now is just a theoretical risk at this time, since a small study was made on the subject. In the same way, the US Government. UU has taken measures to limit the most efficient savorable scalage products in 2020.Although it should be reduced by the number of flavored cartridges available in the United States, the guidelines are limited to the products presented in the market authorization, and do not include those that are made at home or purchased on the Internet from other countries.

They are sent in the form of a gateway

In addition to the still unclear health risks associated with breathing in e-The spray of cigarettes, which is around people who vape, may have other consequences for adolescents who, most likely, will influence social norms and visual advice.The concern among some health professionals is that the view that other people in VAPE can encourage young people to take their right and possibly help renormal to the use of tobacco in general.

Many unknowns

Speed investigators Learning the health of the consequences of liabilities of smoking.It can be for some time before we have a clear image of how pong, the support can affect the long-term health of people, especially for young children.

During the study, it is likely that concentrations of formaldehyde and other substances fall below OEHHA standards inside the house,The levels established by these safety standards are intended for healthy adults in workers’ work plans, pregnant women, pregnant, elderly, elderly, or people with chronic health problems. What can be considered insurance for an average workplace that can still represent severe health risks for a more medical point of view.

The laws that prohibit driving in public places

To reduce the potential risks represented by Verda used, some states,The United States and the city began to limit where people can vape.According to the US foundations of Nezhmokra, as of January 2020, 19 states and more than 900 municipalities include, including other electronic smoking devices in their laws and politicians who prohibit smoking in certain environments, such as schools or jobs.

Some of these laws offer exceptions. For example, in New York and Vermont Vaping is prohibited at all free places (for example, jobs , bars, restaurants and gambling), except electronic cigarette shops.

Word of the MED information resulting

There are not many studies about the Health harmful damage.The first studies suggest that the risks established by Pugu Usreeania are significantly lower than smoking support, but this is a low bar, taking into account the way the heavy cigarette smoke is found in the body.The aerosol produced by electronic cigarettes and other aerosolar can still contain potentially dangerous toxins, including nicotine.We still do not know how these toxins affect the body of the long-term perspective, especially for young children who are exposed to a food spray for many years and decisive periods of development.

If you or someone you know, depending on the vape, speak immediately with the health care provider, which can help you quit smoking or reduce how much you are using electronic cigarettes.

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