Healthy cartilage is vital for a joint function.


kartilagy is an important component of healthy joints. In osteoarthritis , your cartilage is damaged or used.

What is the cartilage?

This necessary construction block of your body serves a useful goal. Your body contains three different types of kartalazalin, elastic and fiber.The HORINE cartilage, also called cartilage of articular cartilage, is the type that patients with arthritis are more familiar.

. Chrying is difficult, but FlexibleSse has two components: water and matrix.About 65% to 80% of the articular cartilage is water, but decreases with normal aging.

The matrix consists of collagen , Proteoglycans and non-chaagic proteins.Although the cartilage is a highly organized structure, several types of cartilage have several different properties that allow specific functions in the body.

Kartilage lacks blood supply, nerves and lymphatic system.Chondrocytes are the only cells that are usually found in cartilage. Chondrocytes produce and maintain a cartilage matrix.

Hyalin or joint cartilage is very soft and has low friction, which allows the bones in the joint to slide together when driving. Articular cartilage serves as a pillow inside the joint, as well as a shock absorber.When the cartilage is damaged or worn, the affected articulation becomes painful, rigid and limited in the range of movement .

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What happens when crying

The cartilage can get worse with time if it is not careful.The damage cartilage is found for several reasons. The growth or repair of the cartilage, however, has a limited potential.If the joint is charged with an incorrect alignment, excessive weight, excessive activity, excessive use or injury, articular cartilage cartilage.

Progressive cartilage degeneration causes cause pain and inflammation. With , the articular cartilage can be worn completely, so that the joints of the joints no longer have their pillows, and It starts to draw bones in the bones .In such cases, there is a significant pain, loss of movement and functional disabilities associated with the affected compound.

The damage to articular cartilage can be seen on the x-ray.On x-ray , damage to cartilage is considered as a narrowing of the articulation space between the bones, which form the connection.In the knee, the loss of art cartilage usually correlates with the loss of menus cartilage.

The Loss of articular cartilage creates an additional voltage at the ends of the bones that form a compound.The additional voltage at the ends of the bones in the joint can lead to the fact that osteophytes or spectacular bones that form the joints in the fields.

The new methods are trying to restore articular cartilage. Osteochondral transmission, autologous chondrocyte implementation and mesenchymal regeneration of stem cells that try to restore articular cartilage.

With osteochondral transplant, a bone bifurcation and healthy cartilage of an area is collected and then transplanted to another site. Currently, this procedure treats injuries. The implantation of rupees of chondrocytes includes cleaning of healthy cartilage cells, which are then cultivated and implanted in the lesion. This technique is also used for knee injuries.

The cell regeneration of the mesenchymal trunk is still experimental, , but it is believed that the MSC can be obtained from the bone marrow, placed in a Gel matrix, and implant at the site where new cartilage will be developed.Early detection and early treatment of osteoarthritis can help prevent additional damage to cartilage. The best opportunity to prevent or slow down the damage to the cartilage is supplied with early treatment.

Medications used to control osteoarthritis and other types of arthritis, joint protection methods and good body mechanism help maintain healthy cartilage. After the set damages become serious and interfere with daily life, a joint replacement operation may be the best option to restore the function. Your health care provider will help you decide what is best for you.

Word of the medical instruments obtained

Loss of cartilage in one or more The joints can be very painful and, ultimately, to functional restrictions or maybe even a disability.Keep the cartilage, maintaining your joint joints .

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