Healthy Fast Food Elections for Diabetics.


diabetes control means managing multiple dishes and sandwiches during the day, ideally, ideally, ideally, plan in advance and eat as much food to control calories, carbohydrates and sugar.This may be a problem if you have diabetes, , since you should have to keep blood sugar levels under control: real life It simply does not allow each food and sandwiches from zero at home.

This means that sometimes fast food is the only option, it is not necessarily a bad option, despite the fact that it has a reputation of saturated fats of heavy carbohydrates and added sugar.If you do your homework and choose with your mind, you can easily include these convenient offers in a common diabetes meal plan.

Basic diabetes Recommendations for the diet

If you are not diagnosed recently with diabetes,The possibilities that these standard rules already include managing what you eat during the day Manage blood sugar levels and, if you need it, lose weight .If not, they will help you make an intelligent fast food option; If so, you should always consider.

  • fill fresh, not starchy vegetables. are packed with low-fat nutrients and calories, and have a low glycemic index and calorie donations fresh vegetables is not so hard to find in the fast food menu,As Creefallo
  • Be careful with the parts , especially in fast food restaurants, which encourages ‘overlapping’.’A way to do it is to use a plate : divide your plate into three sections and devote the starchy half-to-three to four ounces from a laundry protein (approximately Size of the palm of your hand),and a quarter of grain with high fiber or beans.
  • Carbohydrate maintenance consistency. This means that you are trying to eat the same amount of carbohydrates with each type of day-to-day food, 45 grams (G) Carber for breakfast and lunch, 15 g for sandwiches and 60 g for dinner.

  • Know what to clarify. Some products simply do not correspond to dietary diabetes: exquisite carbohydrates and treated (white bread, pasta, baked goods or baked salty); sugar drinks (including fruit juice, if only your glucose );Sweet and other sweets.
  • To be mentioned on the fruits. fruit contains natural sugar, but fresh, whole fruit, like the boundaries of bergiosar while limiting parts up to two to three per day and knows about what (including dried fruits ).
  • SEPA THAT ORDER A , falls into the passage. You can find detailed information about nutrition for all items offered at fast food restaurants on the company’s websites.You can also try Android applications and iOS devices that list the values of fast food values of specific restaurants.

Fast food to choose

Do you have an emergency for Tex Mex, Yen for Sushi, thirsty hamburger , or forced, Poultry,Assume the nearest amenities to store in a snack, having a feeling of the best and worst options can help you keep it to the diabetes diet plan,Keep the blood sugar levels from Zigzag and promote general health nutrition.

Hamburger Restaurant

Burgers observed, French fries and milk cocktails are basic Empty places like Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King.Nobody is the perfect choice if you have diabetes, but most fast food chains now offer healthier items and meet the food plan for diabetes.

Order this.They are

  • regular or junior size burger or grilled sandwich on a whole grain bun (if applicable)

  • Hamburger / sandwich, for example, vegetables (salad, tomato, onions) and condiments,Including mustard, sauce, spicy sauce, ketchup (conscious of added salad)

  • lateral (easy waiver, without crmnons)

  • Diet, slightly sweetened lemonade, minor ice tea,Water

  • Main dish Salad (vegetation and other fresh vegetables, nuts, beans, chicken grill, no sugar light,Añadido)

  • Aireal with Fruta

  • Yogurt Parfait Con Fruta

Sáltate …

  • grande a multi-Patty Hamburger or crispy chicken sandwich in a white bun

  • Cheese, bacon, mayonnaise,Special sauces

  • FRETE FRESCH FRIES or other sides of toasted centennial

  • milkshake or other frozen milk drink or dessert

  • saladins, like roasted stripes of tortilia, crutons,Heavy cheese and bandage containing added sugar

  • macaroni, potatoes or other salads that contain mayonnaise or bandage

  • egg sandwiches in the English cupcake, cookies,Or other bread

Sandwich restaurants

An advantage with restaurants like the subway and perhaps is that you have the opportunity to create your own sandwich, ,What makes it easier to choose the ingredients that are diabetes conduits and to your liking.

Ask this …

  • six inches on grilled chicken, breast turkey or cold cut subst

  • Sandwich Add -ONS: Salad, tomatoes, onions, gherkin, guacamole

  • apple or other fresh fruits

  • Dietetics, indifferent tea, lemonade Low-headed, water

Skip …

  • FoundizeEEK, meatball or other high fat protein

  • mayonnaise, ranch and rich (potentially shrimp) sauces

  • chips and other fried sandwiches

  • regular soda, sweet tea with ice,Sweetened Fruit Drinks

  • cookies

< Fried chicken Restaurants

In general, Poultry farming -This is an intelligent option, following Dietexcept’s friendly diabetes when it is packed or omitted in flour and frit.This version not only adds carbohydrates and saturated calories, as well as the menu items in restaurants, such as KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Popeyes.

Ask for is …

  • Grilled chicken without leather

  • greens

< Skip it ...

Chinese restaurants

White rice is the main product of Asian cuisine, but this is a heavy source of carbohydrates.When visiting fast food establishments, such as Panda Express, focus on vegetables and proteins not paralyzed.

Sort ..

  • Fried potatoes with flattens, protein squirrels and vegetables

  • Integral rice (small part)

Skip …

Mexican restaurants

TEX MEX Fash Mex has a reputation for the participation of fried petals with cheese, fatty ingredients.However, the two most popular restaurants in this category, Taco Bell and Chipotle offer a variety of alternatives suitable for diabetes. An option: bowls that contain ingredients that would otherwise bend in the thief.

Order this.There are

  • corn or target pellets

  • beef grill, pork, chicken or fish

  • Comeding of whole beans

  • guacamole / avocado

  • Salad, tomato,Fresh Sauce or Gallo Pico

Sáltate …

  • Deep tacket sponsor fried or double taco sinks

  • Roast,Filves of birds or fish

  • Relegated beans

    / li>

  • cheese O Saucias RAW

Coffee and test stores

Starbucks, Dunkin ‘,A series of similar coffee chains and confectionery serve a number of objects that are not synchronized with food (or beverages) well for those who are with diabetes: sweet coffee drinks and carbbada baked abuse.But most also offers options that are safe for people who observe their consumption of carbohydrates and fat.

This …
  • Regular or surprised, hot, hot coffee,Save or flavored with spices or sugar syrup under

  • Breakfast sandwich in the total packing

  • sous vide bites Eggs

  • ‘protein boxes

  • < Skipeste is ...

    • coffee and tea drinks with sugar or flavor syrup

    • SunderTvich for breakfast with cookies, spanish English,Or other bread

    • donuts and other donuts


This lunch spot and popular breakfast It is unique in the latitude of breakfast and lunch menu,Mention your bakery thing to the rule, outside the limits for people with diabetes. But Panera also offers many options for adequate diabetes.

Come …

  • White Whap Mediterranean Egg

  • Ten vegetable soup, chicken noodle soup

  • Seasonal green salad

  • Mediterranean vegetarian sandwich (half;Remove the upper bread slice to reduce carbohydrates. Do not eat it …

    • spinach and bacon egg souffle

    • New England CLAM COLAM,Sopa de Cheddar Broccoli

    • Toasted Tuscan Sandwich con pollo asado frito



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